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What Does Zero Handicap (0) Mean in Football?

A 0 handicap bet in football will return money to the fan's account if the opponents end the match with a draw. Players use a zero handicap as insurance when they are not confident in the chosen team's victory.

Betting strategies on zero handicap in football

Football fans highlight game strategies for betting on the "Handicap 0" market in football.

Live betting strategy on the favourite

The strategy for zero handicaps in football is used in live betting on favourites.

The match is suitable for betting if the favourite conceded a goal first.

The order of using the strategy:

  1. Find a match where the leader is losing.
  2. Monitor the course of the meeting - it is essential that the favourite controls the match and creates dangerous moments.
  3. Place a bet if the coefficient on handicap 0 is above 1.60.
It would be best if you didn't bet after the 70th minute. Outsiders who maintain the lead until the 70th minute of the meeting usually field additional defenders for the last 20 minutes of the game. It's harder to break such a defence - the chances are high that the team can maintain the advantage.

Prematch betting strategy against the favourite

Zero handicaps in football are used in the strategy of betting against the favourite. The coefficient on the "Handicap 0" market is higher than on the double chance.

Factors to consider when choosing a meeting:

  • the motivation of the opponents;
  • the form of teams and leading footballers;
  • the venue of the match - the home stadium factor;
  • the styles of the opponent's play;
  • game calendar - clubs' workload in parallel tournaments;
  • history of personal confrontations.

For example, the match "Brighton - Manchester City" in the EPL. According to bookmakers, "Manchester City" is the favourite of the upcoming match; the club has shown excellent results at the end of the season and has guaranteed itself the championship.

"Manchester" has to play two crucial matches - the final of the FA Cup and the final of the Champions League. Head coach Pep Guardiola in the previous round, showed that he saves leaders from random injuries. The team fielded a second team for the game against Chelsea.

"Brighton" did not guarantee itself a place in the Europa League. Roberto De Zerbi's team must earn at least 1 point in the remaining 2 games. Throughout the season, the club played brightly and took points from the championship leaders. The match will take place at Brighton's home stadium - an additional factor in favour of De Zerbi's team.

The meeting is ideal for the strategy of betting against the favourite - a motivated middle-table club that can challenge the leaders of the championship plays against an unmotivated champion.

Bookmakers give a coefficient of 3.95 for Brighton's victory. As an insurance, you can use the "Handicap 1 (0)" market with a quotation of 2.60. The handicap gives a high coefficient, but the sportsbook will calculate a bet with a return in case of a draw, which will suit "Brighton".

Examples of betting outcomes: win, loss, refund

Bets on 0 handicap in football take into account only the regular match time. If the tournament regulations provide for a winner's decision, the opponents play 2 overtimes and carry out a penalty series.

Bookmakers do not account for the results of extra time and penalty series when calculating coupons with zero handicap.

Injury time, which the referee adds to each half, counts towards regular time.

Possible ways of calculating a bet on handicap 0:

  • win - team win;
  • loss - loss in a match of any score;
  • draw - the sportsbook calculates the bet as a refund with a coefficient of 1.00.
If the zero handicap, which is added to the parlay, is calculated as a refund, the sportsbook will lower the total coefficient of the coupon - the quote for handicap 0 will be 1.00.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Insurance in case of a draw The "H" will return the bet on a handicap of 0 in case of a draw
Odds on zero handicap are higher than in the "Double outcome" market
A return on zero handicap in an express does not mean the loss of the coupon


"Handicap 0 in football - a popular market among fans. Players use zero handicap as insurance when betting on high odds. In the event of a draw, the sportsbook calculates the customer's coupon as a refund." "Handicap in an 'acca' bet will lower the total odds of the coupon, in case of a draw.


When should the zero handicap be applied in football?

Handicap 0 should be used if there is no confidence in the victory of the chosen team.

When is the right time to bet on a zero handicap in football?

The betting moment depends on the chosen strategy. Professionals use "H0" (handicap 0) in prematch and live bets.

What is the handicap score coming in at zero in football?
In betting calculations for a 0 handicap, the score in a football match does not matter. If the chosen team wins with any score, the sportsbook calculates the coupon as a win. In the event of a draw, the bet amount will be returned to the client's balance of the sportsbook.


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