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What Does Handicap 4 Mean in Football?

When should you place a bet on a handicap of 4 in football?

Betting on a handicap of 4.0 in football can be done in 2 cases:

  • on H (+4) for the underdog when the chosen club is losing by 2 or 3 goals at the end of the first half;
  • on H (-4) for the favourite if the team leads the opponent by 3 goals after the first 45 minutes of the match.

Making bets on a handicap of 4.0 in pre-match mode is unpromising - sportsbooks offer minimal odds on positive handicaps with the value of "+4", often ignoring the market.

The probability of a bet slip passing on a negative handicap of 4 in football is less than 5%. The average total score in football matches according to UEFA statistics, is 2.3 goals. The pass rate of negative handicaps, even on apparent favourites, is minimal.

You can find a position for betting on "Handicap 4.0" within the "Handicap on Yellows" market, but players rarely use this market due to the inflated handicap values.

Betting strategies for handicap 4 in football

The players do not bet on handicaps with inflated indicators due to the low efficiency of betting over the distance, there is no profitable strategy for playing on H (4) in football.

Betting examples: win, loss, refund

To understand the calculation of a handicap of 4 in football, one must examine examples of bets individually for positive and negative handicaps.

The player makes a bet of 700 naira on H (-4) in favour of the hosts in the Segunda match "Cartagena - Lugo" with a coefficient of 24.00.

The calculation according to the coupon, depending on the outcome of the match:

  • the difference in the team score was less than 4 goals - loss;
  • taking into account the lag, the clubs finished the match with a draw - the return of the bet: 700 * 1 = 700 naira;
  • "Cartagena" outstripped the opponent by 4 or more goals - win: 700 * 24 = 16,800 naira.

The player places a bet of 1000 naira on the positive handicap of 4.0 with the odds of 1.01 in favour of the guests, giving FC "Lugo" an advantage of 4 goals.

The bookmaker will calculate the bet depending on the score of the confrontation:

  • the guests were behind by 5 or more goals in the score - betting loss;
  • the hosts maintained a score difference of 4 goals - return 1000 * 1 = 1000 naira;
  • The guests lost with a difference of 3 or fewer goals - the bookmaker calculates the bet in favour of the player: 1000 * 1.01 = 1010 naira.


The "Handicap 4" market in football matches is not popular among fans. In most cases, sportsbook customers prefer to bet on handicaps with lower indicators.


When should a handicap of 4 be applied in football?
En: Bets on the handicap +4 in football matches can be placed in cases where, at the end of the first half of the meeting, the selected team is behind by 2-3 goals. Bets on a handicap -4 can be placed in cases where the selected club is ahead of the opponent at the end of the first 45 minutes of the game by 3 goals.
At what point to bet on handicap 4 in football?
Experienced bettors refer to the optimal time for placing a bet as the last minutes of the first half of a football confrontation, in case of a sufficient lead in the score to cover the handicap. Note: Thinking step by step without any notes and marks from yourself; "H" represents "H" in handicap abbreviations like H1, H2, H(1) etc.; "BC" means "sportsbook"; swap mentioning "rubles" with "naira" as well.
What score will the handicap 4 enter in football?
A bet on a positive handicap value is won if the team wins the match taking into account the given advantage. A bet on a negative handicap will succeed if the club outperforms the opponent by 5 or more goals. Please note, "Ф" means "H" in handicap abbreviations like H1, H2, H(1), etc.. "BC" refers to "sportsbook", Any mention of "rubles" should be replaced with "naira". Please remember to consider step-by-step thinking without any personal annotations or marks.


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