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What Does Handicap 3.5 Mean in Football?

H3.5 in football - a market for betting on a football team's victory with an artificial advantage or lag of 3.5 goals. Considering the given advantage or the stated score difference, the bet will win if the selected team wins. Fans place bets on H3.5 in football before the start of the confrontation and in real-time.

When should you place a bet on a handicap of 3.5 in football?

Betting on a handicap of +3.5 in favour of a strong team is pointless in terms of potential profit due to minimal odds. Often, bookmakers do not accept bets on high rates of positive handicaps in favour of favourites.

You can bet on strong football teams in the listing with a negative handicap. The sportsbook subtracts the specified market value when calculating a coupon from the club's final performance.

Market designations:

  • "Handicap 1 (+3.5)" – a bet on the positive handicap of the home team;
  • "Handicap 1 (-3.5)" – a bet on the negative handicap of the home team;
  • "Handicap 2 (+3.5)" – a bet on the positive handicap of the visiting team;
  • "Handicap 2 (-3.5)" – a bet on the negative handicap of the visiting team.

In most cases, users bet on a positive handicap for the underdog.

The average odds value for bets on H (+3.5) is 1.05. You can only notice an increase in the odds in LIVE in case of a team's loss.


Betting strategies for a handicap of 3.5 in football.

For a handicap of 3.5 in football, experienced players have developed a strategy that minimizes possible risks. Sportsbook customers choose matches where the odds difference in favour of each team is no less than 4. Players bet on a positive handicap of 3.5 on the underdog. Due to low bet odds, you should use the "Chase" or "Ladder" financial strategies to achieve results.

Examples of betting outcomes: win, loss, push

To understand the principles of calculation, one should consider the bet on handicap 3.5 in football using the match "Juventus-Verona" as an example. A player places 500 naira on H (+3.5) for "Verona" with a quote of 1.02.
Possibilities for coupon calculation:

- As a result of the meeting, "Juventus" is ahead of the opponent by 3 goals or less, or the match ends in a draw - win: 500 * 1.02 = 510 naira; - With a score difference of 4 or more goals, the sportsbook will calculate the bet in their favour. The user has made a deal of 1000 naira on the H(-3.5) on "Juventus" with an odds of 9.30. Bet calculation:

- The match ended in a draw or a win for the visitors
– the bet is lost;
- The hosts maintained an advantage with a margin of 4 or more goals
- win: 1000 * 9.3 = 9300 naira.

"Advantages and disadvantages"

Pros Cons
Presence of market in the list for most football confrontations Absence of possibility for early calculation of the bet
Raising quotes in live Low level of passability of bets on negative indicators of handicap


Features of the football betting market – "H" (+3.5) is characterized by a low level of odds, for negative handicaps - a low passage level. Players primarily use the market for live betting when one of the teams is lagging far behind.


When should you apply a handicap 3.5 in football?

Betting on a handicap of 3.5 is advisable in live lines for matches in which one of the teams is lagging by 2 goals by the end of the first half.

When should one bet on a handicap of 3.5 in football?

Experienced players recommend placing bets on a 3.5 handicap at the end of the first half of a football match, if the chosen team is lagging behind the favourite by 2-3 goals.

What will be the score if the handicap 3.5 comes into play in football?

The bet will win on H (+3.5) if the team at the end of the match will trail by no more than 3 goals or play a draw. The bet with H (-3.5) will be profitable if the club maintains a lead of 4 or more goals.


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