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What Does Handicap 1.5 Mean in Football Betting?

Handicap 1.5 in football - is an advantage or lag of one and a half goals, which the sportsbook gives to a team before the start of a match. The bet only implies 2 calculation options - win or lose.

Sportsbooks offer handicap (-1.5) for favourites and handicap (+1.5) for outsiders.

A bet on the negative handicap will win if the strong team wins with a difference of 2 goals or more. A victory bet on the positive handicap will ensure a victory, draw or defeat of the outsider with a difference of less than 2 goals.

Novice players do not use the market because they do not know what handicap 1.5 means in football do not understand the essence of strategies and the calculation method.

When should you place a bet on handicap 1.5 in football

Players choose a negative handicap on the leader when they are confident of a strong side's victory with a minimum difference of 2 goals:

  • the club is a clear tournament favourite;
  • the team is playing at home and scoring a lot;
  • the leader is highly motivated for the match.

Sportsbook clients bet on the outsider's positive handicap when they are sure the lagging team will not lose by a gap of 2 goals or more in a confrontation with an implicit favourite.

When calculating the market with a handicap in football, the match result, the number and difference of goals scored are important.

Depending on the chosen match, bookmakers set average odds on the market:

  • negative handicap – from 2.20;
  • positive handicap – up to 1.60.

In highly unequal confrontations, it is possible to bet on tournament leaders with smaller odds on outsiders – with bigger ones.

Betting strategies for a handicap of 1.5 in football.

Betting on the negative handicap can be in unequal confrontations, where the victory of the strong side is obvious:

  • the strong team is playing at home and is motivated to win;
  • the favourite scores a lot and concedes little;
  • The club often defeats weak opponents with a gap of 2 or more goals; the opponent loses most matches against solid teams with a similar gap.

In bouts between implicit favourites and prospective outsiders, you can choose the opposite positive handicap:

  • the weak team is playing at home and is especially motivated to win;
  • the home team shows good performance and rarely loses with a gap of 2 goals or more;
  • For example, the opponent is not in the best form after a difficult match in European cups.
A handicap bet (1.5) in football can win by considering all factors.

Betting operation examples: win, loss, refund.

The sportsbook will calculate the coupon with a handicap (1.5) in football as a win or loss with no possibility of return. For example, a player placed a bet of 100 naira on H(-1.5) for the home team in the "Spartak" - "Ural" match with odds of 2.45:

- If "Spartak" wins with a margin of 2 goals or more, for example, with a score of 2.0 or 4:2
- winnings: 100 * 2.45 = 245 naira.
- If "Spartak" loses, draws, or wins with a minimal score difference
- the bet is won by the sportsbook.

The client placed 100 naira on H(+1.5) for the guests in the match with odds of 1.55:

- If "Ural" wins, draws, or loses with a minimal score difference - payout for the successful prediction: 100 * 1.55 = 155 naira.
- If "Ural" loses with a margin of 2 goals or more - loss.

Pros and Cons


Advantages Disadvantages
Opportunity to bet on the favourite with high odds or on the underdog with less risk No refund
Simple sports analysis  
Available on most matches in all sportsbooks  



The market provides the opportunity to bet on football with high odds for a strong club or with low risks for a weaker side.

For placing victorious bets, it is important to consider the tournament standings and effectiveness of challengers, frequency of wins or losses with a difference of 2+ goals, shape and motivation of players, home field factor.


When should you apply a 1.5 handicap in football?

Football fans choose a handicap of +1.5 for betting on a promising outsider, a handicap with a negative value - for betting on a clear favourite after pre-match analysis.

At what point should you bet on handicap 1.5 in football?

You can place bets on a handicap of 1.5 in football in the lines of sportsbook pre-match and live.

What score will make the 1.5 handicap valid in football?
A bet on a positive handicap will win if the outsider does not lose with a difference of 2+ goals, for example, if they tie 0:0, win with a score of 2:1, or suffer a minimal defeat 0:1. A bet on a negative handicap will win if the favorite wins with a lead of at least 2 balls, for example, with a score of 2:0, 4:1, or 3:1.


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