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What Does 0.75 Handicap Mean in Football?

Handicap 0.75 in football - a position for making a bet on a team's victory with an artificial advantage or lag. The bet with a handicap of 0.75 allows you to return part of the amount placed in case the team is behind by 1 goal and win a bet in case of a draw. The bet "Handicap 0.75" - Asian handicap, consists of 2 bets: H (0.5) and H (1) in equal shares. Each bet the sportsbook calculates individually.

When should you place a bet on the handicap 0.75 in football?

Placing bets on the Asian handicap 0.75 in football should be made for matches with a high probability of a draw result. Russian companies rarely showcase the market due to inherently low quotes. 

In football betting, sportsbooks denote the H (0.75) or H (0.5;1.0) market. Quarter handicaps can be positive or negative. Handicap +0.75 in football means an advantage granted to the chosen football team. Betting on a handicap -0.75 in football shows the team's lag behind the opponent before the start of the game. 

Strategies for betting on a handicap of 0.75 in football

Players rarely use bets on the Asian fora 0.75 in football due to complex calculation principles and low odds. For regular play, sportsbook clients use betting strategies on H (1).

Bets on a positive handicap are made in favour of the outsider. The strategy should be applied to confrontations that simultaneously satisfy all conditions:

  • the odds on the market are not lower than 1.30;
  • in the last 5 head-to-head meetings, the outsider won at least 1 time;
  • the score difference between the opponents exceeded 1 goal no more than one time in the last five meetings;
  • the outsider plays at the home stadium.
It is better to use the strategy in combination with aggressive financial methods "Flat" and "Catch-up".

Betting examples: win, loss, return

Understanding the calculation principles for positive and negative handicap indicators should be done individually.

In the EPL match "Man City - Liverpool", the player places a bet of 1000 naira on the negative handicap -0,75 in favour of the hosts with odds of 1.73. The sportsbook splits the bet:
- H1 (-0.5) – 500 naira;
- H1 (-1) – 500 naira. Possible coupon calculation outcomes:
- the football match ends with a score of 1:0 – H -1 – refund, H1 (-0.5)
– win: 500 * 1,73 + 500 * 1 = 1365 naira;
- the hosts did not score a single goal or played a draw–loss;
- "Manchester City" maintained a gap in score of 2 and more goals – win 1000 * 1,73 = 1730 naira. In the RPL match "Zenit – Ural", the player bets 200 nairas on the positive handicap in favour of the guests with odds of 3.42.

H +0.75 corresponds to 2 bets:
- H (+0.5) – 100 naira;
- H (+1) – 100 naira.

Possible bet calculation outcomes:
- the match ends with a score of 1:0 – H (+0.5) – loss, H (+1) – refund: 100 * 1 = 100 naira;
- "Zenit" was unable to break the "Ural" defence or the teams played a draw – win: 200 * 3,42 = 684 naira;
- the hosts maintained a gap in score of 2 or more goals – bet loss. When placing a bet on a positive Asian handicap, the payout amount can be lower than the placed amount.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Possibility of calculating returns Low market popularity
  Complex calculation principles
  Lack of effective game strategies
  Increased sportsbook commission



Experienced players place bets on Asian handicaps in football; beginners do not always understand the calculation principles.

Experienced sportsbook clients rarely use H (0.75) for football bets due to the low level of odds.


When should you apply the 0.75 handicap in football?
En: Thinking step by step without any notes and marks from yourself; "H" stands for "H" in handicap abbreviations like H1, H2, H(1) etc.; "Sportsbook" is meant by "BC"; Swap "rubles" mentions with "naira" as well.
When to bet on the 0.75 handicap in football?
Translation: Most sportsbooks only accept bets on handicap 0.75 in pre-match mode. The highest odds on the market are set by sportsbooks 10-20 minutes before the start of the confrontation.
What will be the score for 0.75 handicap in a football match?
En: A bet on the positive handicap (+0.75) will win if the football team wins the match or ends the meeting with a draw. A bet on the negative handicap (-0.75) will be successful if the favorite maintains a difference of 2 or more goals.


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