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Why are players banned in World of Tanks?

World of Tanks is a multi-player, team-based online shooter game with a theme centered around tank battles. The developers of World of Tanks have created rules to maintain order, preserve the principles of fair play, and promote respect amongst its user base.

Violation of these rules could potentially result in a ban within the game. In the action-packed world of Tanks, players are eager to be informed about bans, their types, durations, and the possibilities for early block terminations.

What types of bans exist in WoT?

Depending on the severity and recurrence of the violation, a ban in World of Tanks can be either temporary or permanent. Temporary suspensions range from 1 to 30 days. Typical causes for a short, one-day ban, usually follow initial and minor violations — snapping at players or friendly fire incidents. A 7 or 30-day penalty can ensue from repeated or more severe transgressions.

Examples include, chronic player harassment or tackling hot-button political or religious issues. Permanent bans in World of Tanks are issued for significant game violations or repeat offences. The use of cheats, in-game fraud, or account trafficking are just a few reasons one can find themselves banned forever from their World of Tanks account. Once slapped with a ban, players will find it impossible to connect to the game server and log in to World of Tanks with their current account. Foresee recommends:

What is the duration of a ban in World of Tanks?

The duration of the temporary ban in World of Tanks is determined independently by the game's developers. The length of the ban - be it a day, a week or a month, hangs heavily on the seriousness and repetitiveness of the violation.

You can find out the restriction period when you attempt to launch the game - the user will see a message with the reason and period of the ban, for example, "Your account is locked until December 1, 2023, 13:51:24. Reason: Destruction / damage to an ally".

The primary causes of being banned in World of Warcraft

A ban in World of Tanks occurs due to violations of the game rules. Common infringements in WoT, accountable for player account suspensions are:

  • Utilizing cheats;
  • Installing forbidden in-game modifications;
  • Offending users, inclusive of deliberate discrimination based on gender, race, or sexuality;
  • Fraud, account buying and selling;
  • Distributing personal information about others;
  • Insulting developers, moderators, and game administrators, the critic of administrative actions;
  • Use of prohibited nicknames, tags, names, and emblems, such as those related to Nazi themes.

The use of cheats is a common reason for a ban in World of Tanks

The trigger for a WoT ban could also be unsportsmanlike conduct:

  • Destroying allies, e.g., pushing them off cliffs or drowning them;
  • Pushing allied vehicles into enemy fire;
  • Blocking an ally who wishes to escape enemy fire;
  • Pacifism - passive behavior on the battlefield without attacking enemies.
Familiarize yourself with the full list of WoT rules on the official Wargaming or Lesta Games websites, depending on the version of Tanks.

How to Avoid a Ban in Tanks

A ban in World of Tanks is only meted out for violation of the community game rules. To avoid account suspension, there are several key guidelines to uphold within the game, maintaining a level of respect towards other game enthusiasts:

  • Refrain from using cheats;
  • Load game modifications only via official Wargaming's site or Lesta Games;
  • Avoid abusive behavior towards players and don't fuel hot and provocative topics in the game, such as religion and politics;
  • Do not obstruct the gameplay of allies;
  • Avoid scam behavior;
  • Stick to your account, do not engage in buying or selling Tank accounts;
  • Do not disclose others' confidential data in-game chats;
  • Avoid using offensive and forbidden nicknames, tags, emblems, and names.

How to lift a ban in World of Tanks

In the esports world of World of Tanks, unfortunately, escaping a ban is largely an impossible mission. Players usually have no choice but to ride out the duration of a temporary ban or start anew with a different account in case of a permanent ban.

But, in exceptional cases, there's a ray of hope. A softer sentence can be eyed upon reaching out to Wargaming or Lesta Games Customer Support Centers.

To appeal for an account unban in World of Tanks via their official website, adopt the following sports-like strategy:

  1. Brace up and march into the Wargaming or Lesta Games website.
  2. Dodge past the main screen to the "Support Center" and choose the battle-ground, "World of Tanks".
  3. Navigate your way to the "Contact Support" button.
  4. Fulfill the necessary actions under "Violations and Penalties" - "Appeal a Penalty" - "Game Entry Blocked".
  5. Select your reason and hit "Create an Application".
  6. Complete the application form and confirm your application request.

In your appeal, it's crucial to maintain sportsmanlike conduct. Clearly describe your situation, acknowledge your fault, and pledge not to foul in the future.

However, we have to be realistic. The odds of having your appeal heard and weighed are significantly low in the competitive world of professional esports.

The reason for issuing a ban on the WoT forum

On the World of Tanks forum, players engage in discussions with each other, pose inquiries to the moderators. Certain players experience moderation measures such as temporary or permanent bans.

Forum bans in World of Tanks can be imposed for inappropriate behavior such as:

  • Insulting other users;
  • Spamming and inciting conflict;
  • Spreading political, religious, or sexually explicit content;
  • Posting about alcohol, drugs and other substances;
  • Criticizing the actions of the game's developers, moderators, and administrators.
Being banned on the forum is quite a challenging outcome to reach; complaints against a player are carefully reviewed by the moderators before any banning decision.


An in-game ban in World of Tanks - an indispensable measure to maintain order within the game.

Players receive banning penalties when they break the rules of the World of Tanks community. The severer the offense, the harsher the punishment the user earns.

Queries regarding early lifting of the ban or the annulment of permanent blocking should be addressed individually with the World of Tanks support service.


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