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Which shells are the best in WoT

In the popular online tank shooter, World of Tanks, players engage in battles with 600 models of combat vehicles across 40 different locations.

Projectiles in WoT serve as a means of defeating opposing tanks. Correct ammunition selection in Tanks can greatly influence the battle outcomes.

World of Tanks game

To enhance battle performance, user need to understand the different types of ammunition in World of Tanks.

What types of ammunition are available in Tanks?

Choosing the right weaponry is a crucial factor in herding victories on the World of Tanks battlefield. Types of ammunition include:

  • Armor-piercing
  • Sub-caliber
  • High-explosive
  • HEAT (High-Explosive Anti-Tank)

Furthermore, ammunition in World of Tanks can be classified into regular and premium types.

Regular Ammunition in World of Tanks

Most players in WoT purchase weaponry with silver and use regular ammunition.


Armor-piercing (AP) rounds are widely used by almost all guns in World of Tanks. These rounds have average power and only damage enemy machines by penetrating the armour.

With AP, the angle of hit matters. Too acute an angle could cause a ricochet, avoiding damage.

Upon round impact, the commander might say:

  • "Penetration" or "We've penetrated their armour" – the round has penetrated the armour and damaged the enemy's tank;
  • "Hit" or "We've hit them hard" – the round has not caused harm to the enemy but damaged modules or the crew;
  • "Did not penetrate" – the round did not harm the enemy's vehicle or cause any damage;
  • "Ricochet" – the round has bounced off due to a too steep impact angle.


In WoT, sub-calibre rounds are ammunition with high armour penetration and velocity. However, compared to AP rounds, they tend to have less damage potential and effective penetration over distance. Sub-calibre rounds are also less effective when hitting armour at acute angles, causing less damage.


High-explosive (HE) rounds type in WoT have the highest potential damage but the least penetration ability. In case of armour penetration, HE rounds damage the tank's equipment and crew further.

The damage depends on the armour thickness — the thicker the armour, the less damage HE causes. If the round doesn't penetrate the armour, it causes less damage to the tank.


HEAT rounds are rare in World of Tanks, available only on specific machinery.

Distinctive traits of HEAT rounds include the ability to cause damage even when hitting at sharp angles and losing less damage over distance. A downside, however, is the faster loss of damage when hitting armoured screens.

Premium Rounds in WoT

Premium ammo in World of Tanks is purchasable with gold or a more significant amount of silver. Special rounds cause more damage, lose less power over distance, and can damage the machine even when hitting at sharp angles.


Premium AP ammo in WoT is rare and available just on some specific tanks.

Enhanced rounds cause more damage at less penetration or do less damage at more penetration, depending on the tank type.


Premium APCR (Armour Piercing Composite Rigid) rounds, a common type of ammo in World of Tanks, have high penetration compared to regular APCR rounds.


Premium HEAT rounds have significant armour penetration, rarely ricochet, and don't lose damage over distance. The downside is the loss of damage when hitting armoured screens.


Premium HE rounds have high penetration and an increased radius of shard spread, in contrast to their regular counterparts.


What tanks to choose and what types of ammunition to use for best performance in WoT.

In the realm of pro esports gaming, World of Tanks showcases no universal type of ammunition that gamers wield in play scenarios. The choice of weaponry hinges on the player's tank model and opponent’s artillery.

Most combat vehicle models offer usage of no more than 2-3 variants of guns.

Gameplay in World of Tanks

Gamers tend to fill the greater part of their armory with standard AP rounds, which inflict average damage, boast sufficient armor penetration, and carry a low cost.

Other rounds are taken in limited quantities. For instance, players may procure a few APCR shells for penetration of heavily armored machinery and HE shells for lightly armored targets.

Applying special rounds may not always be pragmatic due to their high cost.
Seasoned players would purchase additional weaponry for skirmishes against tough and heavily armored enemies.


A pro won't give a one-size-fits-all answer to the question, what's the best ammo in World of Tanks? The choice of ammunition depends on the specific combat situation. For instance, the player would opt for armor-piercing rounds when looking to penetrate heavily armored targets, and high-explosive rounds to damage the modules and crew of lighter vehicles.


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