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Which Perks to level up in WoT?

World of Tanks is a structured team-based online shooter game themed around the combative events of the 20th century.

The World of Tanks game presents a sophisticated leveling-up system for crew skills and competencies. This system lets players boost their tank's attributes.

In the World of Tanks enthusiasts' community, crew skills are conventionally referred to as "perks".

Beginners often find themselves at a loss over which 'perks' to level up for the crew in World of Tanks, depending on the range of their machinery.

What are "perks" in WoT?

In WoT, "perks" refer to additional skills and capabilities of the crew members that can be learned after mastering their first specializations.

Crew "perks" in WoT enhance a tank's specifications and boost a player's chance of winning a battle.

Skills in World of Tanks can be learned sequentially. To master each subsequent skill, twice the experience is required compared to the previous one.

WoT skills can be categorized as team or individual skills. On average, a tank crew masters 3 skills. The first ones can be learned by the whole team and are beneficial if each crew member acquires these “perks”. The other "perks" are exclusive to tankers of specific specializations.

It's vital for players to ascertain which "perks" to prioritize in WoT.


"Crew Perks" for LT - Light Tanks

Light tanks serve as the primary scouts for the team. Their initial task is to highlight targets for allies.

Light tanks are positioned on the front line of battle, illuminating enemies with their expansive vision radius and impressive camouflage capabilities.

The selection of crew 'perks' for light tanks enhances aspects like range of vision, camouflage, speed, and maneuverability.

Seasoned players prioritize the following skills when fostering their crew in World of Tanks on light tanks:

  • 'Camouflage' reduces the visibility of the combat vehicle, beneficial to all team members by boosting the parameter by 80%;
  • 'Brothers in Arms' increases the crew's basic profession knowledge by 5%;
  • 'Eagle Eye' extends the viewing range by 2%;
  • 'Off-Road Driving' minimizes the speed loss on uneven terrain by 2.5-10%;
  • 'Adrenaline Rush' accelerates weapon reloading by 9% when the vehicle has less than 10% health remaining;
  • 'Radio Intercept' extends the viewing range by an additional 3%.

Previously, players on light tanks honed the commander skill 'Sixth Sense', which allowed the tanks' position detection by enemies. Following the WoT update in Fall 2022, this ability is now a default for commanders.

Легкий танк в World of Tanks

Apart from these, crew members serving on light tanks can further develop the following skills:

  • For the commander – 'Mentor' or 'Jack of All Trades';
  • For the driver – 'Smooth Ride';
  • For the gunner – 'Snap Shot';
  • For the loader – 'Safe Stowage';
  • For the radio operator – 'Signal Boosting'.
A light tank crew consists of 2-4 persons, making it impossible to learn some skills.

Skills and strategies for MT - Medium Tank.

In the world of pro esports gaming, specifically World of Tanks, Medium Tanks hold indispensable value. They're the backbone of the team, they participate in both attacking and defending manoeuvres, and are capable of independent action as well as providing support to allies.

Selecting the right 'perks' for your Medium Tank crew boils down to the player's gaming strategy and the tank's inherent tactical abilities.

Necessary skills that World of Tanks Medium Tank owners generally prioritize are:

  • "Brothers in Arms" - This enhances the tank crew's primary skills by an impressive 5%;
  • "Repair" - A crucial perk that boosts the tank repair speed by a solid 80%;
  • "Jack of All Trades" - Enables the commander to replace an injured crewmate with a 50% efficiency;
  • "Deadeye" - Increases the likelihood of damaging enemy modules and crew by 3%, except HE shells;
  • "Ramming Master" - Augments the damage inflicted on the opponent and decreases self-damage by 15% during a ramming manoeuvre;
  • "Adrenaline Rush" - Accelerates reload speed by 9% when the tank's HP is below 10%;
  • "Signal Boosting" - A valuable perk that augments observation range by a significant 3%.

The selection of additional 'perks' relies on the specific tank and the player's unique game-play style:

  • Commander - Go for "Eagle Eye";
  • Driver - Opt for "Smooth Ride" or "Off-Road Driving";
  • Gunners - Choose between "Snap Shot" or "Armorer";
  • Loader - "Safe Stowage" is a beneficial choice;
  • Radio Operator - "Situational Awareness" is a strong pick.

Skills and Abilities for HT – Heavy Tanks

n the adrenaline-fueled arena of World of Tanks (WoT), Heavy Tanks (HT) are pillars of strength and strategy on the battlefield. These behemoths exemplify a bold, aggressive approach to combat, boasting significant firepower and armour at the expense of mobility. The selection of skills or "perks" for heavy tanks is a strategic decision influenced by the tank's specific capabilities and the player's style. Commonly favoured perks among HT enthusiasts include "Brothers in Arms" for overall crew effectiveness and "Repair" to enhance recovery speed from damage.

For a more tailored crew enhancement, certain perks are recommended for specific roles within the HT lineup:

  • Commander: "Jack of All Trades" allows the commander to temporarily fill in for incapacitated crew members at half efficiency.
  • Gunner: "Designated Target" keeps enemy tanks visible for an additional two seconds, which is crucial for long-distance engagements.
  • Driver: "Smooth Ride" improves firing accuracy on the move by reducing shot dispersion by 4%.
  • Loader: "Safe Stowage" increases ammo rack durability by 12.5%, reducing the chance of catastrophic explosions.
  • Radio Operator: "Signal Boosting" extends the signal range by 3%, improving team communication and coordination.

Expanding the arsenal of skills, "Ramming Master," "Smooth Turret Traverse," and "Adrenaline Rush" offer tank-specific advantages that can be decisive in the heat of battle.

Heavy Tanks like the E-75 and T1 embody the essence of strength and resilience in WoT. Through detailed analysis and strategic play, these tanks can be optimized to breach enemy defences while maintaining formidable protection. As the engines roar and the cannons fire, esports enthusiasts are in for thrilling, strategic gameplay that tests the limits of Heavy Tank mastery.

"Perks" for Tank Destroyers

Tank destroyers are designed for long-range fire. In World of Tanks (WoT), tank destroyers are less mobile, lightly armored, but well camouflaged. "Camouflage" and "Brothers in Arms" are essential perks for tank destroyer crew members. Other skills that are worthwhile for the crew to train include: - For the commander - "Mentor" - For the driver - "Off-Road King" - For the gunner - "Sniper" - For the loader - "Intuition" - For the radio operator - "Signal Boosting"

Tank destroyers in World of Tanks

There are other optional perks for tank destroyer crews in World of Tanks which can be trained depending on the player's style and strategy.

"Perks" for SPGs - Artillery

In the realm of World of Tanks (WoT), the self-propelled artillery installations are the game's long-range artillery branch, designed specifically for impacting and stunning group and individual targets with high-explosive shells.

A common misconception held by some players is that the World of Tanks artillery system doesn't need any skill leveling or 'grinding'.

Here are the vital skills worth honing for SPG crews:

  • "Camouflage" and "Brothers in Arms" for the entire team;
  • "Eagle Eye" for the commander;
  • "Smooth Ride" for the driver, for enhancing the vehicle's turning speed by 5%;
  • "Smooth Turret Traverse" for the gunner to reduce gun dispersion while turret turning;
  • "Adrenaline Rush" for the loader;
  • "Signal Boosting" for the Radio Operator.

SPG in World of Tanks

The selection of additional skills for the SPG team members is optional and can be tailored to the individual player’s strategy and playing style.


"Perks" in Tanks play a vital role and influence the performance of the combat vehicle. The more skilled the tank crew, the better the machinery will perform in battle. When identical tanks with different crew training levels clash, the odds of victory tilt towards the one manned by the trained tankers.


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