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Where to secure a tank in GTA 5

The tank represents the pinnacle of ground-based machinery in GTA. Rookies often wonder where to find a tank in GTA 5, specifically when they plan to stand their ground against military forces or criminal gangs.

Types of Tanks in GTA 5

The fan-favorite choice for GTA enthusiasts – the Rhino "Rhinosaurus" tank. A classic example of a 60-ton war machine is equipped with a four-wheel drive engine, a cannon, and a machine gun. Gamers appreciate the swift turret rotation and the ability to take down land and low-flying air targets. There are no prospects for additional modifications by developers.

As part of the 2015 "Doomsday Heist" update, the TM-02 Khanjali tank was added to the online game, a four-wheel drive combat vehicle weighing 30 tons with possibilities for weapon modification in the hangar.

On the "Khanjali", installing a long-range railgun, a rapid-fire machine gun, and side grenade launchers is possible.

Players who own a hangar can purchase the tank at the Warstock Cache & Carry military warehouse for $3,850,350, or on the secondary market upon completing the "Khanjali" mission requirements for $2,895,000.

A player can sell the tank if it's no longer needed.

TM-02 Khanjali - A tank that can be modified and sold

The "Diamond Casino Heist" update in December 2019 brought online GTA fans a Christmas gift – the radio-controlled mini-tank Invade and Persuade. Players who logged into their accounts on December 25, 2019, received this self-propelled machinery for free. Its price at Warstock Cache & Carry is $2,275,000. The sale of the tank is not intended.

Downsides of the Invade and Persuade tank:

  • slight angle of turret elevation;
  • low engine power;
    not so high off-road capability;
  • difficulty overcoming stairs and sharp inclines.

Invade and Persuade - miniature, yet powerful combat machinery

The mini-tank boasts high armor resistance to explosions and bullet hits. It is also possible to attach non-standard armaments – flamethrower, rocket launcher, plasma gun.


To make a purchase of a tank in GTA.

The most common selection for tank acquisition in GTA 5 is the 'Rhino', available to players in both versions of the game.

For players, it demands substantial capital accumulation to buy the Rhino – it’s challenging to achieve this feat early in the adventure. In the GTA 5 story mode, the cost of this machinery is a whopping 3 million dollars.

In the online version, the tank becomes accessible for procurement upon reaching the 70th level, where it's available at half the price – a still hefty 1500000 dollars.

You can purchase the Rhino online via the military stockpile site at

Civilians in GTA wishing to acquire battle equipment are obligated to obtain federal permissions.

Purchased a tank in GTA 5 - Here’s how to locate it

Storing the tank calls for a hangar.

For players choosing Trevor, an available hangar resides in the desert. For Franklin or Michael, it's necessary to purchase either of the 2 accessible hangars at the airport.

In single-player mode, any purchased tank defaults to the hangar – the player arrives, selects the tank from the hangar menu to deploy the equipment, and retrieves the purchase on the streets.

Multiplayer mode offers a delivery option to an assigned location via the Pegasus service.

How to hijack a tank in GTA 5

For most players, splurging on lavish acquisitions isn't a feasible option; they tread down a perilous path — attempting grand theft tank.

These war machines can be unearthed in the notorious GTA 5 Army Base "Zancudo", stationed to the west of the map, south of Paleto Bay and in proximity to Mount Josiah.

The base itself adeptly masquerades as Zancudo Lake on the in-game map.

Strategies to abscond with tanks:

  • Luring it from the stronghold;
  • Abruptly combating the military base;
  • Capturing during the mission "Rampage."

Stealing a tank from the military base - a risky maneuver

When opting for 'Rhino' for active campaigns, it's prudent to be aware that it's not invincible in GTA 5. The combat vehicle can be subjected to damage through grenades and bombs. Massive damage can be inflicted by the explosions of vehicles, including those being trampled on by the tank. Although Rhino is fortified with potent frontal armor, shooting it from the rear leading to the tank's fuel tank igniting may disable the vehicle, albeit the turret will continue to function.

An imminent Rhino destruction is foreshadowed by the chaos of thick smoke and a recurring whining sound alarm with increasing frequency.

In the narrative version, the tank's durability is substantially higher than in the online game.

Provoking the tank to vacate the base

Rookie players opt for a comparably safe method to commandeer military equipment — coaxing the tank beyond the military base boundary while role-playing as Trevor:

  1. Approaching Zancudo from the mountainside;
  2. Identifying the tank's locale;
  3. Attracting the crew's attention by shooting the tank with a sniper rifle;
  4. Triggering a pursuit and decoy them into the hills;
  5. Swiftly closing in on the tank and neutralizing the driver;
  6. Hiding the hijacked vehicle from the police in Trevor's hangar in the desert.

Stealing a tank from the military base

A tremendously risky, yet visually impressive and feasible option is to steal a tank right from the base. During the mission, one needs to stage an audacious breach into the base outpost and extinguish any military opposition.

It's advisable to time the assault when the tank leaves the fort so that it'll be easier to evacuate the premises. Be prepared for an all-out chase involving an overwhelming amount of armored vehicles and cop cars when launching an overt attack.

In Story Mode, you can exit the base through the automated gates situated to the west or east of the base. However, in the online game, the route is sealed off.

Seizing a tank during "Rampage"

"Rampage", or the "Fury Mission", involves a string of optional assignments where Trevor annihilates as many adversaries as possible.

The first "Rampage" hotspot is identified on the map by an orange question mark, subsequent mission locations are marked by an orange skull.

Throughout the "Rampage", Trevor can leverage the opportunity to raid military personnel and encounter armoured vehicles en route. It's crucial to commandeer the tank before the mission timers run out, then escort the snatched vehicle to the hangar in the desert.

Are there any tank cheats in GTA V?

In the realm of GTA 5, cheat codes designed to alter game conditions and dynamics are off the table. It's a stark difference for those familiar with the awe-inspiring spectacle of a tank falling from the sky in GTA 3, conjured by the mere combination of the keyboard string "GIVEUSATANK". Now, procuring such hefty hardware calls for a greater display of effort and determination.

The armored beast in "GTA-online"

In GTA Online, players stand a higher chance of commandeering a tank.

The principal reason is the significant price disparity when acquiring the "Rhino". It’s easier to amass a budget of $1.5 million than $3 million.

The game provides an additional method of tank hijacking using a transport helicopter:

  1. Purchase or hijack a Cargobob helicopter.
  2. Fly over to "Zancudo".
  3. Locate a tank on the premises.
  4. Hover over the tank and drop the magnetic transport hook.
  5. Fly off with the tank.

An elegant method of tank theft - airborne hijacking with a helicopter

In choosing the path of tank theft, it's crucial to keep in mind that purchasing a helicopter implies extra costs, and hijacking an aircraft triggers active pursuit. One can steal a helicopter from a military base or from the runway at Sandy Shores Airport.

To escape from the chase, you can call Lester who's quite adept at clearing police stars rapidly.


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