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Where to find the Adder in GTA 5

In GTA 5, the Adder is the in-game equivalent of the sports car Bugatti Veyron. This high-octane speedster can be savoured both in story mode and online. Players can snag this vehicle through the ‘LM’ auto dealership website, or find it bracing through the streets of Los Santos.

However, your attempts to heist this vehicle and stow it away in your garage would be futile in multiplayer mode.

What does the Adder look like?

The design of this vehicle draws clear inspiration from the Bugatti Veyron - the distinct body shape, aerodynamic ducts, clean-cut grooves, and the signature Truffade grille emblem, speak volumes about its lineage. Wheel designs, bumpers, side mirrors, and headlights are borrowed attributes from other supercar titans such as Saab Aero-X, Aston Martin, and Jaguar.

Turning our attention to the car's livery, a vibrant paint job features two contrasting stripes across the hood and the rear panel, standard cast wheels adorned with the Truffade emblem offer a spectacular view. The interior textures and instrumentation echoes that of the Super GT race cars, with the Truffade logo prominently etched on the steering wheel.

Prototypical Adder in GTA 5 – Bugatti Veyron. Notable features of other sports cars – Saab Aero-X, Aston Martin, and Jaguar can be recognized in this automobile.

Keep in mind, folks, whilst Rockstar Games does not have the rights to use real-world vehicle designs, you can unmistakably discern the characteristics of several actual supercars imbued into the design of the Truffade Adder.


Characteristics of the Truffade Adder from GTA 5

Theoretically, the Adder is the fastest car in the game. Players appreciate this model for its excellent handling - users can confidently steer the car even at high speeds.  

Intriguing Trivia

Facts about the Truffade Adder:

  • The vehicle's initial moniker was 'venem.'
  • A direct translation of the car model's name is 'adder.'
  • Compared to its prototype, the Adder is lighter; in the game, its weight does not exceed 90 kg, while the Bugatti Veyron weighs 1.8 tons.
  • In GTA Online, you can't park this sports car in your garage because it costs over $100,000 and comes equipped with a tracker.
  • The character can place the Adder in their private garage in the single-player game. The Adder stays in the hero's possession after saving or rebooting GTA.
  • Upon its introduction in GTA, the Adder was the most expensive vehicle in multiplayer modes. However, subsequent GTA Online updates have seen the release of newer, pricier car models.
  • In the single-player mode, the Adder belongs to a secondary character, Devin Weston.
  • In early game concept art, the Adder was equipped with a self-adjusting spoiler. However, in the final game version, the sports car lacks a spoiler, though you can add one during tuning in current versions.
  • By default, FlyLo FM, Soulwax FM, or Los Santos Underground Radio play in the Adder.
  • The Thrax vehicle is a Truffade hypercar with a design similar to the Adder.
  • The Adder's technical successor is the Nero hypercar.

Where to find the Adder in GTA 5

In the game, players can't use a console cheat code to acquire the Truffade Adder. However, experienced gamers, especially those familiar with the eSports scene, know the specific locations to find the Truffade Adder in GTA 5's single player mode:


  • Rockford Hills District: The car is often parked near the Sessanta Nove store on Portola Drive.
  • Heart of Vinevood: It may be seen stuck in traffic, particularly when playing as Franklin.
  • Vinewood Hills Neighborhood: The Adder is frequently found parked in front of the houses.
  • Devin Weston's Mansion: While the car appears at the home of the notorious billionaire, note that it's unattainable due to in-game scripting which prevents interaction with the 'F' key.

For those looking to capture an image, the Adder parked at the Sessanta Nove in the commercial hub is a prime subject.

In story mode, players have the option to purchase the vehicle from the Legendary Motorsport store:

  • Open the character's mobile phone interface.
  • Search for the Adder.
  • Select your preferred color for the car.
  • Confirm the purchase.

Remember, if the character's game account balance is under one million dollars or there isn't enough garage space, you can't complete the purchase.

The Adder is available in the Legendary Motorsport online store in both GTA Online and single player mode. Additionally, trying to spawn the supercar on Portola Drive is a good strategy. It can also be found at the Sessanta Nove store parking area. If the car isn't immediately visible, walking about 100-150 meters away from the area and then returning to the spawn point may help. Sometimes, reloading the game could also spawn the car.


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