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Where to find banks in GTA 5: The location of banks and ATMs on the map

Grand Theft Auto ushers players into a world of riveting quests and missions. The crux of the gameplay revolves around amassing money for procuring vehicles and essential assets.

The fifth installment of the game has no cheat codes to acquire currency. Bank and ATM heists - although illegal - provide a rapid means to top up the in-game account; hence, the question, "Where can I find banks in GTA 5?" is pertinent for novice players.

Where are the banks located on the GTA V map?

Online-GTA fans are discovering new bank branches following a game update.

The developers have added 20 banks to the multiplayer version of GTA 5, based on real-world prototypes in Los Angeles. The banks have branch networks and offer online services.

Users of the GTA story use locations uploaded to the standard map of Los Santos and its surroundings - banks are marked with signs in the form of a building with 3 columns.

The addresses of the available bank offices in online GTA are:

  • 7 branches of Harmony Fleeca are located at Legion Square on Vespucci Boulevard, in Morningwood on Del Perro Boulevard, in Alta on Metro and Havik Streets, in Burton on Havik street; on Ocean Highway in Banem Canyon, Harmony on Route 68;
  • 2 Kayton Banking Group addresses in Little Seoul in the Arirang Plaza territory and 3 high-rise buildings on Movie Star Street and San Andreas Avenue;
  • 2 Lombank branches and 3 small offices - Lombank West at the intersection of Del Perro Boulevard and Bay City Avenue and Lombank Tower at the intersection of Power Street and Vespucci Boulevard, offices in Little Seoul, Rockford Hills and a small shopping centre on Aguja Street;
  • Maze Bank - the main Western branch on Prosperity Street in Del Perro, a small office on Bay City Avenue in Del Perro and the famous Maze Bank Tower on Pillbox Hill;
  • Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank on Vinewood Boulevard;
  • Penris on Swiss Street in Downtown Los Santos and Marathon Avenue in Rockford Hills;
  • Union Depository - a glass tower on Power Street.

When looking for banks in GTA 5, you can use the map or navigation system, which will plot a route to the specified point.

In 2015, developers added an update to multiplayer GTA that includes 4 heist missions.

Robbing a bank - one of the missions in GTA 5

Experienced players know that the bank vault and safety deposit boxes in GTA 5 are easier and more effective to open not with explosives but with regular blows to the door.

The player raids the Fleeca bank branch in Paleto Bay on the West Coast. During the robbery, the heroes in bulletproof vests parachute onto the roof of the building, take hostages, have a shootout, and leave the scene by helicopter.

Users recognize the raid on the Pacific Standard office as the most difficult robbery in GTA. The operation brings more than 300 thousand dollars to the game account. You can reach the building by car or use a helicopter; from a long chase, the character leaves through the entire state.

To prepare for a bank robbery, you need to assemble a coordinated team, think through a plan of action, camouflage and escape routes, and provide the availability of transport, weapons, and masks.

An effective way to open a safe door is a kick


What is the largest bank in GTA 5?

The biggest and most influential bank in GTA 5 is the Maze Bank. The developers utilized the concept of a real-world financial organization - the Bank of the USA. The prototype building for the game is the Library Tower, the tallest skyscraper in California with 73 levels and a 2-level underground parking garage housing bank offices.

The Maze Bank Tower in GTA spans a massive 96 floors and is strategically located atop Pillbox Hill, nestled between Power Street, Vespucci Boulevard, Alta Street, and San Andreas Avenue.

The prototype for the Maze Bank building - the Bank of America Tower in Los Angeles

The positioning of ATMs on the map

Across the state, 50 ATMs have been installed, with the majority found in Los Santos. GTA characters use the ATMs for their primary purpose, hacking into them to steal funds and robbing people withdrawing cash.

ATM Robbery

Robbing an ATM in GTA 5 is an illegal operation that requires meticulous preparation.

The preliminary stage is to choose a target. In busy areas, near shops and gas stations, there is more cash in the machine, but the risk of getting caught is higher.

The level of security is displayed with stars on the object. The more stars, the tighter the security.

Experienced players organize heists on ATMs in remote areas, in low-security buildings and in places with a low population.

The optimal time for a heist is late evening, night, or early morning when there are fewer witnesses, building visitors or passersby. A helpful addition is rain or fog, which reduces visibility on the street and makes it easier to leave the crime scene successfully.

Robbing an ATM alone in GTA 5 is difficult and dangerous. A team must be assembled, duties distributed, actions discussed, and, if possible, the steps of the operation rehearsed.

An essential step is to scout the area. Game participants assess the placement of security cameras and guard posts, potential hiding places, car parks, approach routes and escape paths through nearby streets or buildings. The nuances that will hinder or aid a heist have to be considered.

For a robbery, users purchase or find equipment:

  • weapons;
  • bulletproof vests;
  • inconspicuous dark clothing and masks;
  • hacking equipment and tools to open the safe;
  • a timer to control the time.

The state map shows 50 ATMs

When robbing an ATM, the security system can be hacked using hacking programs, or the safe can be blown up - depending on the skills and abilities of the chosen character.

Hacking an ATM is only part of the job; leaving the crime scene with the money without suffering losses is essential. Choosing deserted streets and mobile transport, which can be changed during the chase or quickly disguised, is advisable. It is easier to escape from police cars in narrow alleys on a motorcycle or in a small, fast car.

If there is a threat of arrest, a trick is used - part of the banknotes are scattered on the street to slow down the chase's intensity.

Attacking passersby at the ATM

An alternative way to illegally get money from an ATM in GTA 5 is robbery. Usually, the amount is 50-100 dollars, but attacking a passerby will bring less - on average 10-20 dollars.

Action plan:

  1. Select an ATM in a quiet part of town.
  2. Wait for a visitor.
  3. Follow the potential victim to a secluded place.
  4. Knock out or otherwise eliminate resistance.
  5. Take the money.
  6. Leave the scene of the crime.

Robbing an ATM visitor is a crime

A mandatory condition is to check for police cars patrols, and surveillance cameras in the area.

Good precautions include disguising appearances and having transportation to escape pursuit.

The money from the heist should be spent wisely. Buying effective weapons and armor modifying transport will simplify mission completion, and investing in real estate or business brings regular income.


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