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Where to find a fire truck in GTA 5

In GTA 5, a fire truck is a type of special vehicle crucial for carrying out missions in single-player mode and online game play. This mode of transportation is equipped with a hydrant and a water tank, enabling players to extinguish fires.

The fire truck in Grand Theft Auto V is designed after real-life American firefighting vehicles.

GTA 5 Fire Truck

Before the mission, gamers scour the map in search of locations in GTA 5 where they can find a fire truck.

Locations of Fire Trucks in GTA 5

Strategies for acquiring a fire truck in Grand Theft Auto V:

- March directly into the fire station and hijack the vehicle
- special units are available at specific locations.
- Incite the arrival of the emergency services to an actual or fabricated inferno and swipe the vehicle from the firemen. Note: Legally obtaining a fire truck is an impossibility
– hijacking a vehicle could trigger a wanted level and ensuing altercations with the police force.

Where is the fire station located in GTA 5?

The game features 7 fire stations, where players can acquire special vehicles.

Locations to find a fire truck in GTA 5:

  • east of East Los Santos Island in El Burro Heights;
  • at the international airport;
  • near Trevor's house in Sandy Shores;
  • at the military base;
  • around Michael's house in Rockford Hills;
  • in the northern part of the map, in the town of Paleto Bay;
  • at the station in the city of Davis.

Location of fire stations in GTA 5 on the map

Seasoned players believe that it's easier to get a fire truck in Paleto Bay.

Advice on how to find them easier

To find special vehicles in GTA 5, the player needs to mark the location of the fire station on the mini-map and send the character to search at the indicated coordinates.

Travelling to and from the fire station can take a lot of time. Some players prefer other methods of acquiring special vehicles, such as calling services or setting fires.

Methods of Acquiring a Fire Truck in GTA 5

In GTA 5, there are only 2 methods to acquire a fire truck. Some users believe in the existence of 2 other variants of finding this special vehicle.

Garage Purchase

There is no possibility to buy a fire truck in the garage, neither with real nor with in-game currency.

Stealing from a Fire Station

Stealing from the fire station is one way to acquire the fire truck. The player arrives at the fire department premises and hijacks the vehicle.

The Fire station in Rockford Hills in GTA 5

Seizing the fire truck is not a significant challenge – the fire station personnel do not resist the theft.

Using Cheat Codes to Get a Fire Truck

GTA 5 features various cheat codes that provide certain items, abilities, and privileges in the game.

The game developers have not included a cheat code to acquire a fire truck.

Calling the Firefighters or Arson

You can get the emergency vehicle outside the station – call the service staff at 911 or deliberately commit arson; the firefighters will arrive at the scene of the true or false fire.

After calling the rescue service, the firefighters will respond to the call, and the player can take the truck from the service workers.

Fire truck dispatch after a 911 call in GTA 5

In the case of arson, for example, by exploding a car, with the subsequent arrival of the firefighters, there can be 2 negative scenarios:

  • due to the arson, the player will earn police pursuit stars, which will make it challenging to acquire and operate the fire truck;
  • The firefighters will not respond immediately, the player will have to set a series of fires, escalating the police pursuit level.
Calling the firefighters or self-arson allows acquiring the vehicle at any location, not just the fire department.

The Final Showdown

The GTA 5 Fire Truck - a unique means of transportation that can be obtained independently without in-game or monetary purchases.

Each player chooses a suitable way of getting transportation depending on the objectives, situation, and their location:

  • Jacks the vehicle from the fire department;
  • Commandeers the truck from firefighters who have arrived to extinguish a fire.


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