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Where is Dalaran located in WoW?

Dalaran, a unique feature on the World of Warcraft map, is a city brimming with magic and wizards that majestically hovers above the Crystal Song Forest. This locale dominates the esports stage with a history as rich as its gameplay.

The city's lore traces back to paralysing attacks by the Burning Legion and the Horde during the First War, grand theft of artefacts, and total devastation during the Second War. The resilience of the wizards saw Dalaran rebuild, take flight, and assert itself into the stratosphere. The only remnant of the past is a lingering crater beneath the city.

Dalaran - the floating magical island


The Significance of Dalaran for Gamers

Dalaran in WoW is a neutral territory, a tranquil safe haven where representatives of both the Horde and Alliance peacefully engage in discourse, bargain deals, participate in duels, and combat in specially designated arenas.

Combat and skirmishes within the city boundaries, and flights over the island, are strictly prohibited. The city doesn’t have a singular guard force. Faction-specific regions are patrolled by vigilant bodyguards whose primary objective – Seamless enforcement of the peace treaty by denying entrance to hostile alliance members and teleporting any transgressor beyond the city’s perimeter.

Dalaran’s landscape is patrolled by mage duos, positioned at the cross-junctions of main streets, at the entrances to the Underbelly, and around the Circle of Wills. These masters of arcane arts are a friendly lot, ever ready to guide any player unfamiliar with the terrain.

Map of the ground part of Dalaran

Dalaran is characterized by two distinct levels: the terrestrial and the subterranean parts.

Key Regions on the terrestrial map include:

  • Runic Weaver Square – the city’s heart with a portal;
  • Memorial Park of Antonidas;
  • Sunreaver's Sanctuary – the Horde's district;
  • The Silver Enclave – the Alliance's district;
  • The Krasus' Landing – touchdown and takeoff pad for the city's guests;
  • Amethyst Keep, home to dungeons and quest-granting characters;
  • Amethyst Citadel with a portal to the Caverns of Time;
  • The Magus Commerce Exchange – a go-to place for purchases and training.

The Underbelly of Dalaran - the city’s subterranean slum level. This underground section houses the Black Market and dueling area.

The Underbelly - slums in the city's sewers

WoW players are enticed by Dalaran, a utopia where one can acquire high-level items: food, munitions, consumables, PvP gear, and amulets. This magic flying island offers the player access to basic utilities and quests from the eightieth WoW level.

The city holds strategic value for travelers. Dalaran - a crucial waypoint when traversing continents, allowing players to rest, replenish supplies, and bolster their character’s skills.

Ways to Navigate in Dalaran

Dalaran, the floating city is a vibrant arena, reachable either through air travel or the use of enchanting magic.

Gearing up for aerial adventure in World of Warcraft (WoW) mandates a flying mount and the 'Cold Weather Flying' skill, a trophy unlocked in the chilly realm of Northrend upon progressing to the 68th character level.

Bronze Drake - a popular flying mount

A leisurely sweep of the island is possible, but be prepared to be grounded by the mystical defenses that deter airborne penetration into Dalaran.

Your best bet for kick-starting the flight leaves from the Crystal Song Forest, accessible either by terrestrial travel or portals.

Arcane abilities, teleportation magic, portals, and skills acquired from quests all can be arsenal in the quest to gain access to Dalaran.

Availing Faction Capital Portals to Dalaran

Every faction in WoW boasts of a capital — Orgrimmar for the Horde and Stormwind for the Alliance. Render the portal rooms within these metropolises, launch pads to various nooks of Azeroth, including Dalaran.

The portal chamber in mage-infested quarters of Stormwind, whereas Orgrimmar locates this gateway near the main city gates.

Armed with Teleportation Magic

Teleportation is no less than a magical trump card in WoW, permitting instantaneous travel. A Mage can contrive a portal, a trans-dimensional gateway to the desired venue and can either venture solo or with company.

Upon mastery of teleportation, the Mage gains a complementary boomerang journey to the capital of their faction.

The quest "Learning to Leave and Return: the Magical Way" empowers Mages to transit to the airborne city from the 71st level. Completion of this task offers the advantage of vending travel tickets to Dalaran, providing an avenue for Mages to hit a gold mine.

Employ the Ancient Teleportation Stone

A Hearthstone, another apparatus that offers a one-way journey back to the city where the artifact is parked.

You can get your hands on this teleporting gemstone via mission completion. For instance, the Alliance faction picks up the "Heros' Call: Fight the Legion" mission from the Hero's Call Board in Stormwind. For the Horde, the equivalent Warchief's Command Board prescribes "The Legion Returns" as the task.

These missions are stepping stones to the Broken Shore series. Concluding the 8th phase, players will be rewarded with the Hearthstone.

For a simplified approach, fly into Dalaran or access the island via portal and have a quick chat with the Innkeeper, Amisi Azuregaze. Reporting the loss of the stone to the innkeeper will get you a new stone from the non-playable character (NPC).

Engage in Quests

WoW characters of 72nd level can collect a free quest titled "The Magical Kingdom of Dalaran" from the non-playable personalities populating the inn in Northrend if they exchange banter with the NPCs. The quest requirements and title remain the same for all races.

A peculiarity of this quest is that it allows single attempt only.

Seasoned players suggest that upon landing in Dalaran, it will be wise to plant your Hearthstone in the local inn opening an accessible route to the magical island.

Review of the main attractions and amenities in the city

Enchantingly nestled in Dalaran are four Taverns, with three strategically located in the upper city and a single one found underground. Much like a huddle in the locker room, these cozy taverns provide travelling gamers a spot to set their hearthstone, purchase food and beverages, and plan their spirited plays.

Hero's Welcome Inn

Not unlike home stadiums for rival sports teams, there are noted inns specifically catering to factions. The Alliance caters to their partisans with the hospitable "Hero's Welcome" in Silver Enclave, while the Horde provides comfort to their soldiers with the rustic "Filthy Animal" in Sunreaver's Sanctuary.

Present in these intriguing taverns is an opportunity for gamers to grab a quick meal off-the-clock, or undertake daily culinary quests from the master cooking trainer—an interesting strategy with bonus experience on the line.

Handling the financial end of things in this bustling city are Dalaran's own bank near Antonidas Memorial in the city's north region, the Alliance Bank on the south side, and the subterranean Goblin Bank. Clientele can exchange their valuable emblems for the necessary in-game currency—a crucial play on the financial field of the game.

Goblin Bank in the Underbelly

Adding some economic thrill to the WoW gaming universe is the Dalaran Auction House—a marketplace where players can put non-personal game items up for sale, similar to players in sports put up their memorabilia for auction. The rule of the game demands sellers to deposit a security, tied to the item's value.

Entering this fascinating auction scene requires players to have an engineering skill no less than 350 units—akin to the required skill-set and experience in professional sports.

For sporting a great look in the game, Kizi Copperclip runs a barber shop near the Horde Bank, across the street from Legerdemain. Interior to this makeover hub, gamers can tweak appearances and styles, spicing things up on the gaming field.

Dalaran Visitor Center, situated on the Runeweaver's Square, offers valuable services for guilds. It's the place where players can create a new guild, register a charter, design their guild's cloak, buy faction cloaks, and score advice from the archivist—an excellent pit stop for collective strategy in the game.

The stock exchange of mages — the main trade district of Dalaran, where the player can learn professions. Within it operate trainers in herbalism, armor creation, enchanting, jewelcrafting, blacksmithing and mining. Outside the area, cooking masters take apprentices in taverns, while fishing experts find their young ones fountain-side.

Fishing Master

The battlegrounds in WoW function as special arenas where matches are held between individual players, randomized user groups, and organized teams aiming for improved ratings, honor points, and experience—paralleling the spirit of a thrilling playoff game in real-world sports.

In the Underbelly's Circle of Wills region, player duels are permitted, echoing the pulse-raising excitement of one-on-one face-offs in traditional sports.

Alliance's Beer Garden

We advise against "illegal bookmaking" or cheating in the game. Sportsmanship is essential in all gaming domains and cheating tarnishes not only the player's reputation but also the gaming spirit. Play fair!

The Grand Finale

Dalaran in WoW - a venue that magnetizes players from various factions. This city is inaccessible by land or water - one must either fly or utilize magical items and abilities to get there.

In Dalaran, gamers discover rare and valuable gears, hone their character skills, and engage in intense battles in Arena and Battlegrounds. Frequent WoW travellers often use the city as a resting and resupplying rendezvous.


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