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Where can the UFO debris and fragments be located in GTA 5?

Hunting down UFO debris in GTA Online is a kind of cardinal endeavor necessary for achieving that elusive 100% final game statistics.

This fresh narrative arc kicks off following the termination of the infamous "Fame or Shame" mission. Our main character, Franklin, is about to cross paths with prospective ally Omega - a dyed-in-the-wool hippie who firmly believes in extraterrestrial life and is on a relentless pursuit for a spaceship wrecked somewhere in the deserted stretches of the Grand Senora.

Omega entrusts Franklin with a painstaking task, communicating that a whopping total of 50 scattered parts, strewn across the state terrain in the catastrophic crash, are required to render the UFO operational again.

Omega - a peculiar hippie seeking extraterrestrials in the desert


The layout map of all the parts of the UFO

In the game, players embark on a quest to find fragments of a crashed flying saucer scattered across the state. These pieces are easily recognizable in the dark due to their soft glow and emit a distinct humming sound when nearby. Every character in GTA can participate in this search, collecting the UFO parts in any sequence.

Franklin has a unique advantage in this quest thanks to his dog, Chop. Chop can sniff out hidden items and alert Franklin by barking. Players can enhance Chop's detection range by training him with the iFruit service, accessible on the character's in-game mobile device. To successfully assemble the UFO, the player must gather 50 spaceship parts.

For assistance, players can refer to Vprognoze's guide, which includes an image showing the locations of various hidden parts.

This mission offers an exciting challenge, combining players' instincts and their familiarity with the expansive world of GTA. It adds an extra layer of engagement, drawing players deeper into the game's environment and revealing its lesser-known aspects. To maximize the search, players should utilize all available resources, pay attention to Chop's signals, and meticulously explore every area. Get ready for an immersive and thrilling adventure in the world of GTA!

Part 1

Strap in, folks, we're heading towards the Elysium Island, where the search for a fragment of the UFO is underway. This elusive piece is situated on a pipeline, a lifeline that bridges the two topmost points of those massive, spherical concrete structures we know as gas reservoirs.

Our player will cleverly utilize the ladder on the western flank of the complex for the ascent. It's going to be a tightrope walk across the pipe, careful navigation is key! This is truly a game of heights and balance, where every step could be a game-changer.

No safety measures in sight, the player must tread meticulously. A single misstep and it's game over! Oh, the perils of the pursuit!

The fragment lies on the pipe between the gas reservoirs

Stay tuned as we watch the climactic progress of our player on this precarious pipeline, racing against the clock and gravity to secure the UFO fragment. Thousands of viewers hold their breath in anticipation. It's a thrilling high-stakes game here on Elysium Island!

Part 2

A fragment lies in the international airport of Los Santos.

Franklin will complete the task faster than other characters – our esports champ breezes through the airport without gaining wanted stars. To retrieve the UFO fragment, he just needs to sidestep his own hangar and scope out the area in front of the trash bins.

The second fragment is located near the trash bins behind the hangar

Part 3

In GTA, the elusive UFO fragment is a sought-after treasure for all in-game mercenaries, hidden away at Elysian Island. This fragment is cleverly concealed underwater, silently waiting for the daring players ready to embark on a deep-sea adventure. To reach it, players can don scuba gear for a deep dive or navigate the depths in a submarine.

The key to finding this fragment lies in spotting the right location. Players should look directly opposite the vertical ladder situated on the left side of the dock, near the corner of the hangar. This spot serves as the perfect guidepost for the underwater quest.

Pay attention to the area near the hangar's vertical ladder, as the diving point is conveniently located there. With all the necessary information at your disposal, it's time to strategize, make your moves, muster your courage, and maybe rely a little on gaming luck to add this prized item to your collection. So, get ready for an exciting gaming experience – it's time to dive into the action!

Part 4

The shard rests on the Pacific coastline, nestled on a rocky massif south of the 'Murrieta' oil field.

If a player takes the detour around the little island close to the shore, they will stumble upon the sought-after item.

The fourth shard is located in a picturesque location on the ocean's shore


Part 5

Alright, folks, we're dropping hot on location at a beach near Eliseus Boulevard, our next landing zone in our massive scavenger hunt for the elusive UFO parts. Our waypoint here is the large "Vangos" graffiti on the supporting pillar of the highway that swerves right into El Burro Heights territory.

Now eyes sharp, team - tucked right under this tagging and looming large as life, we have a storm drain. That's our hotspot, ladies and gentlemen, because that's where we've got a piece of an alien spacecraft nestled. Here, we've got a glimpse of the exact point to capture this find: the storm drain near the graffiti under the overpass.

Take a peak, have a good look at this image - it's your treasure map, your key for the next step in this interstellar chase. Don't say we commentate, we guide you through the journey folks! Let's gear up and push on ahead! Let's conquer those gaming heights, one alien spaceship part at a time.

Part 6

To find the UFO debris in GTA, players must head south of Los Santos, towards the Ranch neighborhood. There, at the park gates on Dutch London Street, lies the hidden gem. The bottom part of the metallic decorative structure by these gates is where this valuable piece awaits discovery.

Often missed by many, this location is crucial in the quest for the UFO debris. The eerie metal sculptures standing sentinel at the park's entrance are not just decorative; they are a call to gamers to unravel the mysteries they guard. While I can't display the image, imagine the scene: Metallic sculptures marking the threshold of a park, each detail a clue in your quest.

Remember, in this game, the smallest detail could pivot your entire strategy. It requires constant vigilance, clever planning, and a willingness to explore the unknown. So, get ready, set your sights on discovery, and immerse yourself in the adventure!

Part 7

The gamer will locate a fragment of shattered dishware in the industrial zone's northern sector, "Murrieta", closer to the border with the El Burro Heights neighborhood.

On a site laden with transport containers, the character will stumble upon a green metal crate with open doors adjacent to a building's wall. Hidden within lies a piece of an extraterrestrial spaceship.

The UFO fragment is tucked away in the green container

Part 8

The UFO part in GTA is cleverly hidden atop the Davis Medical Center's rooftop. To successfully retrieve it, here's your game plan:

Option 1: Helicopter Approach

Fly a chopper and land on the building's roof. The UFO fragment is conveniently located next to the helipad.

Option 2: Staircase Approach

If you prefer a ground approach, locate the staircase on the western side of the Davis Medical Center. Climb up, and you'll find the fragment waiting for you.

Now, with the strategies in place and a fair play reminder, it's time to dive back into the action. Gear up, gamers, and let the excitement unfold! Let the games begin!

Part 9

In the game, players will find a noteworthy location under the bridge on Strawberry Highway, near the entertainment venue 'Vanilla Unicorn'. This spot could be crucial, potentially housing a power-up or a secret weapon that could significantly impact the game. Seasoned gamers know the value of exploring every possible area, understanding that even the most unassuming locations can hide game-changing items.

In the southern part of the bridge, amidst a scene depicting the harsh reality of life, are old couches, seemingly just a backdrop for the game's homeless NPCs. Yet, this setting holds more than meets the eye. An astute player will notice something amidst this portrayal of struggle: a shard of a plate, seemingly unimportant but potentially invaluable in the game.

In this immersive world, even a seemingly trivial object can be pivotal. Only players with a keen eye and a sense of exploration will spot and utilize these hidden treasures, turning a regular match into an extraordinary experience.

Part 10

In GTA, to find the UFO part, head towards the prominent liquor store billboard located in the Vespucci Canals area on Palomino Avenue. The key to uncovering the fragment lies in climbing the staircase to reach the billboard. Once there, players should thoroughly search the area between the flat sections of the signage, where the elusive UFO part is hidden.

For a visual reference, check out the image provided: 

Caption: This is the distinctive liquor store billboard in the Vespucci Canals area. It serves as your crucial waypoint in the quest for the UFO part.

Navigating to this billboard and exploring its structure closely will guide players to successfully locate the hidden UFO part, adding another intriguing element to their GTA adventure.

Part 11

The hunt will take the player to the hydropower plant located in Murrieta Heights. A piece of extraterrestrial transport lies on a platform at the top part of the dam, accessible via an open staircase.

Dam in Murrieta Heights

A key location in this high-stakes match, the power plant in Murrieta Heights, is a focal point in the search. It adds an additional level of complexity with its topographical challenges. A significant piece of alien tech is cleverly positioned on a stage at the dam's peak.

This location can only be reached by ascending an exposed stairway. Naturally, it's a situation where a player's ingenuity and skill will be tested.

Dam in Murrieta Heights
See for yourself the decathlon of dam domination. Will our intrepid player snatch the alien advantage or be left in the extraterrestrial dust? Stay tuned.

Part 12

Seasoned players in the game often choose to secure the next piece of the puzzle by adopting a tactical approach, either using a helicopter or a parachute. This method is an efficient way to reach the top of the towering white pylon located at the center of Vinewood's water reservoir. The aerial route offers a swift and direct path to the objective.

On the other hand, for those who relish a more thrilling challenge, there's an alternative approach. Adventurous players might prefer to go on foot or ride a motorcycle, navigating along the aqueduct and scaling the structure. This method requires precise control and a flair for high-risk parkour.

Imagine an image that showcases the exhilarating scene: a clear view of the aqueduct leading straight to the top of the tower. This summit can be reached through an audacious motorcycle stunt for those daring enough. It's a test of skill and nerve for any player bold enough to attempt it. This route offers a unique challenge and an adrenaline-pumping experience for thrill-seekers in the game.

Part 13

The fragment is strategically hidden from unwanted spectators, nestled within a cavern in the Tongva Hills, just a stone's throw away from a quaint little creek. It's a high-stakes game here, a real challenge for the players!

The ground route to the cavern carries its own set of hurdles and obstacles. One could even argue, it's a game within a game. However, if you're looking for a path less traveled, the aerial view is your best bet – a daring parachute jump from an airplane, or if you're a daredevil with a knack for precision, a helicopter landing on the hill.

It's a better option to approach Tongva Hills cavern via air.

You can see the picture perfectly shaping up here with the Tongva Hills cavern, showcasing the true essence of the game and turning the ordinary into extraordinary!

Part 14

Part of the UFO can be found in the Textile City area, tucked away between a fabric store and the Bin Machine cafe in Zimmet Alley, located neatly behind a garbage bin.

The next UFO fragment lies in Zimmet Alley

Now, folks, here's a crucial piece of information for all you hunters out there: a piece of the UFO can be discovered in what may initially seem to be an unlikely gaming spot – the Textile City. Look closely! It's hidden between a fabric retailer and the famed Bin Machine cafe, nestled snugly within the urban labyrinth of Zimmet Alley. You can find it poised just behind a trash can – an uncanny juxtaposition of regular city waste and conjectures of extra-terrestrial existence!

The next UFO fragment lies in Zimmet Alley

Part 15

To unearth the hidden fragment of the flying saucer in GTA, airborne transportation is crucial. Located behind the branded logo, this piece rests on the rooftop of the illustrious Penris building. This skyscraper can be found on Swiss Street, just a stone's throw away from the Del Perro freeway in the north-western quadrant of Los Santos.

Penris Skyscraper
Just as the deft manoeuvres of an esports pro navigate the digital arena, players must deftly traverse Los Santos from the eagle-eyed perspective of the air to track down this elusive UFO fragment. Remember, folks, in this grand world of gaming, every pixel can hold a treasure!

Part 16

The location of the hidden UFO fragment will be easily uncovered by gamers who completed the "Jewel Store Heist" mission.

The user must visit the unfinished subway station beneath Alta Street - accessible by motorcycle from the Del Perro freeway. The inconspicuous fragment lies near the red barrier blocks.

The sixteenth fragment is hidden at the subway station under Alta Street


Part 17

The next stop on the UFO debris hunt is the Richards Majestic movie studio.

Seasoned gamers should consider sending Michael on this mission only after completing the 'Mr. Richards' mission - otherwise, there's a risk of clashing with security and getting on a 2-star wanted level.

Your target for this search is a small terrace where there's a stack of planks lying around.

The player needs to locate the terrace with the stacks of planks

Note: This text was restructured using a sports commentator's approach and vocabulary, maintaining an informative and confident tone. Detailed directions are provided to guide the players, similar to how a sports commentator would give a comprehensive play-by-play account.

Part 18

In pursuit of the key item, your destination is the 'Rockford Plaza' shopping complex located on Las Lagunas Boulevard. Players can gain access to the mid-tier plush mall either by driving or on foot via staircase. The critical item is nested just on the lawn.

The lawn at the open middle level of the shopping center

For those new to the field, the Rockford Plaza isn't your casual mall - it's a strategic spot where team strategies can shift in the blink of an eye, terrain mastery can define the match. You'll need orienting skills worthy of a pro player to manoeuvre around this gaming colosseum.

And the prize? A valuable item, sitting perfectly poised on the lawn. An exciting scoring opportunity! Be the first to claim it and shift the tie in your team's favour. Will you rise to the occasion? Gear up, strategize, and take to the Field of Battle, e-sport fans!

Part 19

The fragment is concealed at the bottom of an empty swimming pool atop a hotel, situated just next to the Los Santos Customs garage in Burton.

You can plot your route to the garage using the GTA in-game map and navigation system.

The most convenient mode of transportation for completing this mission would be the helicopter.

Hotel in Burton

Part 20

The Rockford Hills Golf Club stands as the most expensive property in the world of GTA. Not just a haven for sports fans, this field also hosts a piece of UFO. For users, the landmark to spot is an islet right in the middle of a decorative pond near the seventh hole.

The islet in the center of the pond on the golf club property

Folks, we're talking about a league of its own – the Rockford Hills Golf Club. You don't just swing clubs here; you might stumble upon an extraterrestrial relic while at it. Now, here's something that'll mark your path – spot a small islet in the midst of a picturesque pond; it’s your hole-in-one shot to the seventh hole. It's a game, it's a quest, it's the GTA life.

Part 21

Our protagonist needs to dig deep and uncover an old dock tucked away in the southwestern part of the reservoir in the Tataviam Mountains, northeast of Los Santos - a true test of their navigational skills in the gaming world. Bits of the ill-fated aircraft lay submerged near the dock, buried deep under the water.

But fear not, die-hard gamers, the odds are in your favor here - the water is shallow, no scuba gear needed. A straightforward, bare-knuckled quest that is not for the faint-hearted. A challenge to test both the might of your character and make you question the depths you are willing to go to score!

The wreckage lies at the bottom near the old dock

Part treasure hunt, part survival mission, this is gaming's version of the thrilling overtime finish we live for! Grab your controllers, gamers. It's time to dive deep into adventure!

Part 22

The UFO fragment in the game made a dramatic landing near the large drainage pipes on the shoreline, positioned in the north-western area of the reservoir. For a visual guide, refer to this image: 

In the spirit of exciting esports commentary, let's dissect this moment. The impact of discovering this fragment is akin to scoring a long-range goal in football or executing a crucial move in a tense esports match. It's a significant and thrilling moment in the game.

Our focal point, the massive drainage pipes along the shore, creates a vivid and memorable setting, evoking the strategic and intricate environments often seen in esports gaming. This setting is more than just a backdrop; it's a pivotal element in the game's narrative.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this aspect of the game mirrors the ever-changing and dynamic nature of the esports world. It's a testament to how the game continually evolves, offering new challenges and experiences that keep pace with the fast-moving and unpredictable landscape of competitive gaming. Like in esports, every move and discovery in the game can have a substantial impact, adding depth and excitement to the overall experience.

Part 23

Gentlemen, rev up your engines! It's time to delve into the depths of the Vinewood Reservoir in GTA for an exhilarating underwater quest. A fragment of an alien spacecraft is hidden within the game's aquatic realm, tucked away in the southern region of the reservoir, close to the distinct circular central tower. This extraterrestrial relic eagerly awaits discovery by the most daring and skilled gamers.

Ladies and gentlemen, for a glimpse of the exact spot, take a look at the image below. The round white tower in the reservoir serves as your key landmark, guiding you to the hidden treasure. Prepare your diving equipment and gather your courage, gaming enthusiasts! The depths of Vinewood are about to offer you a breathtaking journey as you seek out the alien secrets concealed in GTA's world.

This challenge is more than just a part of the game; it's a testament to the thrill of exploration, pitted against the daunting depths of the reservoir. So, gear up for this high-stakes underwater adventure and join the league of elite gamers who have successfully uncovered this closely guarded secret. Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

Part 24

In search of a critical piece, the character arrives on the eastern seaboard, near the Tataviam Mountains, ensconced by a sandy beach secreted away amongst the rocks, adjacent to a grand stone arch. The UFO fragment lies close to the water's edge, ready for the taking.

Beach near stone arch located near Tataviam Mountains

Part 25

he sought-after shard in the game is cleverly hidden within the "Richman Glen" rehabilitation complex. As players explore the central park area of this location, they will come across a circular pool situated in front of the main building. The game artifact you are looking for is discreetly placed under a tree, near a large, notable boulder.


Part 26

In the search for spaceship parts in GTA, players are drawn to the Galileo Observatory. To access the rooftop, the common methods are either scaling a ladder or flying in by helicopter. Once at the top, near the eastern dome, the player can collect a piece of the extraterrestrial vessel. This location not only serves as a strategic point for collecting game items but also offers a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding hills.

This quest is more than just a part of the game — it's a tactical battlefield where each decision can lead to triumph or defeat. In the vast world of GTA, the pursuit of alien spaceship fragments requires a well-thought-out strategy. Choosing between the straightforward path of the ladder or the agility of a helicopter can significantly impact the outcome. But it's not just about the gameplay or the objectives achieved. Once you've succeeded in your mission, take a moment to appreciate the scenic beauty from the eastern dome of the observatory.

These moments capture the true spirit of the game. It's not only the excitement of success but also the awe-inspiring landscapes that enrich the gaming experience. So, prepare your strategy, engage fully in the gameplay, and remember to pause and savour the beauty of the environment. This balance of strategic play and appreciation of the game's world is what makes the experience truly memorable.

Part 27

A prominent mansion nestled in the Banham Canyon district is where our player will make their discovery. The mission, should they choose to accept, involves a scavenger hunt for a fragment located near a telescope in the backyard.

Country House in Banham Canyon

It's a pivotal mission that requires tactical skills, strategy, and precision. The stage is set, the stakes are high. Remember, in the world of professional esports gaming, every pixel, every move, every decision has a profound impact on the match’s outcome. Tune in to watch the thrill of the chase unfold in real-time. The Banham Canyon district, ladies and gentlemen, where esports strategy, precision and courage take center stage.

Part 28

Next up on our hero's thrilling journey for pieces of the flying saucer, we're heading to an impressive cave nestled on the eastern coastline of the state, just north of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station.

The path to the cave is more conveniently traversed by either water or air. The major scoop here, folks, is that the UFO part is submerged, just off to the right of the cave entrance. This surely adds an element of surprise to the quest.

Cave on the eastern coastline north of the power station

So gamers, gear up! This is not just about testing agility and combat skills, but it's also about strategy and exploration. Who knows what the depths of the sea hold in store for our hero? Stay tuned, the game is on!

Part 29

In the expansive world of GTA, the next key location for players is Mount Haan, adjacent to a lesser-known dirt path branching from Mount Haan Road towards the incomplete Redwood Lights Track. Here, players will find the spaceship fragment resting on the ground near the edge of a rocky cliff.

Imagine an aerial view showing the precise location of this fragment. It would be positioned not far from the road leading to the racetrack, with the image providing an excellent visual guide. This hypothetical view would highlight the fragment's exact spot in relation to the surrounding terrain, with clear landmarks to assist gamers in their quest.

In the realm of eSports, securing such fragments is crucial, echoing the significance of attention to detail in professional sports. Every piece, every subtle element in the game can dramatically influence the overall gameplay. As we continue to navigate through the strategic layers of eSports, the importance of discovering these fragments, exploring various paths, and refining tactics becomes increasingly evident.

This journey is where virtual skill seamlessly blends with strategic thinking. We are committed to guiding you through this complex world of professional gaming, bringing you ever closer to that coveted victory. Stay engaged as we explore more, uncover hidden objectives, and sharpen our strategies, inching closer to the ultimate triumph in the competitive gaming landscape.

Part 30

A UFO fragment is cleverly concealed in the Tongva Hills, tucked away in the southeastern quadrant of Marlowe Vineyards. You'll unearth this extraterrestrial trophy as you ascend along the slope, sticking close to the sixth row of shrubs.

Take note, game aces! Your count starts from the entrance to the vineyard.

Game strategy: Proceed upwards along the sixth row from the entrance.

Part 33

In the vicinity of Great Chaparral, south within the desert, stands a hangar. Nearby is an abandoned house, accessible via an unpaved road. At the back door of this derelict establishment, a fragment of UFO lies unnoticed.

Back porch of the abandoned house in Great Chaparral

Note: The image and the link are not accessible, which means I cannot provide an accurate direct description or narration regarding the image contents.

Part 34

A noteworthy location in the Grand Senora desert in GTA 5 is a house situated southwest of Sandy Shores airstrip. What catches the gamer's eye is a sizable yacht situated on the sand near the house. The protagonist will locate a fragment of a flying device between the yacht and the dock equipped with telescopes.

Yacht in the desert draws attention

Part 35

Welcome, folks, to the bustling heart of Blaine County, where a game of darts takes center stage at the renowned watering hole, the Yellow Jack Inn. And what's that looming opposite the establishment? Satellite dishes, comrades, making a bold statement on the landscape.

Now, if we follow our protagonist courageously navigating up the ladder of the western infrastructure, an unforeseen trophy awaits. Hold your breaths - it's a piece of a spacecraft! Can you believe it? Proof that the thrilling world of esports isn't just grounded in reality, but shoots for the stars!

The Satellite dish opposite the Yellow Jack Inn

Part 36

In the vast expanse of GTA's Great Chaparral, situated within the boundaries of Blaine County, flows the mysterious Zancudo River. Alongside this river runs a trail, a perfect avenue for adventurers seeking to quench their thirst for exploration. Just off this path, near a sturdy stone bridge abutment and concealed behind an ancient church, rests a hidden piece of a puzzle – a fragment of a UFO.

Imagine the excitement of the hunt, the race across the land starting from the line of scrimmage behind the venerable church, heading towards the stone bridge support. The Zancudo River, a natural divider in this quest, runs parallel to the path, emphasizing its significance in your navigational tactics and strategies.

For a better understanding of this landscape, envision an aerial perspective over the Zancudo River. This imagined bird's eye view would capture the UFO fragment's location near the solid stone bridge support, showcasing the thrilling terrain where the search unfolds. In this breathtaking setting, the lines between the virtual and reality seem to blur.

This is more than just a game; this is the world of Pro Esports, where each journey is unique, shaped by determination and refined through skill. So, gear up for an adrenaline-fueled adventure that transcends the ordinary gaming experience. This is your story, your path to carve out a world that challenges your abilities and rewards your explorative spirit.

Part 37

In the dynamic world of professional Esports, a thrilling quest awaits players along the banks of the Zancudo River leading to the Alamo Sea in GTA. Hidden within a rocky canyon along this path lies a small ravine, a location more easily spotted from a water-level perspective.

Within this rugged terrain, nestled among the sharp rocks, players will find the thirty-seventh piece of a spaceship. This elusive fragment is a coveted prize, sought after by challengers willing to push their limits to obtain it.

Such intriguing discoveries are what fuel the passion and drive of gamers, compelling them to explore unknown areas and enhance their gaming skills. Each hidden fragment adds to the intense narrative and excitement of the Esports experience. The thrill of the hunt, the challenge of overcoming obstacles, and the pursuit of virtual triumph embody the essence of competitive gaming in Esports.

Stay alert for more exhilarating updates, as the journey through this high-stakes virtual world unfolds with more action and suspense!

Part 38

East of the Grand Senora desert airstrip in GTA, you'll find a rugged trail cutting through the rocky terrain. Tucked away on the left, behind imposing boulders, lurking mysteries await uncovered - a UFO wreckage.

UFO wreckage concealed behind the rocks adjacent to the path

Get ready, gaming enthusiasts, to unveil the excitement that lies in these hidden corners of the virtual world!

Part 39

The GTA character's rock-climbing journey will continue on Mount Josiah. The goal of the expedition is a narrow ledge on the eastern slope, halfway up the mountain height.

Utilizing a helicopter will drastically streamline the discovery process and simplify the access to the find.

The ledge on the mountain is not visible from below,

As an alternative mountaineering tactic, consider hopping on a quad bike or an off-road motorcycle.

Part 40

A thematic hippie park dedicated to aliens - is an ideal spot for a UFO fragment.

The park is located southeast of the Yellow Jack Inn. The landmark is the top of a painted hill.

Part 42

The Kessidy Creek River emerges from Lake Alamo and pours out into the ocean. Underneath the shadow of the Calafia Train Bridge, you'll find a rocky island, a battleground familiar to Trevor and Michael from the "Off the Radar" mission.

Before daring to navigate the waters towards the island for the wreckage, one must be wary of the strong water current. Notice the cascading waterfall near the bridge giving a hint of the potential threat.

On this island, our heroes held their ground against bandits

Part 45

The city of Grapeseed in GTA is renowned for having the largest cattle farms in the state.

A UFO fragment can be located in the cowshed situated in the heart of the ranch.

Grapeseed Farm

Part 46

The Sonar Collections Dock – an abandoned hydro station situated snug in Paleto Bay, a locale notorious amongst the Pro esports gaming community particularly for the GTA fans. Not typically famed for the scenic environment, it's the radioactive barrels and surprise elements, like a piece of a flying saucer, that binds the players to this spot.

"Whether by land, sea, or air, the journey to this point is bound to be an adventure within itself."

As players scramble around hunting for the UFO fragment, careful exploration becomes the name of the game. The target location: a small peninsula nestling to the northern side of the station, where under a cluster of trees, the said fragment lies hidden.

A close satellite view of the geographical location

"Just like any pro-level esports gameplay, the search for the UFO fragment demands meticulous attention to details."

Part 47

Located due north of the rural town of Grapeseed, snug against the imposing Mountain Chiliad, stands a farm with a rather dark secret - an operation site for drug traffickers cultivating a notorious crop of marijuana.

The farmhouse has more secrets to reveal - tucked away behind its rustic facade, a barn stands in the shadow. Within, a mysterious piece of a UFO awaits the discerning player, enticing exploration.

Drug Trafficker's Farm

Part 48

Just off the beaten path of the Great Ocean Highway, flanking an old country road, lies Palito Forest, a woodland area well-known to the local populace. Nestled within Palito Forest, one can find an intriguing sight - a bridge, spanning across a now dried-up creek. Remarkably, under this unassuming bridge, the fragment of a spacecraft has found its resting place.

A quaint bridge over a dried creek in Palito Forest

We enter this exotic stage not for traditional sports, folks, but for a different kind of competition, one entwined with technology and brimming with strategies and tactics we’d typically associate with the virtual realms of eSports. This fusion between our physical world and the digital frontier delivers promises a new dimension of excitement and intrigue.

Part 49

In the bustling world of GTA, Paleto Bay is famed as the setting for a gripping bank heist mission. Found within the confines of the town's fire department, a three-story training edifice comes to life. Ambitious players, when commanding their avatar to ascend the outdoor staircase to the second floor, are in for a thrilling discovery: a piece of elusive aircraft debris awaits.

Second-floor platform of the training building in Paleto Bay's fire department

Stay tuned, esports enthusiasts, as we unmask more tantalizing treasures tucked away in the vibrant and volatile vistas of Grand Theft Auto!

Part 50

Donkey Punch is a farm situated in Paleto Bay. In the huge wooden barn, players will spot the wreckage of a UFO.

The barn at Donkey Punch farm

Play-by-play analysis

Once the player completes the collection of all 50 UFO pieces in the GTA 5 map, a message from a hippy character by the name of Omega will pop up, inviting them to the Control Center and unlocking a brand-new mission within the narrative. This achievement marks a pivotal moment in the game, altering the trajectory of the storyline and opening up additional opportunities for the player to explore and conquer!


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