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Where are the treasures located in GTA 5?

"Treasure Hunting" in GTA 5 is a mission in the multiplayer version of the game. Navigating through this mission allows the player to acquire collectibles, bonuses and gifts. The process feels similar to a pursuit of pirate's treasure, sparking an array of interest for adventure novel enthusiasts.

Players utilize the discovered treasures to enhance character statistics or purchase assets.

Prime Treasure Locations in GTA 5

Treasures in GTA missions are secreted away in locations sprinkled across the state, whether in the desert, coast, city, mountains or even under the sea. For easier scouting, the game developers have incorporated the activation of markers on the game map.

The most renowned loot in GTA 5 is a unique golden revolver that players earn by finishing a specific in-game quest. This task involves a grand tour across five distinct locales.

The chant for the adventure begins with a message on the character's mobile phone, signaling the start of treasure hunting, along with a snapshot of the designated area on the map for kickoff. 

Maps and Tips in GTA 5

The player is assembling clues to accomplish the "Treasure Hunt" mission goal and acquire the golden revolver. The compass for the search is the yellow circle on the game map. The first clue - a note, which is the trickiest to find. Upon arriving at the location marked on the map in yellow, you should listen to the sound of a bell.

As the character gets closer to the goal, the bell will ring louder. In search of a small slip of paper, players carefully scrutinize the trees, rocks, buildings, and surrounding objects.

Map markers - the location of the cave, the old house, and the empty chest

Next up is the Key - a cave with a corpse. The question mark icon on the GTA map will point you to the west of the state.

Cave where the player will find the first clue - the corpse of the previous owner of the revolver

The third point is situated northeast of the map - the previous residence of the owner’s family. The player will find a chair, a radio receiver, and a shovel - which was used to murder the man in the cave, among the ruins of the house.

The ruins of an old house by the shore

Another question mark denotes the location of the chest. The treasure chest, disappointingly, is empty. However, the treasure has just been reburied. A new marker with the icon of a yellow chest is illuminated on the map, marking the final destination of the quest.

The cave, shovel, and empty chest can be found in any order, the sequence does not matter. The important aspect is to find 3 clues. Upon arrival at the location, the player will find 2 corpses. The treasure is hidden very close to the deceased.

As the character approaches the right spot, the player gets to see a mini-video of the chest being opened. The prize - a golden self-cocking revolver. The features of this exclusive weapon are high damage on target hit and animated effects when used. Modifications by developers are not planned.

Treasure hunter's goal - revolver in chest next to 2 corpses

In GTA, the player will receive an extra bonus after passing the next trial, kill 50 enemies or pedestrians with a headshot using the found weapon. Upon completing the mission, the game balance will increase by $250,000, and the character will receive a gift set of bulletproof vests and a T-shirt bearing the GTA developers' logo.

Additional task - shoot 50 people with the golden revolver

The "Treasure Hunt" mission in GTA 5 draws considerable attention from fans of another online game by Rockstar North - Red Dead Redemption. If a user plays GTA and "Red Dead" using the same Social Club account, upon logging into RDR, the player will receive an identical golden revolver in a modified form. 

Where can one locate maps and hints in GTA 5?

Unearthing the second, third, and fourth clues in "Treasure Hunt" is like hitting easy layups in a fast-paced basketball game. The quest to find the note, however, tends to drag longer than a marathon. The challenge deters many players from completing the mission as swiftly as a linebacker blitzing the quarterback.

Seasoned players, akin to sports analysts studying key gameplays, are well-versed with 20 hotspots on the GTA 5 map that one should scour in pursuit of the first treasure hint:

  • Del Perro Pier, akin to a homeground fortress;

Pier support columns - a possible note placement

  • Los Santos Golf Club, a veritable playing field;
  • Vinewood Hills, like a hilly race track;
  • The vineyard in Tongva Hills, tactical as a chess match;
  • The Two Hoots waterfall, a wild card factor;
  • Mount Chiliad, towering like a basketball hoop;
  • The old mine in Great Chaparral, as hidden as a boxer's uppercut;
  • Raton Canyon, as tricky as a goalie save;
  • The cemetery in Pacific Bluffs, with a silence that screams foul play;

Surveying monuments – a crucial part of hunting for the cemetery clue

  • Cassidy Creek, like a whitewater rafting match;
  • Paleto Bay, with a fencing-like strategy required;

Ruined structure by the shore in Paleto Bay

  • The Grand Senora Desert, as unpredictable as a rally race;
  • The summit of San Chianski Mountain Range, the equivalent of taking the high ground in strategy;
  • The dock at San Chianski Mountain Range, a tactical pivot point;
  • The shore in Alamo Sea at Sandy Shores, favorable as home court advantage;
  • Senora National Park at Sandy Shores, brimming with potential surprises like a hail mary play;

Various inconspicuous areas for note-placements in the Sehora Park

  • The overlook near Beam Me Up in Sandy Shores, an underdog spot;

The seldom-visited overlook - a great place to hide a clue can

  • Tataviam Mountains, as daunting as an obstacle course;
  • Pacific Ocean coastline, as open as a football field;
  • The church in Great Chaparral, holding secrets like a home team playbook.

The small church with a cemetery keeps its secrets

Types of treasures in GTA 5

Apart from the golden revolver, GTA 5 users are on the hunt for:

  • Cold hard cash;
  • Valuable artifacts;
  • Weapons and ammo;
  • Survival food.

Discovering a hoard or clue in GTA can be done in various corners of the map. Users explore:

  • Graffiti and inscriptions on walls and fences - arrows, numerical data, cryptic symbols, diagrams;
  • Hidden passages and secret rooms;
  • Oddities in the surroundings that raise an eyebrow or two.

The state of San Andreas hides treasure in safes, hidden compartments, high up in the mountains, buried beneath the desert sand, spread along the ocean coastline, or hidden within building ruins.

The treasure hunt in GTA 5 requires sharp observation and logical thinking. You might get assistance from other characters or tools like a metal detector. Sometimes, the sign of a hoard is an unusual sound or a glint of coins buried beneath the dirt.

Artifacts of Yore

The Grand Senora Desert is a famous hunting ground in GTA 5. Deep within the sands, rock formations, and oases hide ancient caches, treasure-filled caves, and bandit hideouts. Suspect places include oddly-shaped rocks, mysterious notations, markers, and evidence of modern-day items.

The "Genie of Shark's Dream" is a unique desert treasure, a precious sword buried in the sand. In the Grand Senora region, eagle-eyed hunters discover ancient amulets and relics of extinct tribes.

In 2021, the developer launched the "Cayo Perico Heist" update, offering GTA 5 fans a new adventure. On the smugglers' beloved island of Cayo Perico, chests with gold and artifacts are hidden, to be found along the coast and on the seafloor. The map marks potential treasure locations in yellow.

Only users who have completed part of the mission can discover these treasures. You can only unlock one chest on land and one underwater container daily.

Cayo Perico - Island of Smugglers and Treasures

Hidden in Caches and Safes

To hunt for treasure, you don't necessarily need to dive underwater or traverse the desert. Many beneficial finds await players in the caches and safes in and around Los Santos.

The Los Santos Drug Wars update in February 2023 brought the ability to find Gerald's caches - a long-time friend of Lamar. The GTA developers have foreseen 15 potential locations for the treasure, randomly selected for each user and marked on the map with a purple question mark. Gerald will notify you if you are within 500 metres of the hoard.

You can find Gerald's caches for the next 15 days

Your target is a strapped crate; you'll be notified of your proximity to it with a sound signal. The reward for the found cache includes a cash bonus ranging from 15 to 20 thousand dollars, food, and ammunition.

After discovering the cache, be prepared for a surprise - police attention at a 2-star level.

This quest lasts for 15 days. Players can crack open one crate per day, with map updates happening every day at 10:00 Moscow time.

Earning From In-Game Treasures

Players use found bonuses for upgrading their weapons and equipment or for purchasing necessary items. Part of the loot can be sold to street dealers to earn additional money.

The Conclusion

Users of the online GTA 5 variant gain access to a plethora of treasure hunt missions.

In order to successfully track down the treasures in GTA 5, one must meticulously scrutinize the terrain map and utilize available hints either incorporated into the game or sourced from fellow gamers. The straightforward option would be to scavenge places where the player discovered the treasure in preceding versions.

The discovered treasures can be traded in for cash, or employed to elevate the in-game hero's attributes.


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