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What's the history behind WoT?

World of Tanks - a popular tank-based online shooter game, burst into the gaming field in 2010.

By 2024, World of Tanks sees daily engagement from over 3.5 million players, with peak online load hitting up to 0.5 million simultaneous users, showcasing a truly global battleground.

World of Tanks — a cult-favorite tank online shooter

Many gaming enthusiasts are captivated by the rich history behind World of Tanks.

What is the Wargaming studio?

World of Tanks' developer is a private enterprise named Wargaming, established by Belarusian businessman Victor Kislyi.

In 1995, Victor Kislyi, then a student at the Belarusian State University, embarked on the adventure of creating computer games. In 1998, along with 7 like-minded individuals, Kislyi founded Wargaming, making a decisive play in the game development industry.

Belarusian Victor Kislyi, the founder of Wargaming

In the first 10 years following the founding of the company, Wargaming focused on developing computer games which gained some traction within the gaming community, with titles like Massive Assault, "Inhabited Island: Afterword", and "Operation Bagration".

In 2008, following a hefty payout from Yahoo for a project, Wargaming made a strategic shift and decided to create a legendary game that would mark its name in the annals of gaming history.


Crafting the Iconic Game World of Tanks

In late 2008, Wargaming was developing a game with a fantasy theme. However, the developers decided not to invest funds into a project that had many analogues.

As a result, Wargaming opted to forge a new path, creating a game without competitors - a tank shooter titled "Tankodrome". Securing additional financing was a challenge, potential investors didn't believe in the project's success; fantasy games about orcs and elves were the flavor of the moment.

Despite the obstacles, the developers persevered with their work on the project.

How did WoT look in the development stage?

In the spring of 2009, the history of WoT was ignited – the official announcement of the game World of Tanks was launched. In the fall, the first alpha-testing went down, where players were introduced to five different tank models and one location for battles.

Breaking down the highlights of 2010:

  • winter – the closed beta-test was held;
  • spring – introduced the concept of leveling up tanks with experience points in the game;
  • summer – open beta-testing began.

The game World of Tanks during the testing phase

Ever wondered what were the first maps in World of Tanks during the development stage? They were none other than 'Prokhorovka' and 'Karelia'.

As for its modern name, it was granted on the eve of the KRI-2009 conference. "World of Tanks" encapsulates the essence of the game, focusing on the development of combat vehicles of 11 nations.

The official release of the game World of Tanks.

The official launch date of World of Tanks was August 12, 2010. Gradually, the game garnered more and more fans who grew fond of the tank battles. Upon the game's release, the number of users on the Russian server had hit a staggering 15,000. A remarkable start for this commanding game that threw the players right into the heart of fierce and strategic tank warfare.

This marked the beginning of a new era in the gaming world, World of Tanks, a game that wasn't just about action, but strategy and tactical depth. Hold tight, ladies and gentlemen, because this was just the kickoff of a spectacular journey that would redefine the precedents of online multiplayer gaming!

A journey that would take the e-sports scenario by storm, pushing both the players and the ever-enthusiastic fan-base to the breathtaking world of competitive gaming! Here's to the time when World of Tanks began firing powerful rounds in the e-sports arena, captivating millions and leaving an indelible mark on the history of professional gaming. Let the games begin!

The Future Progression of the World of Tanks Project

The popularity of World of Tanks has been on a gradual incline - the gamer community has enthusiastically embraced the concept of a multi-user online tank shooter.

Entering 2011, World of Tanks had amassed an impressive user base, with over 1 million people engaging in the game, and hitting peak simultaneous users of over 50,000.

In the spotlight throughout 2011, World of Tanks made significant inroads in Europe and Asia, earning the prestigious accolade of the 'Runet Award'.

The developers of WoT have been tireless in their pursuit of perfection, injecting fresh mechanics, maps, factions and vehicles to constantly uplift the gaming experience.

Fast forward to 2024, and the registered account tally for World of Tanks holds strong at over 160 million, maintaining a consistent daily player count of 3-3.5 million.

Why the game is revered

Distinct Traits of World of Tanks that Endears Gamers to the Online Shooter:

  • Authenticity - World of Tanks serves up an arsenal of armored combat vehicles featuring historical factual specifications, offers meticulously crafted battlefield maps, introduces a calculated game mechanic alongside a comprehensive damage system.
  • Rapid Execution – Battles in Tanks typically span just 10–15 minutes.

The interface of World of Tanks in 2023

  • Incentives Mechanics - The game features an abundance of combat tasks and challenges geared towards improving the player's equipment and crew training.
  • Business Model – What really differentiates World of Tanks is that it does not necessarily require players to spend money for success. In-game donations simplify progression and offer a tactical advantage, whilst still not being a mandatory prerequisite for victory.
Skills and abilities play a pivotal role in securing wins in Tanks.

The interface of World of Tanks in 2023

Other favorable aspects of World of Tanks, as per player reviews, include simple software requirements, availability in Russian language, and frequent updates incorporating valuable innovations.

The evolution of the esports discipline World of Tanks

Despite its widespread popularity, the game World of Tanks has not evolved into a pro Esports discipline. The developers of World of Tanks did not aim to create an esports product. With a compelling storyline, World of Tanks carries less of a team component compared to mainstream esports.

The spectacle that accompanies tank battles often lacks dynamism. From 2013 to 2016, tournaments were conducted featuring World of Tanks, but these did not receive broad viewership. Let's delve deeper into the reasons why WoT failed to become a staple in the esports sector:

1. A significant percentage of the gaming audience is composed of males 35+, and the majority of these players are not interested in esports.
2. Streams showcasing tank battles are often complex and confusing for esports newcomers.
3. Sponsors generally favor more visually appealing disciplines.
4. In this game, individual skills frequently outweigh team efforts. Presently, World of Tanks tournaments are held sporadically. 

Scandals and dissatisfaction among the community of Tanks players

Throughout the existence of World of Tanks, there have been a fair number of controversies and grievances voiced by users over various innovations and updates to the game. Firstly, since the game's inception, premium tanks have been made available, which can only be purchased for gold or real money. These premium vehicles outperform standard machines, granting a competitive edge to the players who own them, which stirs dissatisfaction among the World of Tanks community.

Artillery - one of the reasons many players are dissatisfied with World of Tanks

The artillery in World of Tanks has drawn the ire of much of the game's fanbase due to its ability to obliterate tanks with few shots at long range. Players often struggle with locating enemy artillery and firing back effectively.

Acknowledging this, Wargaming gradually made changes to minimize the advantage of self-propelled guns. In the Spring of 2014, the developers introduced a new "Historical Battles" game mode.

After facing widespread criticism due to balance issues, with users complaining about the difficulty of defeating the Germans, Wargaming decided to remove the feature after just four months.



In 2015, the highly anticipated "Rubicon" update was released, but a majority of the promised new features were canceled due to a host of issues sparking user dissatisfaction. In the next patch, Wargaming introduced the previously promised features and fixed the mistakes of the previous version. The absence of balance in tank battles has been a point of contention among players, as a tier III tank could not effectively compete with a tier X tank. Finally, in 2017, a much-anticipated balance update was released for World of Tanks, ensuring that only tanks within three tiers of each other can enter into battle.

Predicted outcome.

With a rich 13-year history, World of Tanks has captivated countless fans of tank-based shooters. Over 13 years, Tanks has morphed from a mere concept into an iconic game, capturing the hearts of more than 100 million fans worldwide.


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