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What is lvl in Tanks

"Level" is a term that designates a game level. In World of Tanks, there are 10 levels. Players start their "combat career" at the base level with light vehicles and progress by accumulating credits and experience points to unlock new weapons. Unique to World of Tanks is the absence of a mandatory move to the next level. If a player wishes, they can activate a level up at any time, provided they have enough experience and silver. Each level has economic nuances, requiring individual approaches to development and gameplay tactics. We recommend playing only in verified, legal betting companies and have compiled a selection of the best betting promo codes for you, so that you can start playing and winning!

Classification of tanks in World of Tanks

In World of Tanks, players can explore five distinct classes of weaponry: light tanks (LTs), medium tanks (MTs), heavy tanks, self-propelled guns (SPGs), and tank destroyers (TDs). Initially, players start with level 1 light combat vehicles from various nations—German, American, Soviet, and French LTs. At this stage, there aren't substantial differences between these vehicles; level 1 serves as an introductory phase, allowing new players to familiarize themselves with the game's mechanics and basic controls.

Progressing to the second level, players within their chosen branch can opt for SPGs, TDs, or continue using light combat vehicles, depending on their preference and gameplay style. By the time players reach level 3, medium tanks become available. These MTs come with upgraded armor and offer a balance between mobility and firepower, making them less mobile than LTs but capable of dealing more damage.

At level 4, the game expands further by granting access to heavy tanks, introducing players to a new tier of firepower and defense. World of Tanks is designed to offer flexibility in progression paths; players can easily switch to another line within their branch with minimal loss of invested experience points, allowing for a tailored gaming experience based on personal preference and strategy.

The impact of tank level on game strategy

On the first level, only newbies participate in battles. The first level does not require tactics or strategies, it is for training.

By participating in first level battles, you can earn enough credits and experience points to move to the second level within 3-4 hours of gameplay.

Active gameplay - an effective way to farm experience

On the second level, gamers with stronger tanks participate in battles. To transition to the third level, the user plays on a second level tank no more than 20 battles. During the fights, you need to choose a nation - further investments are aimed at purchasing combat vehicles within a specific branch.

The third level is oriented towards improving gaming skills. Users need to master aiming to hit vulnerable parts of enemy tanks. Third-level battles often end prematurely due to the high effectiveness of individual players.

At the third level, SPGs and AT-SPGs enter the game, forcing tank drivers to play within a team strategy.

Anti-tank self-propelled guns

The fourth level is preparation for transitioning to higher gaming echelons. Heavy and medium tanks appear on the arena on the fourth lvl, and the risk of destruction by 1 shot increases.

It is crucial for players to be able to intelligently develop and improve combat vehicles, own gaming strategies, and prioritize targets.

After the fifth level, it's not possible to move to the next level in a day or a week. A player needs to gain over 500,000 credits. An additional difficulty is the need for expenditures on upcoming confrontations. If you buy ammunition, the profit for winning decreases.

After the sixth level, the tanks get stronger, but the maintenance of combat vehicles is more expensive. Battles no longer contain newbies, you'll have to play against experienced tank drivers. The outcome of the battle is determined by the coordination of the team, not the players' indicators.

Heavy armored tanks

From the eighth level upwards, players feel the need to purchase expensive ammunition. The profitability of a battle often leads to losses. Higher level battles are more spectacle.

Economy change with level increase

Up until the seventh level, players do not experience economic problems. Battles bring a stable increase in silver and experience points. After the sixth level, the player faces a choice: to farm credits, to save on preparing for battles, or to switch to premium equipment and ammunition for real money.

Premium tanks allow earning more silver and experience points in battles.

Not everyone is ready to invest money in the game, most users switch to economy mode: minimal purchase, basic ammunition, purchase of improvements. Full purchase is made by players for clan fights.

Economizing at higher levels is one of the reasons for the advantage of users who are ready to invest real money in the game.

After the sixth level, it is important to determine further plans for the game - a long delay at the level or a quick increase.

If a player is aiming to stay on the middle levels for a long time, saving or buying premium is necessary to upgrade tanks for silver.

Upgrading combat vehicles for silver

If the goal is to jump a level quickly, it is not necessary to save. The player's task is to accumulate experience. Effective combat is needed to score more experience points. Ammunition and equipment will enhance combat effectiveness.


How to level up as quickly as possible in WoT

Earning strategies in World of Tanks can be broadly categorized into two groups: those that are free and those that involve financial investments. The latter can significantly accelerate experience gain, offering 5-6 times more experience per battle than free methods. This presents players with a choice between investing time or money to upgrade their combat vehicles.

Paid Development:

This approach involves purchasing a premium account and premium tanks, which come with the advantage of faster progression within the game. Additionally, players can buy armour-piercing shells to enhance their firepower, providing a clear edge in battles.

Free Development:

Gaining experience without financial outlay relies heavily on active participation in the game. This includes dedicating time, engaging in in-game events, and participating in clan battles, which require a more substantial time commitment but do not necessitate spending money.

Prohibited Methods:

Some players resort to unfair practices to farm experience, which can include the use of third-party software to bypass game limitations, creating dummy accounts, sharing a single profile among multiple players, or purchasing advanced profiles from others. Such actions are against the community rules and can lead to account suspension, with no refund for any investments made.



Experience farming can be accelerated or free. It's impossible to quickly gain experience in Tanks. You can sit at medium levels for months, enjoying the game, gradually perfecting each open tank.


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