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What is an Ocelot in Minecraft?

The Ocelot in the Minecraft video game is a neutral entity that resembles a wild cat and inhabits the jungle. If you can win the trust of this creature, it becomes a beneficial companion and assistant in the game.

The intricacies of an ocelot's behavior

Ocelots - these fluffy inhabitants of the jungle pride themselves on their striped camouflage and distinctive behavioral traits.

In the world of Minecraft, ocelots are virtuosos of stealth, able to cloak themselves amongst grass and trees, launching unexpected attacks or skillfully evading danger. Their ability to perform long leaps and scamper up vines aids these wild cats in hunting prey and navigating the expansive jungle terrain.

The Ocelot - a wild cat native to the jungles

These beasts are notoriously skittish and suspicious, preferring to maintain their distance. Shows of aggression are few and far between. When an ocelot is under threat, their first instinct is to flee. Approaching these cats requires patience and a certain level of caution.

Ocelots are agile and swift, but directing their movement or indicating direction is not feasible.

These creatures are proficient hunters of mice and rabbits and possess a deep-seated aversion to chickens. Players exploit ocelots' innate drive to track and slay any chicken they come across to gather food resources.

The wild cats of Minecraft have a particular fondness for raw fish, especially favouring salmon and cod. Players use this to their advantage when attempting to domesticate an ocelot.

Aversion to chickens - a distinctive trait of the ocelot


Where does the ocelot reside?

The only habitat of Ocelots is the jungle. These wild cats often select coastal zones for hunting - the chances of encountering a predator near water amidst dense clumps of grass, bushes, and trees are high.

Ocelots are diurnal creatures; you won't find them at night. They prefer to live in small groups consisting of around 2 to 4 individuals.

In most cases, players encounter an adult animal. The likelihood of finding an Ocelot cub is around 15% provided that the first entity the player has seen is an adult.

Using a spawner will increase the chances of discovering an Ocelot. Spawn in Minecraft refers to the appearance of players and entities at a specified point in the game world.

A spawner is a construction in the form of a grid-like transparent block, into which a mini-model of a creature is placed. The image is mobile, and the frequency of the entity's appearance in the Minecraft world depends on the speed of the model's rotation.

Each block is set to a single species, with enough power to summon 1 to 4 creatures simultaneously.

How to Tame an Ocelot

Pitching a taming strategy for the elusive ocelot in Minecraft, the approach would be to cast your line and patiently sit out with a hearty stock of fish as your bait. Fishing rod in hand, crafted dexterously from three basic sticks and two strings, reel in salmon and cod from the watery depths or conveniently scout within local villagers' houses.

When making contact with an ocelot, it's crucial to execute a strategic play of disciplined composure. Hold your bait out, initiating a play from a 10-block radius; directing your crosshair towards the wild critter, you then pitch your tempting offer with a right-click and eagerly anticipate the feline response.

Your opponent may manifest its apprehension through rapid retreating or hint curiosity through subtle bodily movements. If your bait toss tips the scales towards temptation over fear, the furry predator will close the distance and receive your indulgence.

As every crafty gamer knows, patience is key and repetition scores high; each piece of bait thrown into play rewards you with a 30% chance of a spike in trust, culminating in visible red hearts floating above the inspected ocelot.

A scoreboard tracking the taming progress in Minecraft pops up on your screen. The second it hits a staggering 100% mark, you've got yourself a feline follower committed to striding alongside you. 

Breeding Ocelot Like a Pro

Ocelot breeding is a process that requires adherence to several conditions. Should the player succeed, a cute little pet can be obtained.

For successful breeding, the character needs 2 tamed ocelots of different genders. Users could randomly encounter these animals, lure them using a spawner, or breed offspring from another domesticated pair.

The second crucial factor is the provision of suitable habitat for these wild cats during breeding. The native environment for ocelots is the jungle. The player needs to arrange a confined space – a pen or enclosed area in the most natural conditions possible. The pen shouldn't be too large – the creatures should remain no further than 16 blocks away from each other, and a cramped space will not do either.

The cats require a comfortable setting. The pets will reward the player with offspring only if they deem the surroundings safe. Resting places, such as straw block beds, are needed.

Special attention must be paid to feeding the ocelots. The chances of having kittens are minimal if the critters experience hunger, stress, or dissatisfaction.

Players may breed ocelots in a pen

Should requirements be met, soon enough the ocelots will show interest in each other and start mingling. The introductory and courtship process takes time and can be interrupted if the animals are frightened or disturbed. After a while, the user will see tiny kittens beside the parents. A break must be taken before entering the next breeding cycle.

The offspring need care and good nutrition: milk or meat. The maturity period is approximately 20 minutes, and this can be hastened with regular feeding.

Little ocelots aren't friendly creatures. Taming kittens has a tried-and-true method – offer them raw fish.

Why tame an ocelot?

The tamed ocelot - an ally and assistant to the hero in Minecraft. The animal follows the character throughout the tropical forest, accompanies him during his traversal of other locations, and even enters the house. A frightened cat may run away but will independently find the player afterward.

The ocelot actively hunts for mice and rabbits. The animal doesn't need training; it's enough to bring the cat to the area where you need to reduce the rodent population.

Just release the ocelot into the chicken coop to quickly cull a large number of domestic birds, collect carcasses and feathers.

Often from walks, the pet ocelot brings various useful items, ranging from fish to diamonds. These creatures are excellent climbers and help explore castles and caves in Minecraft.

Wild cats are great at climbing terrains

One useful skill of ocelots is to warn of a trap or enemy attack by an alarm signal. Creepers - hostile creatures that damage characters when they self-destruct, are fearful of cats and ocelots. The small predators protect settlements from zombies and skeletons and scare away wolves and iron golems.


Ocelots in Minecraft are wild cats that the character can leverage as companions and helpers. Ocelots lend gamers narratives of value - they scare off enemies and aid in the discovery of precious items.

The game provides three strategies to find the creature to tame: accidentally come across in the jungle, lure using a spawner, and purposefully breed ocelots.


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