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The ranking system in League of Legends

In the multiplayer online game League of Legends, a rank system is provided. Ranked or rating games Ranked Games serve as an alternative to the classic game mode.

In ranked games, users can engage in skirmishes with other players of a similar level. For victories on the battlefield, you can receive LP points, which are used to increase the rank in the League of Legends.

Only experienced players, who have reached level 30 and possess at least 20 unlocked characters, can participate in ranked battles.

The concept of rank in League of Legends.

A rank is a system of additional levels for playing in competitive mode. The rank corresponds to the user's level of play, shows status, and helps League of Legends form teams.

League of Legends ranking system

Competitive mode provides strict selection for rank battles - players can only fight with users close to their range. Beginners will not be able to fight with LoL champions, experienced players cannot earn points at the expense of newcomer users.

In League of Legends, there are 10 ranked levels, each level is divided into 4 sublevels - divisions:

  • "Iron";
  • "Bronze";
  • "Silver";
  • "Gold";
  • "Platinum";
  • "Diamond";
  • "Emerald";
  • "Master";
  • "Grandmaster";
  • "Challenger".

You can only play against neighboring ranks. For example, users with an "Iron" rank will be able to play against players at the "Iron" or "Bronze" level.

You can participate in ranked battles in 3 formats:

  • solo - the player applies for participation alone;
  • duo - the player queues with another user;
  • flex - users form a team before applying to join the queue.
It is easier to earn LP and interact with allied units in a team.

Creating a ranking system in League of Legends

The ranking system was introduced in League of Legends in the 9th season in March 2019. The developers created ranked battles for more experienced players to intensify the competitive aspect of the game. The rating system does not provide awards that can give users tangible advantages in battle, a sign of rank increases the prestige of the game account.

The ranking system has been repeatedly subjected to changes. The developers have provided for the possibility of losing LP points and demotion in rank so that the rating remains relevant.

In 2022, the tenth "Emerald" rank was added with the aim of optimizing the fair selection for ranked battles.

2023 rank statistics

In 2024, no more than 0.5% of League of Legends players own the highest ranks "Diamond", "Master", "Grandmaster" and "Contender". Most users stay in the "Silver" and "Gold" ranks - more than 35% and 30%.

After the 2022 updates, players lose points in case of defeat in ranked battles. The number of points lost corresponds to the user's current rank, the quality of the battle - the damage dealt ratio, the ratio of deaths and kills, the duration of the battle.

To receive a new division, you must score 100 LP and win the qualifying battles.

When a player scores points, the system will offer the user to play 3 qualifying battles. To increase the rank, you need to win at least 2 battles. If you win, the player can accumulate points for the next rank or division.

In qualifying battles, the user does not lose or win LP points.

If the player fails to win 2 out of 3 battles, some points will be deducted. After accumulating the necessary number of LP, qualifying battles are available again, 1 victory will be automatically credited to the player.

Splits and Rewards

In 2021, the developers introduced a new system of ranked battles - splits.

A split is a season of fights that allows you to get additional points in exchange for rewards over 3 months. Split points reset every 90 days - at the end of the gaming season.

You can earn split points only in the "Summoner's Rift". For a victorious League of Legends match, from 20 to 30 points are awarded depending on the position occupied:

  • 20 - the player chose the ADC role or a support character;
  • 25 - the position "Any" was chosen;
  • 30 - At the match's start, the participant fell under "auto-fill".

You can exchange split points for emotions and game skins.

If you score over 750 points for the season, the user will get a new champion in the collection.

How to open ranked games

Rank increase games are only available when reaching level 30 or when having at least 20 champions unlocked, including 10 free ones for the current week.

If desired, players can form groups with other users of neighbouring ranks for team battles.

If applying for a single game, consider the tips from experienced users:

  • pay attention to hero selection and monitor chat to see teammates' choice;
  • check the stability of the internet connection before the game;
  • only play with sound on to hear allies and not let the team down.
If a player leaves the server due to poor network quality, the participants will continue the match in the minority. The dropped out player will lose an increased amount of LP.

League of Legends provides the possibility to return rank points if 1 of the users dropped out of the match and the fight meets all the conditions:

  • a player dropped out of the user's team;
  • the offender left the fight or was inactive;
  • the offender was not in a group with the player when submitting the application;
  • the battle does not have qualifying status.

The return of points happens within 72 hours from the complaint submission, if moderators satisfy the request.

Offenders will receive a reduced amount of LP in case of victories and will lose more points in defeats in the next 10 battles.

Sometimes in the League of Legends chat you can see calls to abandon the battle. Unscrupulous users persuade less experienced players to leave the battle in order to get a return of LP in case of defeat.

What is a division?

Divisions are sub-levels of ranks from IV lowest to I highest.

To increase the division, the user needs to collect at least 100 LP and win a series of qualifying battles.

The path in ranked battles players start from the rank of "Iron" division IV.

For example, to move from "Iron I" to "Bronze IV," a player needs to collect 100 points and win two out of three qualifying battles.

How to unlock mastery rank

The mastery system implies the development of champions in League of Legends. When a player wins any battle, he or she earns Mastery Points (MP).

Improving mastery in the game League of Legends

The user needs to reach Summoner Level 5 by gaining experience points to unlock Champion Mastery.

Mastery Points allow you to level up a hero to the fifth tier, except for the free units of the current week.

Further development of heroes can only be done through mastery tokens, which are received by players for winning a match and a grade of "S-" or higher.

Increasing mastery does not give game advantages, users can unlock new emotions, change the loading screen frame, and notification icon.

Champion mastery rank does not affect ranked battles. You can participate in rating battles with level 1 characters.


League of Legends is focused on competitive mode, the developer introduces motivating promotions and reward systems.

Ranked battles are a way to enhance the account prestige for experienced users. The presence of ranks in the League allows for battles with equivalent opponents and increases the discipline of conducting a battle.


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