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The most popular maps in Roblox

Roblox – a celebrated gaming platform and game-creation system, kicked off operations in 2006. Roblox extends to its user base the ability to play in custom-developed games by both themselves and other players, catering to an extensive array of supplementary content.

The most favored maps in Roblox in the year 2024 - these are the gaming domains that the majority of users select.

The most popular maps in Roblox in the year 2024

The most popular maps in Roblox, as rated by users, are Blox Fruits, Adopt Me!, Murder Mystery 2, Pet Simulator X, Apeirophobia, and Piggy.

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a map in Roblox, designed from the globally recognized Japanese anime One Piece. The map lets you step into the shoes of a pirate in the manga universe of Eiichiro Oda.

The game features islands and other locations, such as the ice castle and the cursed ship.

Blox Fruits map in Roblox

A unique feature of the Blox Fruits map is the devil fruits that grant players various abilities.

Each devil fruit carries unique features and characteristics making the character development more intriguing.

Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! is a role-playing game in Roblox, akin to Sims 2.

In the Adopt Me! Players can adopt a child or a pet and take care of them.

Children and pets go through all stages of development, including growth and maturation. Pets can be trained, sold, and traded for other pets.

The map has many houses that can be arranged to enhance your architecture and design talents.

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is a detective game in Roblox created by Nikilis in 2014.

The game offers maps where two random players assume the role of the murderer and the sheriff. The rest of the players are regular citizens.

Murder Mystery 2 characters in Roblox

The goal of the murderer is to eliminate participants hiding in different parts of the map. The sheriff's task is to identify and neutralize the murderer.

Murder Mystery 2 includes in-game purchases, but spending money doesn't provide significant advantages to the players.

Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X is a classic virtual pet simulator in Roblox, letting you collect pets and care for them. For example, players can adopt a cat, dog, turtle, fish, or dragon.

The storyline includes nurturing and training pets that can later participate in battles and complete quests.

For task completion, participants earn coins and gems, which can be used to buy and upgrade pets and purchase accessories and items.

Pet Simulator X allows you to raise your pets with individual characteristics and features.


Apeirophobia is a horror mode in Roblox, which was released in July 2022.

The mode is based on backrooms - elements of internet folklore, which look simultaneously strange and commonplace.

Apeirophobia — popular horror map in Roblox

The Apeirophobia game consists of more than 15 levels: a room with swimming pools, abandoned offices, sewers, cave systems, and much more.

Developers periodically release new levels.


Piggy is a popular horror mode in Roblox, with more than 30 locations. Participants aim to survive and escape the map.

To escape, players need to find objects and solve quests. Hostile characters present on the map hinder the players from escaping.

For successful map completion, forming alliances with other participants and having a good knowledge of element locations is necessary.


Top-tier Maps in Roblox

Popular maps in Roblox span diverse genres – survival, mystery, adventure, and shooters.

The Best Map in the Survival Genre

Game enthusiasts find it hard to pick the most popular Roblox map in the survival genre. Fans list the TOP-5 locations for this genre:

  • Giant Survival – survival in a world among giants;
  • Island 2 – island survival;
  • Those Who Remain – survival during a zombie apocalypse;
  • Booga Booga – tribal survival;
  • State of Death – survival on a chosen map.

In the Those Who Remain map, Roblox players live through a zombie apocalypse

You can play survival genre maps either alone or with other participants.

Mystical Maps

Mystery is a favorite genre among Roblox fans. Lovers of mystery will find maps saturated with an atmosphere of enigma, mystery, and fear.

Popular mystical Roblox maps include:

  • Lost Grove – a mysterious forest with a dense fog atmosphere and gloomy music, where players are tasked to solve puzzles and find keys to unlock doors to new levels;
  • Haunted Mansion – an abandoned house full of mysteries and hidden rooms. Participants unravel the house's past, solve puzzles, and look for keys.
  • Realm of the Mystics – a world of magic and fairy-tale creatures, where players maneuver through mazes and solve riddles to escape the enchanted forest.
Scary Roblox maps: The Normal Elevator, Creepy Elevator, Granny.

Adventure Maps in Roblox

Adventures are a popular genre of maps in Roblox. Included are:

  • "Lost Temple" – the player uncovers the secrets of the lost temple, a map filled with hidden rooms and enigmas;
  • "Jailbreak" – the player winds up in jail where they have to solve puzzles, find secret routes, and sneak by the guards to escape;
  • "Vesteria" – a fantasy world where players need to join forces in the battle against common enemies.


On most adventure maps, you can play alone or with other participants.

Fantasy Maps in Roblox

Roblox maps in the fantasy genre offer participants a magical world of adventure with dungeons, mazes, and alien creatures.

Best fantasy maps in Roblox include:

  • "Shadow Castle" – players visit an ancient castle shrouded in mysteries, full of traps, and dark forces;
  • "Battle Fields of Sorcerers" – players participate in fierce battles against other users;
  • "Legend of the Dragon" – adventures across landscapes teeming with dragons.


Popular fantasy genre maps: Rumble Quest, World of Magic, Blade Quest.

Shooter Maps

Shooter fans will find engaging locations in Roblox to test their virtual shooting skills:

  • Energy Assault – a Call of Duty series simulator;
  • S.W.A.T Simulator – simulator of the popular special forces and terrorists series, S.W.A.T;
  • Zombie Uprising – a classic zombie shooter;
  • Polybattle – a Battlefield series simulator;
  • Island Royale – a Fortnite online game simulator.

Popular shooters in Roblox: Arsenal, BIG! Paintball, Phantom Forces, Combat Warriors.

Scenic Maps in Roblox

Roblox players have created various maps for fans of natural aesthetics:

  • "Mystery Island";
  • "Lost World";
  • "Underwater World".

Each of these beautifully landscaped maps allows players to envision themselves in an enthralling world of adventures and fantasies.

Postgame Analysis

The most popular maps in Roblox in the year 2024 attract users with their design, captivating mechanics, and intriguing storyline.

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What are the popular maps in Roblox?

In %year%, the roster of popular maps includes Blox Fruits, Adopt Me!, Murder Mystery 2, Pet Simulator X, Apeirophobia, and Piggy.

Is Roblox a free-to-play game?

Roblox is a freemium game. You can play Roblox for free, but it does include micro-transactions that enable you to acquire the in-game currency of Robux.

Where can one download Roblox for iOS and Android?
To download Roblox on an iPhone, one can do it through the Russian App Store, and for Android – via the Google Play application store.


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