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The IS6 Tank in World of Tanks: How to Play, Review, and Tank's Technical Specifications

The IS-6 is a heavy Soviet premium tank of the eighth tier in World of Tanks. It's a fierce combat vehicle that's armed with heavy, single-shot damage, quick reloading, and sturdy armor, albeit with average armor penetration and gun accuracy.

IS-6 Tank in World of Tanks

Players need to thoroughly study the IS-6 tank in World of Tanks, its technical characteristics, specifics, advantages and weaknesses, to make an informed selection of machinery for the upcoming battle.

A Brief History of the IS-6 Tank

The IS-6 tank, a Soviet heavy tank, was developed during the intense period of the Great Patriotic War. However, its development did not advance beyond the experimental stage; only two IS-6 prototypes were produced. The model failed to meet the developers' expectations in terms of mobility, armament, and armor, and it did not surpass the IS-2 and IS-3, which were accepted for serial production.

[In the esports context] The IS-6, a formidable heavyweight from the Soviet lineup, was developed amid the tumultuous backdrop of the Great Patriotic War. Despite its significant presence on the testing grounds, this armored colossus was limited to just two prototypes. Despite its undeniable impact on the field, the IS-6 fell short of the high mobility and comprehensive armament standards expected by its developers. When compared to its contemporaries, the IS-2 and IS-3, the IS-6 did not qualify for mass production, as it was outperformed in several crucial aspects.

Technical specifications

The IS-6 weapon system specifications align with the heavyweight class of combat machines. However, the tank's unique attributes have undergone numerous adjustments in World of Tanks.

Attribute Value
Durability (units) 1550
Engine power (hp) 700
Top speed/reverse speed (km/h) 35
Hull traverse speed (degrees/sec) 26
Average damage (units) 390
Average damage per minute (units/min) 2000
Average armor penetration (mm) 196
Gun fire rate (shots/min) 5.13
View range (m) 350


The IS-6 exhibits robust mobility for its class. With a formidable 700 hp engine, it can achieve speeds exceeding 35 kilometers per hour. The tank's chassis and turret boasts a traverse speed of 26°/sec and 24°/sec respectively.


The IS-6 in World of Tanks boasts a powerful 122mm D-30 gun, capable of delivering 390 units of damage with an average armor penetration of 196mm. The gun can fire 5.13 rounds per minute.

The IS-6 is a privilege tank in WoT, battling with peer machines of its level and amassing silver in its engagements due to its remarkable damage output and rate of fire.

A quote: "The accuracy level and stabilization speed of the 122mm D-30 make the tank suitable only for close-range combat."

Armor Analysis and Weak Points

The IS-6 is equipped with robust armor that can absorb hits from even ninth-level machines.

The most protected sections of this combat vehicle are the frontal part and sides with screens, while the vulnerable parts are the hull cheeks and the lower front plate.

Inflicting damage to the tank's heavy armor can only be achieved by a shell with a penetration strength of 180–200mm.

How to Select Equipment for the IS-6 Tank

The IS-6 in World of Tanks is a premium-grade tank; no additional research is required before you can roll this behemoth into the battlefield. To bolster the battle prowess of their steel warriors, players equip their tanks with various modules.

A universal setup for additional equipment includes:

  • Improved Ventilation for increasing the overall tank performance by a solid 5%;
  • A Gun Rammer, speeding up the cannon reload time by a significant 10%;
  • A Vertical Stabilizer, designed to decrease gun dispersion while on the move and during turns.

For those tankers who want to shoot with greater precision, the Improved Ventilation can be swapped out for Enhanced Gun Laying Drive to boost the aiming speed by 10%.

The ammunition loadout of the IS-6 includes armor-piercing and sub-caliber rounds for tackling heavily armored targets. In case of encountering lightly armored foes, the tankers carry a few high-explosive rounds as well.

Typical provisions include a small first-aid kit, a small repair kit, and a manual fire extinguisher. Assuming the budget allows, more advanced equipment like a large first-aid kit, a large repair kit, and an automatic fire extinguisher can be installed on the IS-6.

Selection and Training of the Crew

The selection of crew skills for the IS-6 is aimed at amplifying the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses of the tank.

A suitable option for training the IS-6 tank crew consists of:

  • Commander – "Repair", "Brothers in Arms", "Jack of All Trades", "Eagle Eye";
  • Gunner – "Repair", "Brothers in Arms", "Smooth Turret Traverse", "Sniper";
  • Driver – "Repair", "Brothers in Arms", "Smooth Ride", "Off-Road Driving";
  • Loader – "Repair", "Brothers in Arms", "Safe Stowage", "Adrenaline Rush".
Mastering these skills will reduce repair time, increase mobility, viewing range and the firepower of the IS-6 tank.

How to operate the IS6 tank in World of Tanks

The IS-6 tank may not impress with its limited accuracy and sight range, but it certainly makes up for these deficits with high firepower and excellent mobility.

IS-6 Tank Battle in World of Tanks

The appropriate strategy when navigating the IS-6 tank in World of Tanks? Engage in close combat, ideally with supportive allied tech for better reconnaissance, and leverage your mobility to shift positions on the battlefield.

World of Tanks' IS-6 Tank Battle

Its gun depression angles play to the advantage of crafty players, allowing you to exploit the terrain and fire from small inclines. It's all about mastering the playbook!

When firing from the IS-6, it's essential to exploit opponent's vulnerable areas, keeping careful to shield your tank's lower front end and hull cheeks. This battle-tested titan demands finesse and tactical thinking.

Pros and Cons of the IS-6 tank: is it worth buying in WOT.

The IS-6 is a well-rounded tank in World of Tanks, boasting impressive damage output, armor, penetration, maneuverability, and durability.

It's a machine designed for close combat, capable of inflicting high alpha damage and sending lightly armored opponents back to the garage after just a couple of shots.

Strengths Weaknesses
Alpha damage View Range
Gun Reload Speed Aim Time and Gun Accuracy
Armor Penetration
Gun Depression Angles  

The IS-6 is a preferential matchmaking tank, enabling easier silver making and victory due to its favorable game balance conditions.


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