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The fastest tanks in WoT

In the high-stakes world of World of Tanks, a tank's velocity becomes the deciding factor in the battle. Light tanks, famed for their speed, are the chariots of choice for combatants who need to scout enemy positions and create diversions. The idea is simple - the swifter your machinery, the more enemies you'll be able to identify on the battlefield map, and the more likely you'll be able to outrun any tailing threats.

In WoT, players choose from almost 600 models of military vehicles


"T-54 Lightened"

The T-54 Lightweight is a stalwart of the Soviet tech tree, causing ripples in the Tier 9 landscape of WoT. With a single shot damage output that's on the lower end, the cannon makes up for it with a helluva rate of fire.

The T-54 plays confidently, ramming into the enemy's machinery with ease and revving up to speeds of a whopping 69 km/h.

The T-54 Lightweight - 69 km/h



The SPAHPANZER RU 251, stepping into the digital battlefield, emerges as a formidable middleweight contender, boasting a remarkable speed that tops out at an impressive 70 km per hour. This combat vehicle not only races ahead with sheer velocity but also brings a strategic edge to the table with its superior vertical targeting capabilities and the devastating impact of its High-Explosive shells. Its resilience on the field is unmatched, mirrored by a health bar that seems to stretch on like a marathon, showcasing its ability to withstand onslaughts that would fell lesser machines.

In the lexicon of sports commentary, one might say, "The SPAHPANZER RU 251 dominates the eSport arena, delivering a blistering performance with a top speed that leaves competitors in the dust. It plays the game with an 'unfair' advantage, thanks to its expansive targeting range and the knock-out punch of its high explosive ordinance. This combat vehicle endures the fiercest of battles like a true champion, powered by a health bar that's in it for the long haul."

By infusing the description with sports commentator vocabulary such as 'contender', 'blistering top end', 'unfair advantage', 'knock-out power', and 'takes a beating like a champion', the narrative around the SPAHPANZER RU 251 is not just informed but electrified, painting a vivid picture of its prowess and durability in the eSports domain.

M41 Walker Bulldog

The nimble M41 American light armored vehicle, on even terrain, can ramp up to speeds of 68 km/h. Expert players can enhance this figure through mountain descending or skillful maneuvering.

The downside of the "bulldog" is an increased risk of critical damage upon hits to the ammo rack.

M41 WALKER BULLDOG - 68 km/h


T-100 LT

The Soviet T-100 LT establishes a commanding presence in reconnaissance assignments. This low-profile speed tank is notoriously difficult to spot until it commences fire, catching opponents off guard. An additional advantage it flaunts is the rapid cannon aiming. Mobility is of no concern either, with a top speed of up to 72 km/h. 

Lightweight Tank, Tier 8

The LTTB – a Light Tank with Heavy Armor – is a Soviet Tier VIII machine, boasting high camo stats, a fast-firing gun, and tough, ricochet-capable armor. The LTTB excels in the role of a scout. Its rapid movement speed, climbing up to a whopping 68 km/h, places it among the fleetest in the field.

LTTB – 68 km/h

Hotchkiss EBR

The French HOTCHKISS EBR is a tri-axial armored vehicle, boasting a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour. It zooms across the battleground leaving adversaries biting dust.

The main drawback of this Light Tank class lies in its limited sighting range. However, it compensates for that with an exceptional ability to camouflage and a laudable radio range that keeps it connected.



The Panhard EBR 105

The Panhard EBR 105, a highlight of the French branch, achieves acceleration speeds of up to 90 km/h. On certain straight and level tracks, due to its weight, it can push this up to an impressive 105 km/h. However, this tank is not without its drawbacks. It has a limited view range, low penetration, and a lengthy reload time, potentially hampering its performance on the battlefield. 

Type 62

The Type 62 – a Chinese premium light tank of Tier VII with a long-standing history in WoT- brings high fire-rate capabilities and swift turret rotations to the battlefield.

The game's developers have outfitted this 21-ton tank with a modest engine, capping its forward and reverse speed limits at 60 and 23 kph, respectively.

While the Type 62 might not provide fast acceleration, it brings an impressive degree of manoeuvrability as a counterbalance.

Type 62 – 60 kph


The Rheinmetall Panzerwagen – a swift, light duty German tank at Tier X. This armored vehicle prevails over its competitors in many respects, featuring an expanded vertical aim angle, a phenomenal view range of 420 meters, and a communication range reaching 750 meters. It's packing a speedy, precision cannon, reaching speeds up to a scorching 75 kph.

However, it does have a drawback – its damage output upon a successful hit leaves something to be desired.


The Batignolles-Chatillon 25t

The Batignolles-Chatillon 25t, or B-C 25t for smoothening our eSport commentary, is a French tank notorious for its relatively modest health pool and mid-tier spotting capacity, typical for a Level 10 scope. Sporting compact body dimensions that augment its camouflage rating, this war machine certainly beats expectations. Thanks to distinguished agility and manoeuvrability that outpaces numerous peers within its class, gambit possibilities to sidestep direct close-quarter confrontations are raised significantly.

Its declared top speed is a nerve-racking 65 km/h to keep you on the edge of your seat!

B-C 25 t – 65 km/h



Officially clocking in at 58 km/h, the PANHARD AML LYNX 6x6 is no slouch on the battlefield. But in the hands of an experienced driver, this French armoured vehicle can push the envelope to hit up to 80 km/h - a speed that leaves many of its contenders in the dust.

This wheeled model outpaces its tracked counterparts when put in reverse, bringing an unexpected advantage. Yet, players should note its Achilles' heel - a relatively low hit-point pool of 1000 units for a Tier 8 vehicle. This characteristic requires tactical precision and careful manoeuvring to leverage its advantages while minimizing risks.

PANHARD AML LYNX 6×6 - 58 km/h

These are the defining factors esports pros need to consider when taking the PANHARD AML LYNX 6x6 out for its high-speed runs in the heat of competitive play. Strategic utilization, ladies and gentlemen, is key to mastering this French armoured beast's potential.

The LeKpz M 41 90mm

The leKpz M 41 90mm is a German-enhanced variant of the American 'Bulldog'. This Light Tank is considered an event vehicle of the eighth tier, which requires no upgrades. Armed with a 500-horsepower engine, this machine covers 72 kilometres per hour. Despite having an average manoeuvrability level with a quick turret turnaround, players do not view this as a critical flaw of the tank. 

This translation reflects a sports commentator's confident, informative, and expository style using an analytical and strategic approach to discuss the performance of this particular eSports gaming tank.


The PANHARD EBR 90 is a notable representative of the ninth-tier French branch, exhibiting an elevated speed in combats, clocking an impressive 85 km in merely one hour.

This 8-wheeled nimble beast is engineered with a magnetic auto-aim system. However, while its manoeuvrability stands out, it somewhat lags behind its competitors regarding sight range and armour strength.  Remember, folks, in the ever-raging battlefield of pro-esports gaming, speed and agility often make the difference between being a predator or prey.

On that note, the PANHARD EBR 90's speed is a force to be reckoned with. But like in any competition, it's rarely all about one attribute, with sight range and armour strength also playing vital roles. So, the battlefield remains unpredictable. Stay tuned to witness how this speedster fares in the ruthless arena of gaming warfare.


The MT-25 is a swift Soviet LT, masterful in maneuverability with a speed factor of 60 km/h. A downside of this model is its below-average penetration abilities.

When firing into the rear section of an enemy's armored vehicle, the MT-25 has the capacity to inflict substantial damage.

MT-25 - 60 km/h



In World of Tanks, the light tanks are endowed with superior speed characteristics. The primary task of these nimble light tanks is survey and identifying the enemy's location on the map. The quicker these nimble LTs detect the enemy team's tanks, the higher the chance of achieving victory." Commentator style: "Here in World of Tanks, ladies and gentlemen, it's all about speed and light tanks indeed pack a punch in that department.

Recognize this, their main objective on the battlefield consistently revolves around providing crucial intel for their team, being eyes and ears on the ground. The quicker these agile scouts highlight enemy armour on the map, the faster their team can respond, tipping the odds of a glorious victory in their favour. Remember, knowledge is power!


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