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The Dota 2 Patrol, what do they offer?

The Dota 2 Patrol system is a mechanism where the behavior of match participants is regulated by the game's fan community, not the developer. It is beneficial for users to understand how to get patrolled in Dota 2 and what criteria to use when evaluating complaints.

What is patrolling in Dota 2?

Dota 2 Overwatch – a user-generated system designed to regulate player behavior within the game. During the game or following the conclusion of a match, players can report their team members or opponents for misconduct. Fellow Dota 2 community members then review these reports. The individual reviewing the case is known as the Overwatch investigator and the person in question is referred to as the suspect.

Types of reports:

  • Abuse of abilities;
  • Intentional feeding;
  • Suspicious behavior;
  • Use of scripts or cheats;
  • Griefing the game.

The reporting party includes the time of the violation while lodging the report.

There is a limit on the number of reports a player can submit – spamming reports is not an option.

The report goes into the investigation mode as soon as it is submitted. The Overwatch investigator will have access to information such as:

  • Match type;
  • Type of report;
  • Suspect's hero;
  • Role if role-based matchmaking was enabled;
  • Suspect's rank.

The investigator does not receive access to the entire match replay. Instead, they evaluate 3-5 instances of suspected misconduct on which they need to deliver a verdict.

The Anti-Cheat software automatically generates and submits up to 30 snippets of suspect gameplay for Overwatch review if it detects the use of cheats or scripts.

The investigation process requires the investigator to answer two key questions: the guilt of the suspect and the use of cheats. For each question, there are three possible answers:

  • Guilty;
  • Not Guilty;
  • Insufficient evidence.

If the investigator cannot determine the guilt of the suspect conclusively and selects "Insufficient evidence", the case is passed on to another investigator.

Noteworthy is that if a player garners many incriminating verdicts in Overwatch, the game developers may impose a ban on the player for up to six months.

How to Become a Dominating Force in Dota 2

Valve Corporation has not released official guidelines dictating how investigators are selected. Traditionally, community members with high credibility scores are given the opportunity to review Dota 2 matches. These matches are allocated to fans of the pro esports discipline who hold at the very least 8000 points.

An additional criterion set by the developer is that the Matchmaking Rating (MMR) of the suspected individual does not surpass the MMR of the investigator.

Should a user not have launched Dota 2 during a 2-3 month period, the system will not forward matches onto the player for review, regardless of their rank or credibility indicator.

Fans of Dota2 receive access to random matches wherein, for each match, the MMR of the accused does not exceed that of the investigator.

What is integrity and how to elevate it?

Character Integrity, Dota 2's reputation system, rates a player's behavior irrespective of their skill level.

When team members give a thumbs up post-brawl, the system awards Character Integrity points. Conversely, if players raise complaints after a game, Dota 2 deducts Character Integrity points.

Valve Corporation doesn't reveal the exact algorithm for calculating Character Integrity; it remains a mystery how many points are awarded for praise and how many points are reduced for a valid complaint.

To enhance Character Integrity, it’s essential to behave appropriately in the game, avoid conflicts with team members, and refrain from "ruining."

In the 7.34 patch, the developers revised the principle of calculating and marking up Integrity points. The maximum point limit has now been increased to 12,000, while the minimum threshold for patrol qualification remains unchanged at 8,000 points.

What to do if you're assigned the patrol role in DOTA 2?

A player is not obligated to consider patrols. The user may ignore incoming cases. There are no penalties for refusal.

If a Dota fan decides to consider claims, it is necessary to load the proposed game and make a verdict after the case comes in.

Observing the art of patrol in Dota 2

The investigator examines the case of a specific accused player, the highlighted protagonist. A decision needs to be made solely on the suspect's actions without reference to the behavior of the allied team or opponents.

For example, if 1 of the allies of the accused started "feeding", playing into the opponent, the suspect broke his items and stood on the fountain, the character's actions are understandable to the investigator. But the verdict must be given outside the context of the actions of other participants and recognize the player's behavior as a violation of the Dota 2 rules.

Before considering the case, the investigator is reminded of the need to render an impartial decision.

Patrol consideration:

  1. Open the main menu.
  2. If a patrol is available, load the record.
  3. Examine the proposed moments with alleged violations.
  4. Render a verdict.

When viewing fragments, the full Dota TV service is available:

  • setting up the camera, for example, to look at the episode through the eyes of the accused;
  • viewing the direction of the mouse and the buttons used by the accused;
  • changing the playback speed of the repeat;
  • switching events, if there is no need to view the entire fragment.

Each episode is available to view an unlimited number of times.

The system allows a verdict to be rendered only after viewing all the parts selected for analysis.

Why isn't patrol granted in DOTA 2?

Patrols are off the table due to the low integrity score of the potential reviewer. If integrity is above 8000, but patrols are not coming in, it could possibly be that there are no claims in the system with a suitable MMR level.

Reentering the game solves the problem. After a reboot, many users receive new patrols.

What are the rewards for completing a patrol in Dota 2?

In Dota 2, there are no rewards set for Patrol evaluations. Many discipline enthusiasts selflessly inspect incoming complaints to penalize violators who interfere with other users and ruin the gaming experience. Therefore, we do not advise playing in illegal betting shops and recommend registering at the Betcity bookmaker's office.

Final Round

In Dota 2, Patrolling is a mechanism of self-regulation within the community. It empowers seasoned players to assess participant behaviour and penalize users who violate the rules, disrupting gameplay for others.


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