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The best tier 8 tanks in WoT

There are about 200 models of level 8 tanks in World of Tanks – a third of the combat vehicles in WoT. Every tanker who has at least 1 level 8 tank in his hangar can consider himself an experienced player.

Best tanks at level 8 in World of Tanks

Players are drawn to Level 8 tanks in World of Tanks (WoT) because of their high return-on-investment coefficient, which significantly influences the base earnings at the end of a match. Each tank model has an individual profitability and experience gain indicator, which the developers regularly update to refine the characteristics for earning money and experience. Level 8 tanks, especially premium ones, tend to have a higher average profitability compared to other tiers, making them a "golden mean" regarding technical capabilities and necessary investments.

Most regular tournaments organized by the developer company feature the use of Level 8 tanks, highlighting their importance and versatility in competitive play.

T-44-100: This Soviet tank is a prime example of premium Level 8 combat equipment. Known for its speed and maneuverability, it excels at attacking vulnerable enemy positions, particularly self-propelled guns or tank destroyers, from the sides or rear without being targeted easily. It boasts a health pool of 1350 units, a visibility range of 380 meters, and an ammunition capacity of 56 rounds. Its gun, with a rapid reload system, can deliver significant damage, making the T-44-100 highly favoured by players.

M26 Pershing: This American medium tank combines mobility with a substantial view range of 390 meters. However, its all-around armor is less reliable, though the gun mantlet offers some protection against enemy fire. The tank's larger silhouette can make camouflage challenging. The Pershing offers a variety of guns, with the basic version favouring a high rate of fire and the upgraded 105 mm gun offering greater damage at the cost of accuracy.

AMX 50 100: France's first heavy tank featuring a drum-type magazine offers a unique blend of dynamism and firepower at the cost of armor protection. With a health pool of 1400 units and capable of reaching speeds up to 51 km/h, the AMX 50 100 can deliver devastating bursts of damage before needing to find cover to reload.

Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger: A German sniper tank destroyer, the Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger is notable for its firepower and excellent camouflage, aided by its low silhouette. However, it suffers from poor armour and average speed, making careful positioning and stealth tactics essential for survival.

Emil I: The first heavy tank in the Swedish line, the Emil I offers strong turret armour and a drum gun for burst damage. Despite its advantages, the tank's low overall health and viewing distance necessitate careful play and effective terrain use.

T28: This American heavy assault tank destroyer is characterized by formidable frontal armour and firepower, but its cumbersome nature and vulnerability on the sides and rear hampered it.

STA-1: A Japanese tank with a focus on mobility and firepower, the STA-1's weak armour requires players to leverage its speed and manoeuvrability for effective combat engagement.

UDES 14 Alt 5: A Swedish medium tank that excels in rapid movement and firepower, offering a mix of mobility and punch that can be pivotal in both offensive and defensive roles.

P.44 Pantera: An Italian medium tank known for its dynamism and powerful drum guns, the Pantera demands a tactical playstyle that avoids direct hits while leveraging its speed and firepower.

Progetto CC55 mod. 54: Representing the Italian heavy tank line, this tank combines speed and maneuverability with a unique reloading system, offering a flexible approach to combat situations. Its armor and health pool, however, necessitate a cautious approach to engagements.

These tanks exemplify the diversity and strategic depth in World of Tanks, with each offering different advantages and challenges to players.


In WoT, the best tier 8 tanks are popular vehicles. All classes of combat vehicles of different nations are present at the eighth level: light, medium, and heavy tanks, SPGs and tank destroyers. Players are attracted by the technical characteristics of the machines, high profitability indicators, and a wide selection of models


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