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Tank Marks in WoT: What they are and how to get them

World of Tanks is a go-to tank-themed online shooter, bringing to the battlefield an arsenal of over 600 distinct models of war machinery and a wide array of 40 stellar gaming locations. Venturing towards the combat terrains of World of Tanks, you may notice distinct markings on some player’s tanks.

These aren't just random scribbles; they represent marks of distinction, clear testament to a player's formidability and expertise with specific forms of war machinery.

Understandably, participants are intrigued about these World of Tanks markings - what they entail, how to procure these badges of honor, and where to keep tabs on their progress. 

Enjoy the e-sports thrill like never before, and remember, in World of Tanks, every combat is not just a game, but a riveting real-time strategic warfare.

What do the markings on the barrel in World of Tanks signify?

A barrel marking in World of Tanks is an emblem on a player's machine, indicating the average damage dealt by the tank over the last 7 days.

The tanker is awarded a certain number of marks based on the damage dealt to the enemy:

  • 1 mark - Average damage is higher than 65% of players;
  • 2 marks - Average damage is higher than 85% of players;
  • 3 marks - Average damage is higher than 95% of players;

3 marks on tanks in World of Tanks

If a player sees 3 marks in WoT, one can conclude that the user is an experienced tanker.

How to score marks in WoT

In WoT, tankers need to deliver an in-game performance that outmatches the majority of players to earn marks on their combat vehicle.

Securing the first mark on a tank necessitates that the player exhibits a 65% greater efficiency than competitors.

There isn't a set damage quota in World of Tanks that must be met in order to earn a mark.

The level of effort a player exerts to obtain vehicle markings is contingent upon the particular combat vehicle and the competency of other tankers using the selected model.

How to achieve 3 Marks in WoT

Accruing three marks on tanks can be achieved if a tanker performs better than 95% of the player pool.

Climbing to the pinnacle of the top 20 can be quite demanding. Here are some pro gamer tips that guarantee a shot at the leaderboard:

  • Upgrade your tanks to their best configurations;
  • Equip additional standard equipment, preferably advanced ones;
  • Use pre-battle directives that can be purchased with bonds;
  • Purchase premium equipment for battles;
  • Ensure that your crew is fully trained.

An essential factor for achieving triple marks in tank performance lies in the professionalism of the tanker. A rookie, irrespective of an enviable tank arsenal, may struggle to achieve these coveted triple barrel marks.

Where to check the stats for marks in World of Tanks?

You can check out your WoT statistics for Marks of Excellence in the game software under the “Achievements” tab:

  1. Launch the game and open the “Achievements” tab, then go to “Vehicles”.

Viewing statistics in World of Tanks for potential Marks of Excellence

  1. Choose a tank and navigate to the “Awards” Tab.

Viewing statistics in World of Tanks for potential Marks of Excellence

  1. In the “Marks of Excellence” subsection, hover your cursor over the gun symbol where the marks are displayed.

On pointing the cursor at the gun, the player can see their game stats in that particular tank - how their damage output on the chosen machine outperforms a certain percentage of players.

Tracking statistics with a mod in WoT

Using the World of Tanks modification, one can gain insights about the marks on the barrel and track gameplay statistics.

This mod allows players to decipher their progress, denoted on the image of each tank in the World of Tanks battlefield. The mod can be freely downloaded via the Internet.

Be warned though; use of World of Tanks mods that aren't available on the Wargaming or Lesta Games site could suspend your account.

How to inflict substantial damage on enemies in Tanks

Racking up damage against opponents is the prime requirement in the professional esports arena of World of Tanks.

You could find earning marks a tad easier with less common artillery unit choices, as these are the ones being employed by a lesser quantity of experienced players.

A champion tank operator’s aim for securing the badge mainly revolves around inflicting damage on enemy lines while tactically applying supporting mechanisms for their teammates.

One must tread carefully during the gameplay. It's important not to land in the hangar from the early blows of the clash. Any destruction experience might wane the progression towards earning a mark in this World of Tanks competition.

How to Score 3 Marks in World of Tanks on Light Tanks

Earning 3 marks on tanks in World of Tanks is no mean feat, regardless of the type of machinery you're dealing with.

It's easier to bag 3 badges on light tanks - the damage inflicted on them is considered.

The more damage your allies inflict on revealed light tanks, the sooner a player will earn their stripes.

Independent fire on exposed enemy tech, especially track shooting, will considerably accelerate the quest's progress. Landing a shot on an enemy's tracks could immobilize the opponent, rendering them vulnerable under allied fire.

A player on a light tank should harness additional modules, the skills, and abilities of their crew to enhance their war machine's reconnaissance properties. Key crew skills like 'Eagle Eye' and 'Radio Surveillance' to extend the view range, improved equipment, better ventilation, and stereo tube, would be recommended.


The markings on the barrel in World of Tanks is a testament to a player's professionalism, the emblem is indicative of a seasoned tanker's prowess. To earn these distinctions in WoT, one must operate their tank more effectively than a majority of the players.


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