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Soviet tech tree in WoT

In 2024, the Soviet tank line - popular war machines in World of Tanks. The Soviet branch offers more than 40 combat vehicles.

Improved frontal armor, high damage, and increased maneuverability distinguish the USSR's weaponry development, often, new World of Tanks players start with the Soviet branch.

Why is the USSR branch popular in WoT?

Soviet war machines in World of Tanks are based on prototypes of Soviet guns and virtual copies of real tanks that dramatically influenced the outcome of World War II. In World of Tanks, Soviet armaments are celebrated for their versatility, allowing players to adapt them to various game styles, including offensive or assault battles, as well as reconnaissance or defensive engagements. These weapons boast commendable specifications, are straightforward to master, and can effectively navigate the diverse challenges presented by the game's maps. Their high maneuverability is attributed to the robust engines and relatively low weight of the machines.

A distinctive feature of tanks developed by the Soviet Union is the 'pike nose' design, characterized by a sharp angle of inclination on the frontal armor. This innovative design significantly increases the probability of ricocheting incoming shots. Furthermore, an added advantage of the tanks in the Soviet branch of WoT is their precise guns, which are only slightly outclassed by those of the Wehrmacht.

However, Soviet technology does come with its drawbacks, including reduced armor penetration compared to tanks from the Reich or the USA, limited visibility, and a narrower radius of radio communication. Despite these limitations, the Soviet line remains immensely popular among WoT players, being the choice of up to 35% of the global player base and as much as 60% on Russian servers.


What types of tanks are in the USSR tech tree?

In the Soviet branch of World of Tanks, users will find light, medium, and heavy tanks, SPGs, and TDs.

Which branches to level up for USSR

The choice of levelling up should be based on your gaming style.

Lovers of fast fighting should pay attention to the Soviet light tanks, if you wish to participate in assaults - it is better to pump medium BKs. Heavy tanks are suitable for players who prefer the center of the battle. TTs cause record damage, but always become a priority target for the enemy.

The USSR branch has 6 self-propelled artillery installations, predominately of medium and heavy tanks.

With the acquisition of gaming experience, you can pump artillery.

Object 430 Branch

Object 430 is one of the best CTs in the game among ninth-level guns. World of Tanks players often choose the Object 430 branch. The development line allows you to get a combat vehicle at each level and control the T-34.

In the O430 branch, the first 4 levels users play on light tanks: MS-1 standard, T-60, T-70, and T-80. Tanks are manoeuvrable and have decent armour; they can fight against peers.

From the fifth level, the player transitions to the CT. The T-34 and subsequent gun upgrades will give you experience controlling medium tanks.

The Object 430 is available for purchase for 3,460,000 credits with 142,950 exp. The combat vehicle has increased single damage, improved frontal protection, low silhouette, passability, and manoeuvrability.

The tank's disadvantages include low accuracy compared to classmates, the location of fuel tanks, and prolonged aiming.

Object 268/4 Branch

The Object 268, a tenth-level anti-tank artillery installation, is available to the player after playing for 9 levels on PT-SAU, only the first level users fight on the standard LT.

Playing on PT-SAUs is considered harder by most players than on classic tanks. Artillery is practically devoid of armor but can inflict damage from a distance. PT-SAUs are snipers who are not distinguished by mobility but can support stormtroopers.

Players at the sixth and seventh levels can buy combat vehicles for money if desired. Although the SU-100 and SU-122 do not surpass the technical characteristics of the pumped SAUs, they allow you to farm silver and experience points faster.

The Object 268 is a self-propelled unit that inflicts up to 1,100 damage per shot when using HE shells. During a minute of battle, the SAU makes up to 3 shots. Strength reserve - 1,950 units, body armor does not exceed 200 mm.

IS-7 Branch

IS-7 is the path of heavy tanks. Heavy armor and single damage are the advantages of combat vehicles. With the right leveling of the branch, the player gets the first TT at the fifth level.

The line's difficulty is the need to level up a double, 2 similar TTs at the fifth level. Skipping the purchase of the KV-1C—KV-1 modification is not possible.

The first 3 levels, the tankman has to play on LT. The advantage of the line is the possibility to return to CT at the sixth level. If the player doesn't like playing on heavy models, the line provides the opportunity to move towards KV-12 and the further transition to A-44.

The IS-7 branch is suitable for beginners and includes all classes of tanks. The player gets the opportunity to leave the line with almost no loss of the invested experience.

The IS-7 has a durability of 2,400 units. and inflicts up to 640 damage per shot, up to 2,145 per minute. The tower is protected by 240 mm armor, the body is 150 mm armor.

The tank lacks maneuverability, but a 1,200 horsepower engine allows it to ram any enemy equipment.

Object 140 Branch

The Object 140 path is oriented towards playing with medium tanks - an alternative to development towards Object 430. The branch is linear and does not provide for an exit without the loss of invested points.

The user plays 4 levels on LT, as he gains experience - on the popular medium tanks. Combat machines in the branch are competitive and can participate in battles.

The branch is better than the development line towards Object 430 - it allows you to get a maximum level machine. BM O430 ends at the ninth level.

Object 140 is a small CT category tank. It has a low silhouette and a high speed of movement. When using premium shells, O-140 can penetrate the armor of most TTs head-on, for example – IS-7.

T-100 LT Branch

The T-100 LT line provides for playing only on light tanks. The possibility to deviate from the chosen path is available at the fifth and ninth levels. At the fifth level, the player can transition to CT, TT, or SAU. At the ninth level, the transition is only possible to the medium tanks T-54 and modifications T-52A.

Most of the machines in the branch are viable, but individual tanks like A-20 and T-50 do not provide the desired effectiveness in group battles.

At the fourth level, the A-20 will hardly be able to counter the T-28, at the fifth and sixth levels problems are guaranteed when encountering heavy guns.

The tanker gets T-100 - a small tank that can be used for reconnaissance, assault, and artillery destruction.

IS-4 Branch

IS-4 is one of the universal and at the same time controversial development lines in World of Tanks. The branch provides for playing on different tanks: 3 levels - on LT, 1 - on CT, the following - on TT to IS-4.

At the fifth level, the player can change his choice in favor of transitioning to SAU, at the sixth level - to medium tanks.

The IS-4 and IS-7 lines are similar, but TTX at the initial levels in the IS-7 line is better. KV-1, KV-3, and KV-4 have a spread and sluggish, it's hard for a player to participate in group battles for 3 levels.

IS-4 has improved armor and armor-piercing compared to IS-7.


The USSR branches provide more transition possibilities than the Wehrmacht or US lines. User can test different types of vehicles and if desired, change the development paths. The exception is the TD-SPG, which must be chosen initially.

Soviet machines have protection and attack power, provide accelerated targeting and an ergonomic exterior design.


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