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Personal Combat Missions (PCM) WoT

Personal Battle Tasks (PBT) in WoT - a set of combat tasks in World of Tanks, which are divided by levels of difficulty, classes of equipment, and national branches.

The developers introduced PBT in the game on January 15, 2015. The tasks are available only in the mode of random battles and are combined into operations and campaigns. Viewing the PBT is available in the "Campaigns" section of the main menu under the "Go to Battle!" button.

When splitting the game regions, Wargaming and Lesta Games did not decide to change the structure of the tasks: the quest branches are identical in World of Tanks and World of Tanks.

Personal Battle Missions in WoT: available campaigns

In January 2024, there are 2 campaigns with LBZ available in WoT. Tasks from different missions can be completed simultaneously.

Operations in each campaign should be carried out in increasing difficulty, it is not possible to get the T55A before the StuG IV or the "Chimera" before the "Excalibur".

There are no time restrictions for closing missions.

Campaign Operation Tank levels for participation in LBZ
"Long-awaited reinforcement" "StuG IV" 4–10
"T28 Concept" 5–10
"T55A" 6–10
"Object 260" 6–10
"Second front" "Excalibur" 6–10
"Chimera" 7–10
"Object 279 (r)" 8–10
The operations are named after the tanks that the user will receive for completing the quest.

What are the rewards for LBZ in WoT?

As a bonus for completing personal battle tasks, players receive WoT content:

- unique tanks;
- female crew;
- useful items;
- in-game currency.

The tanks that are awarded for successful completion of operations cannot be purchased or obtained in any other way other than completing PBAs.

The "Long Awaited Backup" entitles the issuance of 4 machines:
- StuG IV
- German PT-SAU level 5;
- T28 Concept
- American PT-SAU level 7;
- T55A - German ST level 9;
- Object 260
- Soviet TT level 10.

The "Second Front" will bring professionals 3 units of award-winning equipment:
- Excalibur
- British PT
-SAU level 6;
- Chimera
- American TT level 8;
- Object 279 early
- Soviet TT level

10. Upon completion of 15 tasks of any campaign with standard or additional conditions, a player will receive a new character - a female tanker, whose nationality and combat specialty he will choose himself. Starting bonuses for female crew members: - 100% training in the main speciality;
- having the "Brother in Arms" skill;
- experience reserved for 100% studying of the next skill;
- free slots in the barracks.

Among other bonuses for PBAs are rewards:

- silver credits and bonds;
- experience points;
- equipment for machines;
- gears;
- place in the hangar;
- premium account;
- camouflage schemes;
- pre-battle instructions;
- medals, patches and emblems.

How to check the progress of a campaign in WoT

WoT users often wonder how to track campaign progress to understand how much to battle before receiving a reward, which tasks have not been passed, and what tasks to improve the result on.

To view progress in WoT, the player goes to the "Campaigns" section of the personal cabinet menu. The LBZ of each branch is presented in the form of a map, the areas of which are numbered and marked with colours. Green shade means the task has been accomplished. To view the conditions of the next LBZ from the hangar, players click on the maroon flag under the "To Battle!" button. If the selected tank is unsuitable for completing the task, LBZ will be inactive.

Progress of the passing current LBZ in WoT can be seen in course of the battle using the indicator or after pressing the keys "Tab" and "N" sequentially. Information about the time limit or the amount of damage that needs to be inflicted on the enemy will come on screen.

Process of performing LBZ

In the "Long-awaited reinforcement," the Personal Battle Assignments are separated into groups by equipment types, while in the "Second Front" campaign they're divided by WoT's national branches.

Each operation contains 15 tasks for different tanks with two passing conditions - standard and additional.

Completing the standard condition means passing the stage and receiving rewards. Completing the additional condition brings more bonuses and a "With distinction" mark.

If the task is passed according to the standard requirements, the player can return to the stage at any time and improve the result.

It is allowed to perform 14 Personal Battle Assignments in any order; the last Personal Battle Assignment is blocked until the completion of 14 tasks.

Completing the final task of each Personal Battle Assignment chain rewards the user:

  • a module of the reward tank or a blueprint of an item;
  • a female tank crew member and a place in the barracks for a new crew member;
  • campaign order blank – when passing the fifteenth Personal Battle Assignment with distinction.
Experienced players would choose tanks in a way that allows them to complete tasks from different campaigns to save time simultaneously.

What is a campaign order form

A Campaign Order in WoT is a game certificate awarded for completing the last task with distinction in each operation to skip difficult mission stages. Each campaign has different order forms, which cannot be used to credit a task in the second series of missions. Players use order forms to close Personal Missions without actually passing the task. If a user failed to complete the task independently, it is possible to close the difficult stage with a certificate and move on. To pass any of the first 14 tasks in the chain, 1 form is required; for the last task, 3 sheets are needed for the "Second Front" and 4 for the "Long-awaited Reinforcement."

The Order in WoT is applied multiple times. If a player "paid" for skipping the task with a certificate and independently passed the task with distinction, the tanker will return the order form to inventory. The rule works for all 15 operation stages. 

Which tanks to complete Personal Missions with

The conditions of the personal combat mission indicate which technique is suitable for completing the task. Machines below level 4 do not participate in task completion.

Collecting tanks of the same type or nation in the hangar is pointless. The quests involve the use of all five types of equipment: light, medium, and heavy tanks, self-propelled guns, tank destroyers, and tanks of different national branches.

The correct decision is to select familiar tanks that have been tested in battles, whose strengths and weaknesses are known to the player.

Professional tankers advise initially considering the experience of using combat vehicles, not studying national branches just to pass 1-2 personal combat missions.


Personal Battle Tasks are a way to gain gaming experience, improve combat techniques, and increase skill levels. Campaigns in WoT are full-fledged quests with worthwhile rewards, for which it's worth participating in WoT tank battles.


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