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LoL Champions' Skills

Mastery levels in LoL are a ranking system for tracking gameplay experience for characters. Participating in a match earns mastery points - MP. Accumulating these points increases the champion's mastery rank, and transitioning to the next level earns the player a reward.

Riot Games announced changes to the mastery system in LoL in January 2024. These modifications are planned for implementation in summer 2024.

What are skill levels?

Heroes start the game with the first mastery rank and 0 points. After a successful battle, the champion is credited with a certain number of mastery points and given a letter grade based on overall statistics.

Regular participation in battles and an increase in the number of points raises the rank of the character.

The user sees on the profile:

  • the top 3 heroes with the highest number of MPs;
  • mastery score - the total result of heroes unlocked by the player;
  • a list of champions that can be unlocked in the near future.

LoL developers have provided for the progress of raising mastery levels in available game modes with real participants up to the fifth rank. Mastery tokens of the sixth and seventh ranks can only be obtained in the standard and ranked game in the "Summoner's Rift" mode or the ARAM mode.

ARAM is the All-Mid-All-Random mode, which is available only on the "Howling Abyss" map since June 2012. The feature is that the champion is randomly selected by the system, the battle takes place on the middle lane.

Each rank corresponds to an emblem

A new mastery rank gives the champion a title corresponding to the role of the hero, which does not depend on the preferred style of battle and the line taken.

Character classification in LoL defines 6 roles.

Rank Assassin Warrior Mage Marksman Support Tank
1 Bandit Brawler Adept Hunter Assistant Greenhorn
2 Marauder Hooligan Conjurer Wanderer Advocate Bully
3 Cutthroat Warrior Spirit Master Scout Watcher Bouncer
4 Reaper Veteran Magician Ranger Defender Bodyguard
5 Butcher Breaker Warlock Pathfinder Protector Brute
6 Executioner Commander Sorcerer Eagle Eye Guardian Colossus
7 Hand of Death War Chief Archmage Sniper Keeper Titan

The changes in 2024 will primarily affect the number of ranks. At present, 7 mastery levels are provided. The developers remove the limit; users will be able to improve their skills and increase their rank to infinity.

The LoL ranking system reflects game achievements. The requirement to score the necessary number of points to transfer the character to a new level is preserved.

Instead of rank tokens, skills signs are introduced, which users will receive for professionalism, high marks by a hero and other achievements in LoL. For each champion, a scale is provided. In addition to MPs, a certain number of mastery signs are needed to increase the rank.

Rank in the new LoL mastery system Number of mastery signs to move to the next level
1-4 0
5-9 1
10 and above 2

Players who have already earned the 7th rank and accumulated a large number of MPs, when moving to a new skill system, will automatically receive additional signs and levels.


How are matches evaluated?

Match rating depends on the game champion's performance, team indicators, duration, and match outcome. The number of OM a player sees on the screen after the battle ends.

Bonus OM can be obtained when playing in a group. The more real players enter the map, the higher the bonus. If the team consists of 1 real player and 4 bots, a group bonus is not awarded. A group of 2 people will receive an additional 2% to the accrued OM amount, from 3, 4, and 5 players – 4, 6, and 10% respectively.

In addition to OM accrual, the system assigns letter grades after each battle. Rating options in order of increase: D-, D, D+, C-, C, C+, B-, B, B+, A-, A, A+, S-, S, S+.

The letter grade is based on the overall game statistics of the region – the average results of the selected hero under the control of different users on the same map line.

When changing the skill system in 2024, developers took into account players' desire for advancement and the need to assess a user's real skills regardless of rank and position on the map.

S+ - highest skill rating in LoL


How to unlock the 6th and 7th ranks

Before the release of the LoL update with the changed mastery system for transitioning to the sixth and seventh level, players use mastery tokens of the corresponding rank. Sixth and seventh-level mastery tokens are earned by receiving high grades at the end of a battle, combined with a permanent champion, a Hextech character shard, or Blue Essence to unlock a new LoL mastery rank.

Awards for skill

Rewards for skill in LoL are dependent on the skill level of the hero.

At the start of 2024, the first 3 ranks do not assume reward issuance. When reaching the fourth level and beyond, the player receives a mastery emote, a loading screen border, and an alert icon.

Following the introduction of the new rewards system in 2024, developers will scale up bonus rewards for seasonal achievements.

For instance, previously, 1 champion would receive a Hextech chest for a grade of S-, S, or S+ no more than once per season. From 2024 onward, there's no maximum cap, and receiving the bonus is tied not to the season but to the split - a game interval during the season. Throughout the split, a reward scale for each character is displayed with four milestones and an increase in requirements to achieve a new mark. The player will receive rewards for passing each milestone and after the fourth point - the right to use the champion's title as their user title.

After the fifth checkpoint, the system will unlock an endless continuation of the scale with increasing difficulty.

The decision will interest users who prefer to play a single champion or who enjoy setting records.

Skill Groups is a new feature running throughout the split that will attract those who like to play many characters. The group includes champions that the player often picks and heroes with similar characteristics that the system will add randomly. When a character from the group passes the next reward milestone, all added champions gain experience.

Ranks and Emblems

The new skill system will change LoL’s rank icons. Developers have chosen the mountain of Targon, the highest and most inaccessible peak in Runeterra, as the background symbol for the emblems, reflecting the upward rise of professional skill.

The appearance of the icons from the first to the seventh rank has been changed, and new images have been designed for the eighth, ninth, and tenth mastery levels. From the eleventh level and up, the emblem displays the ordinal number of the rank.


The mastery emote in LoL is an animated effect used to demonstrate successful gameplay for a champion. The player invokes the mastery emote to the screen via pressing a key or a combination of keys tied to the function - often “Ctrl + 6”. Users can view and change the keys responsible for the display of emotes in the game settings.

Another way to activate the mastery emote is through the game chat command. To open the chat and enter the " /masterybadge " command, press “Enter”.

Another animated reward users receive in LoL is the multi kill badge. The symbol appears on the screen during combat when a player achieves multiple enemy champion kills at no lower than the fourth rank.

Champion Frame

After unlocking the bonus, the user avatar on the battle loading screen is enclosed in a frame with a special icon indicating the level of mastery. Clicking on the icon displays additional information about the hero status and rank indicators.


The skill levels in LoL are a ranked classification of champions. The user increases the champion's rank as they accumulate mastery points and develop their own gaming skills. When moving up to a new level, the hero receives a reward.


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