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How to win in World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a team-based tank online shooter, released in 2010. World of Tanks attracts players with its realistic gameplay, detailed locations, wide range of equipment, and opportunities to improve weapons.

Beginners often ask the question of how to win in Tanks and what is needed for a victory in WoT.

Professionals know that for successful results in the game you need to choose the right equipment, know the vulnerable spots of combat vehicles, select shells and equipment, play in a platoon.

Correct choice of a tank

Choosing the right equipment is one of the main secrets to winning in World of Tanks. Players should refrain from playing on weak combat machines and choose equipment with good tactical and technical characteristics.

Online there are reviews on WoT tanks, from which readers can learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the equipment. On the Vprognoze website, you can find reviews on popular tank models.

To increase the percentage of victories in World of Tanks, it's important not to choose light tanks, ambush self-propelled guns - the usefulness of the equipment largely depends on the actions of allies and the game location.


Play sober.

When playing World of Tanks with a clear head, an amateur will be able to win regularly.

In an intoxicated state, the tank player plays aggressively, rushes into the thick of battle, forgets about cover, and makes other rash actions that prevent the team from winning.

Aggressive behaviour can negatively affect a player's rating - participants in battles leave complaints, and the developer blocks the accounts of community rules violators.

Don't forget to take a break.

Playing WoT without a break is the mistake of players who ask the question, how to win in Tanks. In a tired state, tankers tend to make mistakes that lead to losses.

It's worth taking a 15-minute break after each hour of play in World of Tanks. The fewer gaming sessions a tanker holds, the higher the effectiveness of the battles played.

With a large number of consecutive battles, the player loses focus, which worsens the results.

Try to live longer

If a tank is sent to the hangar at the beginning of the match, the team's chances of winning decrease. It's important for the player to stay alive as long as possible to maximize the benefits to allies.

Tips to stay alive longer in tank battles in World of Tanks:

  • do not charge headlong into the thick of battle at the start of a round;
  • do not go in the front lines if the player has not chosen a heavy tank, which is designed to break through the enemy's defense;
  • use cover on the map and don't forget about camouflage;
  • cooperate with allies, create platoons with other players.

Proper use of cover increases tank survivability in WoT

The tank driver must aim to stick it out at least until the middle of the battle, ideally – to stay alive till the end of the fight.

Use mods

Mods in WoT - game modifications that change the visual and functional perception of the game, for example, they allow you to improve the graphics, add a crosshair and mini-map, change the sound settings.

Using modifications will simplify the gameplay and give an advantage to the tanker. It is important to install mods in WoT only through the official Wargaming or Lesta Games website.

Installing prohibited modifications from third-party resources can lead to blocking of the World of Tanks account.

Download the tops

The top-of-the-line tanks of the ninth and tenth levels possess the best characteristics in the World of Tanks. The player's goal is to fully level up the chosen line to get a tank with the best parameters.

It's important for players in World of Tanks to research new top equipment

Professional players buy top-level tanks and study different equipment leveling options. Installing researched modules improves the characteristics of the combat vehicle in WoT.

Aim for the weak spots.

Every tank in World of Tanks has vulnerabilities.

The general rules of armoring combat vehicles are as follows:

  • the most vulnerable part of the tank - the tracks, often one hit is enough to damage them;
  • the stern and lower frontal part often have weak armor;
  • the turret and adjacent areas are the most armored parts of the equipment.

Mod for showing the most vulnerable places of tanks in World of Tanks

"Penetration zones" mods in World of Tanks show the protected places of the tank in color. Installing the game modification will allow the player to deliver effective fire to defeat enemy equipment.

Choose your ammunition correctly.

In World of Tanks, there are 4 types of standard ammunition: armor-piercing, sub-caliber, cumulative, and high-explosive fragmentation. Each type of ammunition has its own purpose, advantages, and disadvantages:

  • armor-piercing - basic shells, they cause damage only when piercing armor, they damage vehicles, modules, and crew;
  • sub-caliber - ammunition with increased armor penetration and higher flight speed compared to armor-piercing shells;
  • cumulative - shells with high penetrating power, do not lose damage when shooting at a sharp angle and from long distances;
  • high-explosive fragmentation - ammunition with the least armor penetration and the most potential damage, which can be inflicted only when piercing armor.

The usefulness of equipment in the World of Tanks battlefield depends on the correct selection of shells.

Sub-caliber and cumulative ammunition are needed to pierce heavy tank armor, high-explosive fragmentation shells inflict the most damage on light vehicles.

Use cover effectively

Proper use of cover is a necessary component of successful gameplay in Tanks. Using natural and artificial cover on maps makes it difficult to detect the player and fire at the tank.

The tanker can fire directly from safe places or retreat into hiding during reloading. It's important to find cover with advantageous positions to fire at the enemy.

Install the appropriate equipment.

Installing additional equipment improves the tank's performance and increases the machine's utility in the battlefield.

The layout of additional modules should be chosen based on the tank model and the tanker's play style.

Examples of common equipment options:

  • improved ventilation - + 5% to crew skills;
  • gun rammer - 10% reduction in gun reload time;
  • enhanced gun laying drive - + 10% to the gun's aiming speed;
  • vertical stabilizer - 20% reduction in dispersion during movement and rotation;
  • coated optics - + 10% to the combat vehicle's view range;
  • camouflage net - + 5–15% to the concealment of stationary vehicles.
The cost of purchasing additional equipment depends on the tank model and the selected module.

Upgrade your tank crew

A well-trained tank crew shows great usefulness in battle. When two identical models with different crew training levels and identical skill sets of tankmen face each other, the vehicle with a trained team turns out to be in a winning position.

Players need to choose crew skills for training depending on the tech model and tasks on the battlefield.

You can learn about the best team training options from a review for the chosen tank on the Internet.

Study the specifications of tanks and maps.

Players who are looking for an answer to the question of how to win in World of Tanks, need to first study the specifications of the tanks and maps.

Knowing the technical characteristics and locations allows you to act on the battlefield with greater utility, understand the vulnerable spots of enemy machines, find advantageous positions and shelters, avoid going out to dangerous areas.

Play in a platoon with friends.

The efficiency in a platoon is higher than in a single game. Coordinated actions with 1-2 allies increase the chances of a team victory.

In a platoon, participants earn more experience and silver, complete Personal battle tasks, improve their game statistics.

It is possible to create a platoon on the battlefield or in advance in the game menu. To coordinate actions with partners, it is worth using voice communication.

Repair kit - it's important

Repair kit is an equipment element in World of Tanks, it allows you to repair damaged modules in battle.

There are two types of repair equipment in the game:

  • Small repair kit priced at 3000 silver allows you to repair 1 damaged module or 2 shot-off tracks, preparation time is 90 seconds, the kit can be used multiple times;
  • Large repair kit priced at 20000 silver allows you to restore all damaged modules, preparation time is 90 seconds, the repair kit can be used multiple times.

If a player's abilities allow, it is better to buy a large repair kit to repair all damaged modules at once if necessary.

Play on high-performance computers.

Players in World of Tanks (WoT) indeed gain a significant advantage with high-performance computers. Enhanced clarity, higher frames per second (FPS), and lower ping contribute to a more responsive and immersive gaming experience. For those looking to meet the game's demands, here are the detailed system requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:

To engage in WoT gameplay with an acceptable performance of 30-50 FPS, a computer must meet these basic specifications:

  • Operating System (OS): 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU): Intel Pentium E2180 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): 3 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or Radeon HD 4550
  • Free Memory: 70 GB
  • Internet Speed: 256 kbps

While these specifications allow for gameplay, the experience might be limited in terms of graphics quality and smoothness.

Recommended Hardware Requirements:

For an optimal experience, featuring realistic graphics settings and high FPS, the following hardware specifications are advised:

  • Operating System (OS): 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU): Intel Core i5 (no specific model provided, but generally, a newer generation i5 is recommended)
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): 6 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7850
  • Free Memory: 70 GB
  • Internet Speed: 1+ Mbps

Investing in a system that meets or exceeds the recommended hardware requirements ensures players can fully enjoy World of Tanks' richly detailed environments, complex tank models, and dynamic effects without performance hindrances. Additionally, a stable and fast internet connection enhances real-time gameplay interactions, reducing lag and improving response times during critical combat moments.

Know the types and features of technology.

In World of Tanks, there are 5 types of vehicles with individual characteristics that experienced players take into account when developing strategies for an upcoming battle:
  • Light tanks are designed for spotting enemies and transmitting reconnaissance data to allies, they are characterized by high speed, maneuverability, and weak armor;
  • Medium tanks play a versatile role on the battlefield, useful in both attack and defense;
  • Heavy tanks have sturdy armor and are less mobile, are designed to play on the front line of the front;
  • Tank destroyers support allies from any distance;
  • Self-propelled guns fire from long distances and can incapacitate groups of enemies.

The Wargaming and Lesta Games websites offer complete tactical and technical specifications for each combat vehicle.

Participate in promotions

Regular events take place in World of Tanks where players receive gifts:

  • premium equipment;
  • gear and equipment;
  • gold and silver;
  • XP multipliers;
  • tasks with rewards for execution;
  • days of a tank premium account.

Exclusive battle vehicles and free in-game resources can positively affect a player's results in WoT.

You can find out about current promotions in the app and on the official Wargaming or Lesta Games website.


Every tanker can win in World of Tanks with a competent approach.

The results of tank battles depend on the correct selection of strategy, equipment, and modules, crew training, knowledge of maps, tank vulnerabilities, and use of cover, playing in platoons, participation in clan wars, communication with allies.


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