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How to uninstall a mod in WoT

World of Tanks – a dynamic tank-themed online shooter game, launched in 2010.

Many players in WoT utilize modifications, or mods, to enhance and simplify their gameplay. Examples include the ability to design a more user-friendly crosshair and mini-map. Sometimes, players may find a need to remove these installed modifications in Tanks.

World of Tanks — a popular team-based online tank shooter

Novices may wonder how to remove a mod in WoT and why it might be necessary.

Why is it necessary to remove mods in World of Tanks

Common reasons for removing mods include:

  • Game malfunctions due to third-party mods or outdated versions.
  • Decreased FPS (frames per second).
  • A desire for fresh mods or disinterest in current ones.

To delete World of Tanks mods, follow these methods:

Manual Removal:

  • Access the root folder by right-clicking the World of Tanks launcher and selecting the file location.
  • Open the "res_mods" folder.
  • Delete the contents, but do not remove the "res_mods" folder itself. Tip: Back up the contents elsewhere if you might want to reuse them.

Using Official BAT File:

  • Visit the Wargaming official website.
  • Go to the Support section and find the mod removal tool.
  • Download and unpack the file.
  • Move the BAT file to the World of Tanks folder.
  • Execute the BAT file. Note: This might not remove mods that are poorly adapted to the game.

For Mod Packs:

  • Open Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • Go to the Applications section.
  • Find and uninstall the mod pack. Repeat for each mod pack installed.

For Specific Mods:

  • Manually: Navigate to "res_mods" and delete the folders of the unwanted mods.
  • Using Software: Tools like WorldofTanksMaster can help, but always scan for viruses before use.


Manage your mods carefully to maintain a smooth and immersive World of Tanks experience.

How to launch WoT without mods

For battlefield enthusiasts who prefer a pure gaming experience in World of Tanks without modifications, here's how to start the game in its original, unaltered form:

  • Launch the World of Tanks game launcher, commonly known among gamers as "WoT"
  • Look for the small arrow next to the 'Play' button.
  • Click on this arrow to open the dropdown menu and select 'Launch game without modifications'.

How to clear cache after mod removal

After unmodding in Tanks, it is critical to clear the cache via the command line to prevent computer clogging:

1. Press the "Win + R" keys.

2. In the clear line, enter the command "%AppData%" and confirm the action.

3. In the opened folder, find "Wargaming" for World of Tanks or "Lesta Games" for the World of Tanks.

4. Delete the contents.

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Many World of Tanks aficionados often question how to remove mods from WoT. There are various ways to eliminate installed World of Tanks modifications, such as doing it manually, using BAT files, or indulging specialized programs. Players typically oust mod-packs for Tanks through the 'Control Panel'. The key to success in this professional Esports battlefield is not only about strategies but also understanding the utilisation and management of mods to optimize gameplay.


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