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How to switch weapons in GTA 5

In GTA, shooting is an integral part of the character's activities. In the game's fifth instalment, developers did not limit users to a single type of weapon and introduced a 'Weapon Wheel' system, allowing for an extensive arsenal.

Beginners often struggle with changing weapons in GTA 5 as the initial instructions do not provide precise information. The method of switching depends on the device the gamer is using: computer, Xbox, or PlayStation.

How to switch weapons on PC in GTA 5

In the world of GTA 5, the arsenal at the players' disposal spans across eight categories of weaponry:

1. Hand-to-hand combat options: Fists, baseball bats, knives, hatchets, brass knuckles, broken bottles, police batons, and golf clubs.
2. Pistols: A staggering variety of 17 pistols, including a stun gun.
3. Assault rifles: Over 10 types modeled after real-life prototypes.
4. Submachine guns: Eight types, from miniature to assault versions.
5. Shotguns: Nine choices, including a sawed-off shotgun and a musket.
6. Heavy weaponry: Standard and shortened grenade launchers, RPGs, minigun, plasma gun, railgun, rocket and pyrotechnic launchers.
7. Sniper rifles: A range of light yet deadly weapons.
8. Throwing weapons: Grenades, sticky bombs, tear gas canisters, Molotov cocktails, proximity mines, homemade bombs, and even snowballs. Changing your armament is straightforward – purchase from a weapons store or pick up new gear after a shootout.

Your acquisitions will automatically become your weapon of choice. The Ammu-Nation gun shop chain offers a wide array of weapons, armour, military uniforms, ammunition, combustibles, and weapon upgrades to boost specs. Some items become available after reaching certain levels in-game. Players can make purchases directly at any of the nine store branches or online via their character's mobile phone.

As a bonus service, Ammu-Nation provides shooting ranges where players can test new weapons. Accurate shooting scores can earn players discounts on store products. Players’ personal arsenals can store certain exclusive items earned from mission accomplishments:

1. Gold Revolver: Acquired from completing the "Treasure Hunt" quest.
2. Musket: A powerful shotgun available for purchase during Independence Day celebrations.
3. Navy Revolver: A reward for neutralizing a serial killer in Blaine County.
4. Perico Pistol: Trophy from the random event "Sleeping Guard."
5. Stone Hatchet: Bonus reward for completing five bounty hunting missions from Maude as part of the "Bounty Target" quest.

Three methods are available for toggling between weapons when playing on a PC:

1. Changing weapon categories.
2. Selecting from similar options within a category.
3. Using hotkeys on the keyboard. Changing weapon types in GTA 5 is intuitive. Display the "Weapon Wheel" menu on the screen by holding down the "Tab" button on the keyboard. Use the cursor or press "Tab" again to move through the menu and select the desired category.

Players can customize the "Tab" key function to suit their preferences better, for instance, switching it to "Scroll Lock" on a PC or "Fn" on a laptop and using the arrow keys to highlight a section.

In GTA 5, characters can store multiple items under each weapon category. Here's how to select an item:

1. Display the "Weapon Wheel" on the screen by holding the "Tab" key.
2. Highlight the category icon with the "Tab" button or cursor to open the cell. 3. Scroll the mouse wheel or use the arrow keys to select a position. Upon selecting a slot, a player sees the number of items in the cell.

As the mouse wheel scrolls and weapons are highlighted, the weapon specs are displayed on the screen’s left: range, amount of damage inflicted, shooting accuracy. The available ammunition count is also shown. A big advantage of the single-player mode in GTA 5 is the ability to pause the game while switching weapons, allowing players to decide even amidst an intense shootout unhurriedly.

This feature is not available in the online version. After opening the "Weapon Wheel" by pressing "Tab," players can cycle through categories and items in a "previous-next" format using the mouse wheel or hotkeys. The numbers 1 to 9 on a PC's keyboard serve as hotkeys:

1. Unarmed,
2. Melee,
3. Shotgun,
4. Heavy weapon,
5. Throwing weapon,
6. Pistol,
7. Submachine gun,
8. Assault rifle,
9. Sniper rifle.

The functionality of these hotkeys for weapon selection and other game actions can be adjusted in the game settings.

How to switch weapons on Xbox in GTA 5

In GTA on Xbox, juggling a gamepad and a keyboard with a mouse is not viable to execute gameplay procedures. Only one device is acceptable for use.

The gamepad is the weapon of choice, providing superior comfort and precision in control.

To cycle through arsenal choices on Xbox, one must harness the 'LB' – 'Left Bumper' button. On a quick tap, this key doubles up as an arm or disarm function for your character.

How to switch weapons on PS in GTA 5

While engaging with a PlayStation console, players command the actions of their in-game characters via buttons on their gamepad controller.

Situated in the upper left of the controller is the 'L1' button. Holding onto this allows for a switch in battle gear, while a quick single press boosts the character to conceal or extend their most recently selected weapon.

If the character is driving a land vehicle, the 'L1' key ignites shooting while in motion, employing either handheld or vehicle-mounted artillery.

When manoeuvring an aerial or underwater vessel, the function of the 'L1' button transposes into a left turn command.


In GTA 5, owning a vast array of diverse weaponry simultaneously is accounted for. Weapons and ammunition can be purchased, stolen, or found.

For successful gameplay, it's vital to know the features and benefits of combat equipment, and to be able to switch the character's weaponry quickly.


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