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How to switch to the Euro server in WoT

World of Tanks - a legendary multiplayer online shooter based on the theme of tank battles. In March 2022, the game developer Wargaming made a significant exit from the Russian and Belarusian markets, transferring the control rights of Tanks to the Russian company Lesta Games.

From September 20th to October 12th, 2022, World of Tanks players were faced with the decision to preserve their spots on the European server (WoT), or relocate to the Russian server under the World of Tanks MU (universe).

Why are players repositioning their WoT accounts to European servers?

There are no fundamental differences between the RU and EU game servers of Tanks. Tankers on these servers engage in battles using identical combat machines and maps, and player's stats and achievements are preserved when switching over.

Reasons why players may desire a move to the EU server on WoT include:

  • Access to European payment methods;
  • Unique gaming content available only in the Wargaming game;
  • Low ping for users based in Europe.
Players in World of Tanks by Lesta Games were able to transition to the European server of WoT by Wargaming and return to the RU-server within a 59-day period.


What's the difference between World of Tanks and World of Tanks?

The key differences between these two games lie in their internal intricacies:

  • Unique gameplay content, such as festive events.
  • Variations in in-game store content pricing.
  • Server differences, leading to varying latency levels in Tanks.

Let's take a 'time-out' to highlight an important aspect. For our Russian and Belarusian players, in terms of ping, it's more comfortable to play in 'Mir Tankov', while for our European and American users, 'World of Tanks' takes the lead. Thus, it appears geography and internet speed are indeed the silent MVPs in this scenario. Time to gear up and tailor your play, folks!

How to switch from the Russian server to the European server in WoT

From September 20th to October 12th, 2022, players were given the decision to stick with World of Tanks' (WoT) European server or migrate to its Russian counterpart.

Selecting to stay on the EU server is a straightforward process completed via the player's account:

  1. Sign in to the Wargaming Game Center and navigate to your personal account.
  2. Click on the 'Make Selection' button.
  3. Choose the option 'Continue playing on EU-region (Wargaming)'.
  4. Confirm the action.

In the early days of 2024, it becomes impossible to transfer an existing account from the Russian server to the European server. Creating a fresh account is the only way to get hands-on experience with WoT's European server.

How to establish a fresh account on the European Server of World of Tanks.

Those who are avid fans of armored warfare can engage in the Euro server World of Tanks after setting up an account in the international version of the game. Here's how to get started:

  1. Head over to the Wargaming website.
  2. Click on the “Create Account” button.
  3. Enter your email address, choose a nickname, conjure up and confirm a new password.
  4. Accept the conditions of the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
  5. Hit the “Continue” button.
  6. Follow the link sent via email to confirm your registration on the Wargaming website.
Please note - WoT from Wargaming doesn’t accept payments from Russian bank cards, and lagging issues during gameplay may be experienced when playing from Russian territory.

How to maintain your position on the Russian server of Tanks.

"In 2024, players in World of Tanks find themselves void of an option to transfer accounts within World of Tanks."

How to cancel an account transfer in World of Tanks

In the autumn of 2022, gamers were given the choice between Russian and European servers on Tanks, with the option to cancel an account transfer at their behest.

14 days following an account transfer to the Russian server, the former profile was set for deletion.

Following the transfer, players had a period of 59 days during which they could reverse their decision and return to the WoT Euro server. To facilitate this transition back, users would cancel the account deletion request in their personal account settings and appeal to Customer Support to lift any restrictions.

Promo codes and bonus codes for World of Tanks and World of Tanks

New and existing players in World of Tanks are leveraging promo codes to bank on free trial-days of premium accounts, gold and silver, equipment, and unique missions. Are you game-ready?

These bonus codes can be cashed in at the websites of the respective official developers, or via the launchers of Wargaming and Lesta Games. Showtime, folks!

As we close out on 2023, players are activating these fiery promo codes on World of Tanks:

  • “NDAYOFUNITY23RU” – Buckle up for 3 days of a premium account, the 2D style “Tricolor”, 6 Russian flag decals, 3 personal reserves: +200% to free experience and crew experience for 1 hour, 3 personal reserves: +50% to combat experience for 1 hour;
  • “KATP1HA” – A gleaming vault of 50 units of gold;
  • “L1CHTKA111” – 1 Personal reserve giving a +200% increase in free experience and crew experience for 1 hour;
  • “B1ACKVAS1” – Stash of 50,000 units of silver.

Keep in mind that the latest World of Tanks promo codes are not published in public access. You have to dig deeper – you can get your hands on these coveted WoT bonus codes by participating in Wargaming events, on social media, through emails, on thematic websites, and forums. That's the competitive spirit we need!

The Verdict

In 2024, World of Tanks has no provisions for account transfer from the Russian server to the European one, or vice versa. For a gamer wishing to switch servers, the only route is to create a new account on the desired WoT version.

It's also vital for Russian players on the European server to be aware that they may experience elevated ping levels and lack of access to preferable payment methods.


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