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How to switch hands in CS 2

Until September 2023, CS GO players were swapping the hand that held the weapon. With the transition to Source 2, not all game capabilities have been preserved.

Users are left wondering how to change hands in CS 2 when necessary, or what commands are responsible for changing weapon position in the new version of the game.

Up until September of 2023, CS GO players had the liberty to switch the hand that wielded the weapon. However, with the shift to Source 2, not all game functionalities were retained.

Gamers are now left in a quandary on how to swap hands in CS 2 when required or which commands are specifically in charge of altering the weapon's position in this new game iteration.


Why switch hands in CS

The Counter Strike enthusiast community remains divided on the issue of changing weapon handplacement in CS. Some argue that for right-handers, having the weapon on the right side is more comfortable, and vice versa for left-handers.

Throughout intensely heated matches, professional eSports athletes frequently swap hands to expand their field of vision. The weapons partially obstruct the screen, and swapping hands continuously aids in eliminating this blind spot.


Selecting a new hand in CS 2

In CS 2, the option to switch the weapon hand, a feature previously available in CS: GO, has been removed following the game's upgrade to the Source 2 engine. Unlike in CS: GO, the system allowed players to mirror the weapon to their preferred hand.

At the same time, the character model remained static to observers (always showing the weapon held in the right hand); CS 2 has taken a more realistic approach by introducing fully dynamic character models. These models now include visible legs and cast dynamic shadows, enhancing the game's realism but complicating the hand-switching feature.

As a result of these changes, the character model, as seen by the player, now matches what others observe in the game, eliminating the possibility of mirroring the weapon hand. This decision was made to maintain consistency and balance. Valve would need to create two separate models for each character to accommodate hand switching, a task that the developers do not currently prioritize.

The introduction of dynamic models in CS 2 signifies a significant shift towards a more immersive and realistic gaming experience. Players are encouraged to adjust their strategies and gameplay styles to accommodate this change. The transition to the Source 2 engine, despite its challenges, is expected to enhance the competitive environment of CS 2, testing the adaptability and skills of players in new and exciting ways.




The procedure of switching hands in CS 2

CS2 provides the capability to customize the on-screen position of your character's arms. This is a critical feature that allows players to shift their in-game ‘field of view' or FOV, impacting their strategic gameplay.

Key layout alterations

The FOV in CS2 could be manipulated via the console command "viewmodel_fov". The game allows a spectrum of choices ranging from 54° to 68°. For instance, by typing "viewmodel_fov 62", the player can set the FOV to 62°. The tilde key "`" brings up the console interface in the game.

For finer FOV configuration, there's the "viewmodel_offset_" command. Post the double underscore, the user specifies the axis along which they want to shift the hands and a value from -2 to 2.

The axes available for hand positioning include x, y, and z.

For example, "viewmodel_offset_z -2" would bring the weapon-wielding hands closer and widen the player's field of vision.

Training games for best arm positioning

Before engaging in ranked matches, every FPS enthusiast needs time and space to perfect their arm positioning, and what better way than warm-up games with bots, offering opportune room for trial and error.

Each map in CS2 caters to unique optimal settings.

A graphic understanding of various arm positions will help choose the most appropriate one:

  • Max proximity;
  • Max distance;
  • Extremely right with average distance.

Remember, mastering this feature could mean the difference between a series of downward spirals or an exhilarating victory lap. So, get practicing, and may the best player win!

The Pros and Cons of Switching Hands in CS: GO 2

An edge in the CS 2 comes with precision adjustments, specifically, the ability to modify the weapon display position on the screen in the latest version. Such customization provides a tailored gaming experience, giving the player a strategic advantage.

However, there exists a limitation to this flexibility. Since the game's update in September 2023, it became unfeasible to switch hands; the weapon is rigidly fixed in the player's right hand. This seemingly small restriction has immense strategic implications, considering the changing dynamics of the game's landscape.

How to adapt to a new controller faster

Switching hand positions is a matter of habit. Game professionals suggest playing 5-10 matches to acclimatize to the new hand display in CS 2.

Seasoned players tackle the first 2-3 matches against bots or in non-ranked mode, in order to safeguard their rating.


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