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How to spawn bots in CS: GO

Utilizing bots is a method of practice or shaping one's game strategy. Even seasoned CS GO players resort to leveraging AI.

Classic game modes entail a fixed number of bots, which doesn't always satisfy a player's interests. Practising strategy in a 5v5 skirmish is virtually impossible. Enthusiasts of the shooter must know how to face off against five bots and which commands to deploy.

The developers of CS GO have provided a broad array of commands - through the console; gamers can add opponents, set names, position bots in specific locations, and restrict movement.


How to add a bot in CS GO

In CS GO narrative games like "Arms Race", "Flying Snipers", and "Defusal" the number of bots is fixed. The addition of AI happens via the game's startup menu – the player selects the "Practice with bots" mode.

Harmless bots in CS GO can aim but cannot attack.

For strategy practice and intensified training, amateurs use a separate game in practice mode. Experienced CS GO players recommend adding bots using special commands via the console

Before adding, it's necessary to activate the ability to use the console during the game:

  1. Go to "Settings".
  2. Select the "Game" tab.
  3. Confirm the use of the developer console.

Launching the CS GO developer console with the "~" button is easier.

On Russian keyboards, "~" is often located on the "`" key.

In the standard training mode, the system will add 9 bots – 4 to the player's team, 5 to the opponent's team.

Standard number of bots in Counter Strike: Global Offensive

You can add AI using the "bot_add" command – The system automatically distributes new bots between the teams.

You can disable automatic distribution of bots by using the "mp_autoteambalance 0" command.

If the CS GO user wants to add a bot to a specific team, you need to use the "bot_add_t" command for terrorists and "bot_add_ct" for police squads.

Adding a bot to the police team

The number of bots in CS GO cannot exceed 15 units, regardless of the confrontation mode. You can remove the set restrictions using the "mp_limitteams 0" command. After activating the code, you can add an unlimited number of bots.

Adding each bot in CS GO increases the load on the video card. At a certain point, the game will start rebooting.

How to control the difficulty of bots

CS GO provides four bot levels – easy, normal, hard, and very hard. The player can immediately add bots of the required level using the "bot_add" command and special prefixes:

  • easy – easy;
  • normal – medium;
  • hard – hard;
  • expert – very hard level.
For example, to add an easy bot, use the "bot_add easy" code.

Adding an easy bot in Counter Strike: Global Offensive

You need to put a space instead of an underscore between "add" and the difficulty level.

If the bots have already been added, use the "bot_difficulty" command to change their difficulty level, and specify the level with a space. For example, using the "bot_difficulty normal" command to play with medium bots.

Adding a bot with a specific name

The player can add a bot with a specified name if the game developers provide the name.

The game's official website shows a complete list of available names.

Available names for bots in Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Depending on the name, a bot in CS GO possesses a certain level of difficulty, gameplay, and weapon preferences if external settings do not provide options.

To add a bot in CS GO with a name, specify the name after the "bot_add" command, separated by a space. The commands "bot_add_t" or "bot_add_ct" can be used. For example, you add Adam to the terrorists' forces with the command "bot_add_t Adam".

A CS GO player can combine commands and simultaneously specify the bot addition command, the difficulty level, and the name - "bot_add [side] [difficulty] [name]".


How to eliminate bots in CSGO

Kicking bots in CS GO can be achieved by using the command "bot_kick" - the system will get rid of all bots. If a player needs to kick out one bot, they can use a team-tagged command, such as "bot_kick_t".

A user has the ability to oust a specific character - by marking the bot's name in the command. For example, "bot_kick Adam".

Playing solo against 5 bots

"How to Play 1 vs 5" in CS GO Instruction Playbook:

  1. Boot up the game, fire up your console capability in the settings menu.
  2. Roll out the map in "Practice with Bots" mode scenario.
  3. Lock in your team selection and deactivate auto-balance with the command "mp_autoteambalance 0".
  4. Oust ally troops with a "bot_kick_t" or "bot_kick_ct" command play.

Optionally, you can rally bot troops to your faction or strengthen the adversary side.

Advanced strategy command sequences allow you to dial in the level of difficulty, manage the firearms availability and tweak the artificial intelligence of the rival forces.

Placing the bot in the desired position

A player can place a bot anywhere on the field via the cursor - by independently assigning a hotkey that will spawn the bot.

The addition is enacted via the console command "bind a bot_place". You can use any key instead of "a", except for the mouse buttons.

Activating the command «bind a bot_place»

The activation of the command "bot_placebot_place", upon cursor hovering and pressing the chosen key will cause the bot to appear at the designated spot.

Often in CS:GO, players utilize the placement of bots in particular spots for the purpose of practising their sniping skills.

Users frequently ask how to spawn a bot in CS:GO. To stun an opponent, you must use the command "bot_stop 1" – and the adversary will stop moving and assaulting.

Other Bot Squads

CSGO aficionados utilise distinct console commands which enable AI customization and give their opponents a run for their money.


Activation Code

Veto on Armour Purchase mp_free_armor 0
Action Imitation bot_mimic
Bot Addition Limit bot_quota *number*
Radio Chatter Disablement bot_chatter off
Melee Weapons Availability bot_knives_only 1
Pistols Availability bot_pistols_only 1
Full Weapon Assortment Access for Bots bot_all_weapons
Fire Open Ban for Bots bot_dont_shoot
Crouching Ban bot_crouch 1
Immediate Respawn mp_respawn_on_death
Alternative Spawn bot_freeze
When the developer console is shut off in the game settings, the system nullifies the commands and resets to factory settings.


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