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How to sell skins in CS GO

Participating in seasonal tournaments and events in the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive enables gamers to earn 'skins', which are stylized weapons. Another route to acquire these skins is through direct purchases from the official store, third-party resources, or individual users. These skins can either be used in gameplay or sold for profit.

The game tends to generate duplicates - identical skins that merely clutter the inventory. In such cases, selling the redundant item becomes the optimal solution.

Seasoned players have a good grasp on how to sell skins in CS: GO, and are well-versed in the pros and cons of each method of sale.


Where can one sell CS:GO skins?

The game offers several ways to sell items: through the official Steam application, by direct transfer to another player, or using third-party services.

As it's easiest to sell items on Steam, newcomers tend to trade via the service’s account.

Cons of selling inventory via Steam:

  • Proceeds from selling CS GO skin will be credited to the internal account in Steam with no withdrawal option;
  • The necessity to wait for a buyer;
  • Depreciated skin prices.

The player receives funds to their Steam account and can use the earned money to purchase games, subscriptions, or skins.

It’s impossible to withdraw money to bank cards and e-wallets from a Steam account.

Selling a skin via the Steam application:

  1. Start the program and choose the game and character name.
  2. Right-click on the name and select the ‘Inventory’ section.
  3. Find an item to sell and hit the ‘Sell’ button.
  4. Specify the price in the ‘Buyer will pay’ field. The service will display the transaction amount, taking into account the service fee in the ‘You will receive’ field.
  5. Confirm agreement with the User Agreement by hitting ‘Yes, put up for sale’.

While determining the price, consider the median market skin price. If you set a price lower than the market price - the item will be bought faster.

The funds will be credited to the seller's account when the buyer purchases the skin. The service commission for selling a CS GO skin is 5% of the amount earned.

Until the buyer makes the purchase, the seller can cancel the transaction or change the skin price.

Direct Trade with Other Players

An alternative selling method is directly trading with other users. You can find a buyer on thematic forums, social networks, or through acquaintances. Direct transfer carries certain risks for both parties - the buyer may not transfer the money after receiving the skin, and the seller - may not transfer the skin after getting the cash. To avoid fraud in expensive skin transactions, they use a guarantor.

Administrators of forums or leaders of thematic communities act as guarantors.

The buyer transfers the money to the guarantor, and the seller – gives the skin. The guarantor gives the skin to the buyer and transfers the payment to the seller. The guarantor's service fee is 5–20% of the transaction amount.

If the buyer and seller are geographically close, conducting a transaction in a personal meeting in a cyber sports computer club is better.

On forums, you can find cyber traders – users who buy up skins to resell. The selling price will be lower, but cooperation with wholesaler relieves the necessity of looking for a buyer.

Sell Items on Another Trading Platform or CS:GO Item Store

Due to the prolonged search for a buyer, players use third-party services because it's not always possible to sell skins on Steam directly. Websites for selling CS:GO skins allow you to sell most items quickly. The selling price is higher than in the official Steam store. You can receive money on bank cards and electronic or cryptocurrency wallets.

On item selling websites, users have to authorize via Steam so that the service gains access to the game inventory. After authorization, the player chooses the ‘Sell’ section, indicates the skin for sale, and proceeds to finalise the transaction if they agree with the price. The service will ask you to choose the payment receipt method and fill in the details.

Vprognoze experts recommend familiarizing yourself with the available methods of receiving funds for the deal before selling the skin. If the service is foreign, clarifying the possibility of payment to a Russian card or account is necessary.

Most services pay out funds instantly, some - within 24 hours.

You can encounter fraudulent services for selling items in CS: GO and other online games on the Internet. Site operators take skins and don't transfer money - before opening a deal; experts advise studying reviews about the chosen service.

Trust should be given to tried-and-true stores that have earned a reliable reputation, even if the proposed skin price is lower than the price on the website of a lesser-known competitor.

Advantages of Selling Through a Website

Selling inventory through specialized services has several advantages:

  • Opportunity to receive money;
  • The freedom to choose the method of receipt;
  • Fast transaction;
  • Good appraised value;
  • Accelerated credit funds;
  • No need to search for a buyer.

Deal drawbacks: Risk of landing on a fraudulent website and the presence of service commissions for the transaction ranging from 2–20% of the total value.

Popular services where you can sell CS: GO cases: Skeen Keen, Market CS, MarketDota2, Avan Market, Skin Cash.


To liquidate funds from a Steam account.

Should a player make a transaction via Steam and have their payout sent to their internal wallet, cashing out becomes impossible.

Players resort to an alternative method of withdrawing funds from their Steam wallet using specialized stores - they use the wallet money to purchase one or more skins from the official Steam store and then sell the obtained items through a third-party service.

As a result, the player will have to pay the commission twice - when purchasing the skin and when selling it, but they will be able to cash out the funds from the gaming account.

For 1000 Nairas on the Steam account, players get up to 800 Nairas back.


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