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How to sell a tank in WoT

In World of Tanks, there are over 600 models of equipment, which tankers explore, buy in a premium store, or receive as a reward.

Players sell previously acquired tanks to free up a slot in the hangar or to earn silver.

New players do not know how to sell a tank in World of Tanks, why they can't make a sale, how to return sold equipment to the hangar.

How to properly prepare a tank for sale

Before selling a tank in World of Tanks (WoT), it's crucial to properly prepare the equipment, which includes sending the crew to the barracks and dismantling any necessary equipment. Note that you can only send the crew to the barracks if there are available slots. For each piece of equipment removed from the tank, the player must pay ten units of gold or one bond.

  • Here are the instructions on how to sell a tank in World of Tanks:
  • Launch the game application.
  • In the hangar, select the tank you wish to sell.
  • Right-click on the tank and select the 'Sell' option from the menu.
  • Choose what actions to take with the crew and equipment.
  • Enter the desired selling price.
  • Press the 'Sell' button to complete the transaction.

The developers of World of Tanks have implemented a confirmation step that requires a code when selling a tank, to prevent accidental sales. Additionally, when selling equipment, players can press the 'Details' button. This allows them to decide on the ammunition load, equipment, and researched items, which can be sold or sent to the warehouse. 

How to profitably sell a tank in World of Tanks

A tank can be sold with its installed equipment in World of Tanks, but be aware that the selling price of the machinery is lower than its purchase price. Additional equipment and gear are sold for half their original cost. If a player wants to use additional and researched equipment on another model, it is necessary to remove these modules before selling the tank. When selling premium equipment, it's advisable to do so outside of promotional periods, as the cost of exclusive combat vehicles tends to drop during promotions in WoT.

Why can't I sell the tank in WoT?

Tankers rarely encounter difficulties before selling a tank in World of Tanks.

Possible reasons for the problem:

  • The user made an error in entering the confirmation code; the deal is temporarily blocked;
  • the player is selling more than five units of equipment - the rules of WoT provide for no more than five buy-sell transactions per day.

If the tanker cannot make a deal for another reason, he should contact the WoT support service.

How to return a sold tank in WoT

If a player sold a standard tank for silver, it is not possible to return the sold equipment back to the hangar after confirming the operation.

For premium equipment in World of Tanks, there are 2 ways to cancel the deal:

  • in the hangar within 48 hours after the sale through the "Warehouse" - "Equipment in the hangar" - "Recovery" section;
  • through customer support - create a request in World of Tanks customer support on the Wargaming website.
The possibility of restoring a tank through technical support is only available in World of Tanks, from October 17, 2023, players in World of Tanks cannot restore equipment on the Lesta Games site.

The former owner of the combat machine will be able to restore the premium equipment after the sale only if there is a free slot in the hangar.


You can sell a tank in World of Tanks in the game application. Before selling, it is important to prepare the tank - remove the necessary equipment for use on other machines.

A sold premium tank in WoT can be restored if there is free space in the hangar, standard equipment cannot be restored.


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