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How to repair a car in GTA 5

The vehicle is a popular mode of conveyance in GTA 5. The car allows players to quickly travel from point A to point B with minimal costs, or often for free. Throughout the game, the modes of transportation in Grand Theft Auto 5 take a beating, establishing a need for repairs. If a player desires to maintain their chosen vehicle, repair work is a necessary pit stop on their journey.

Beginners might find themselves puzzled, wondering how to fix their car in GTA 5, understanding the different types of vehicle damage in the game, and what's necessary for a successful repair job.

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Major Types of Vehicle Damage in GTA 5

The GTA 5 developers have integrated a realistic car damage model into the game, which is based on Newtonian laws - momentum, energy conservation, deformation, and force fields. GTA 5 incorporates effects that occur after car collisions - fires, smoke, sparks, ruptures.

Common types of damage in the game, due to which the need to repair the car arises - body deformations, engine problems, and chassis defects.

Body deformations

Body deformations occur when the car collides with other cars, buildings, walls, and other solid objects. As a result, damage or destruction of the body - bumpers, wings, doors, hood, and other components occurs.

Engine problems

Accidents, explosions, and bullet hits in the GTA 5 car can lead to engine problems, which make driving difficult or render movement impossible. The character needs to repair the car or change the transport.

Chassis damage

Chassis damage to the car in GTA 5 occurs due to collisions, explosions, and bullet hits in the car. Failure of the car's suspension system implies immediate repair, as the damage affects the direct ability to move.


The essential tools and materials for car repair in GTA 5

In the world of Grand Theft Auto 5, there's no self-service when it comes to vehicle repairs. Should the rigors of the streets best your ride, the only way to patch up the rig is either in the garage or at a professional repair shop.

It behooves game enthusiasts to understand the nitty-gritty of repairs in GTA 5:

  • Totally obliterated cars are beyond repair — after an explosion, that car has seen the end of its race.
  • Dabbling with cheat-codes for insta-fixes could have dire consequences, such as account suspension;
  • Cars have different levels of resilience to damage sustained;
  • Weather conditions alongside the quality of the road surface can accelerate destruction, for instance, off-roading could ruin the car's suspension;
  • Damage affects not just the visual representation but also, significantly, the control of the vehicle.
Severe damages could render a car unwieldy, or even un-drivable in some cases.

Required Instruments for Repair

The game doesn't cater to a do-it-yourself approach for car repairs, so there's no need to worry about tools.

Where to Find Repair Materials

The quest for repair materials and tools is not a wild goose chase you need to embark on, as DIY car repairs are not a provision in GTA 5. Only the trained hands of professionals – those in automotive repair shops, or dealerships can fix damaged cars. If your character has a garage, repairs are achievable there.

Strategies for Vehicle Repair in GTA 5

You can repair a car in GTA 5 at LS Custom, your own garage, and in the auto shop.

An alternative way to get a repaired car is to switch the character while driving.

Repair at LS Custom

LS Custom is a network of auto repair shops in Grand Theft Auto 5 where you can repair and modify a car. There are 3 LS Custom auto services in the game, marked on the mini-map as a black paint can.

Car repair at LS Custom

To fix a damaged vehicle, drive into the workshop and step out of the car cabin - the workers will quickly repair and paint the car.

Repair in personal garage

If the character has purchased a property with a garage, it's possible to fix the car in their personal bay.

The player must drive to the garage and signal near the yellow-coloured car image to repair. The hero will drive away from the garage in an instantly restored car.

Repair in auto shop

Paleto Bay has an auto shop where you can fix your damaged car. The repair service is marked on the mini-map with a blue wheel sign.

Car recovery in the Paleto Bay auto shop:

  1. Locate the place on the map.
  2. Drive into the auto shop.
  3. Press the "E" button on the keyboard.
  4. Select the "I understand" option.
  5. Press the "Esc" button.
  6. Exit the vehicle.

The damaged car is repaired instantly.

Character switch

The method of repairing the vehicle by switching character is based on calculations made by the GTA 5 developers.

To restore the car, players switch the current character at the point when they're at the wheel to another hero and instantly get a repaired car.

Users indicate that sometimes, as a result of this manipulation, the car may disappear.

The Wrap-up

To repair the damage taken on land vehicles in GTA V, the developers have provided garages and auto repair shops. Players select a convenient location on the map where they can fix the car in GTA 5, or employ another method, depending on their location and situation.


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