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How to remove friends in PUBG?

In the Players Unknown Battlegrounds game, there's a limit on the number of friends you can have. The maximum you can add is 100 people.

For beginners, it's helpful to know how to remove friends from PUBG after an update, so when you reach the maximum number, you can remove some older friends and add new players.

Where can we see the roster of buddies in PUBG?

The list of comrades in PUBG is situated in the game lobby. Besides friends, this section includes those team members whom the user has recently partnered with in the game, and Steam friends who haven't yet installed PUBG.

In the PUBG mobile version, the friends list is nestled in the game lobby.

How to remove a person from friends in PUBG



Why clear off mates from PUBG Mobile?

The primary reason for unfriending in PUBG is to clear the list for newcomers.

In the PUBG Mobile version, there are no limitations to the friends and acquaintances list, but the need for cleaning up might arise. Players often delete annoying users who disrupt peaceful gaming, keep sending team invitations, resend requests upon refusal, or spam private messages with team-play proposals.

Where can one find the blacklist for PUBG?

In the computer version of the game PUBG, there is no proper blacklist for players. A user can adjust the privacy settings of their account, but it's not possible to put another gaming enthusiast on a blacklist. In PUBG mobile, you can add other battle participants to the blacklist.

After making it to the blacklist, the user will not be able to send private messages or team invitations. To view the blacklist in PUBG mobile:

1. Open the contact list in the lobby.
2. Press the menu button.
3. Select "Blacklist".

When you add someone to the blacklist, you can specify the reason. Seasoned players recommend leaving notes for each individual to understand who should not be removed from the ignored members' list.

Step-by-step guide to unfriending in PUBG

In PUBG, there's a social networking hierarchy in place. The lion's share of aficionados exercise their PUBG prowess via Steam. If a combatant wishes to unsee another in the PUBG universe, they must simply desist the connection by uncoupling from their Steam friend list.

If your adversary is found lurking on another gaming platform, the purge shall happen within the game's software itself.

Step 1

Once Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) boots up, our virtual gladiators will instantly find themselves inside the battle lobby. In this nerve center, our combatant will be privy to a well-curated list of companions-in-arms, made up of in-game contacts and Steam confederates alike.

Step 2

The in-game friends tab is where the action unfolds. Simply clicking it open reveals the gamer's realm, where those in question can be selected with a wrist flick.

Step 3

A right mouse click opens the gate to the potential purge, the "Remove from In-game friends" list. A cascading menu will roll out, with "Remove" standing out as an option. With a final nod of approval, the system shall do the needful and respectfully dismiss the unwanted association from the registry.

Should our battle-hardy PUBG enthusiasts ever need to rekindle old connections, the door is always open for the reinstatement of friends, so long as they have available slots in their virtual entourage.

How to remove a friend in PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile, friends can only be removed through the game lobby. Due to server overload, the request for removal may take up to 15–20 minutes — the person will disappear from the friend list within that time. If the user is not removed from the register after half an hour, it is necessary to attempt to clear the list again.

If PUBG Mobile is linked to social networks, for example, to FB, you should remove the person from friends on social networks and in the game software. After removal from the register, the user is not blacklisted. They can continue to send private messages and invite the player to the team if privacy settings do not restrict these features.

Step 1 To delete a user from the friend list, you need to launch PUBG on your mobile device via the desktop shortcut and go to the "Friends" section.
Step 2 The "Friends" section will enable you to view all contacts in the game and in your Steam account. To delete a user from the register, select the player and press the "Remove" button.
Step 3 Once the action is confirmed, the system will remove the game participant from the PUBG Mobile register, and the player can continue to fight in the company of selected participants or add new friends to the list.

You can bring a participant of the battles back to the PUBG Mobile friends register at any time. We recommend playing only in verified legal bookies and have selected the best bookmaker bonuses for you, so you can start playing and winning!

The Final Verdict

Removing friends from PUBG is a rare requirement. The developers have provided for the possibility of excluding friends in the game software and in the Steam account.

In PUBG mobile, users delete friends in the game lobby.

If the Players Unknown Battlegrounds account is synced with social networks, it is necessary to delete the user from the contact list in the linked network to exclude the possibility of the player's access to personal messages and team invitation notices.


How to remove all friends in PUBG Mobile?
The feature to batch remove friends in PUBG Mobile is not provided. Each friend has to be deleted sequentially.
If you remove a friend on Steam, will they disappear in PUBG?
When a user is removed from the friends' list on Steam, the player will vanish from the friends' lineup in PUBG.
Can a player be re-added as a friend after deletion?
The game doesn't limit the reinstatement of friends after removal.
Why, despite being removed, has the user remained on the friends list?
In PUBG Mobile, request processing can occur with a delay due to heavy server load, the user will disappear from the friend's list after 15-20 minutes. If necessary, the player's removal may be repeated.
How long does it take for a player to vanish from the friends list after being removed?

The system instantaneously removes the player from the friends list, however, deletion might take place with a slight delay due to the load on the game server.


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