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How to recover an account in WoT

World of Tanks is a thrilling team-based online shooter centered around tank battles on 20th century military machinery. This is not just another game, folks; it's a skill-based challenge, where strategy and camaraderie play pivotal roles.

Players find themselves locked out of the World of Tanks universe if they forget their passwords or the email address linked to the account. It's a tough match hurdle nobody wants to experience.

Newcomers often grapple with how to restore their World of Tanks account using their email and phone number through two-factor authentication and the WoT Support Center. It's not unlike a rookie finding his feet in the challenging esports terrain.

How to recover a deleted World of Tanks account

In the strategic battlefield of World of Tanks, the option to execute a strategic withdrawal—by deleting one's account—is akin to an adept manoeuvre by an ace tanker evading enemy fire. Yet, akin to a tactical pause in the heat of battle, players are afforded a 45-day grace period post-deactivation, a window for reconsideration, allowing them the chance to re-engage with the front lines should they choose to reverse their decision.

Be advised, commanders, once the 45-day countdown concludes, the deletion becomes final, erasing all traces of the account from the server—a decision not to be taken lightly. For those warriors who, in a moment of haste, opted for deletion but now find their spirits reignited, eager to return to the fray, here's the protocol to reactive your World of Tanks account and resume your campaign:

  • Mobilize to HQ: Initiate the procedure by heading to your digital base camp, the official Wargaming or Lesta Games website, contingent on your preferred theater of operations within World of Tanks.
  • Secure Your Identity: Log into your account, a crucial step to verify your command credentials and reestablish your presence on the battlefield.
  • Acknowledge the Rules of Engagement (RoE): This final step involves reaffirming your commitment to the theatre of war by agreeing to the License Agreement and Privacy Policy, the indispensable Rules of Engagement in this digital conflict.

Commanders, your account will be reinstated and combat-ready within 24 hours of completing these steps. The strategic minds at Vprognoze bring this operational intel to you, ensuring you're always prepared for the next engagement. Keep your health bar at maximum and your adversaries within targeting distance. The battlefields of World of Tanks await your return. Game on, and may your aim be true!




Restoring your account through email in WoT

If a tank enthusiast forgets their password, the account in WoT can be restored using the linked e-mail:

  1. Head straight to the official resource of the game and click 'Sign in'.
  2. Select 'Recover Account' next to 'Can't sign in'.
  3. Enter your linked e-mail address.
  4. Follow the link sent to your e-mail, and come up with and confirm a new password.
  5. To complete the recovery process, click 'Add' and sign in to your profile.

Recovering a World of Tanks account via phone number

If a phone number is attached to your World of Tanks account, access to the profile can be unlocked via an SMS message.

Instead of receiving an email link, the account owner gets a text message with a code sent to their attached phone.

Here's how to regain account access in World of Tanks through a phone number:

  1. Navigate to the World of Tanks login page on the official developer's site.
  2. Select the option to restore your access.
  3. Enter the email address with which the system can identify you as a player.
  4. Enter the SMS code you received and hit 'Activate'.
  5. Create and confirm your new password.
In preparation, you can link a phone number to use for account retrieval in your World of Tanks personal settings.

How to recover an account through Two-Factor Protection

If a player has enabled two-factor authentication, account recovery on World of Tanks can be effected through the Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator mobile apps:

  1. In the authorization window on the Wargaming or Lesta Games website, select the "Recover account" option.
  2. Specify your email.
  3. Open the mobile authentication app and enter the code from the software on the game's site, then click "Activate".
  4. Devise and confirm a new password.
You can download the Google or Microsoft Authenticator applications from the App Store and Google Play.

Remember, folks, a two-step verification process is a bulletproof shield in the esports arena that drastically decreases the chances of any unauthorized plays. Just as an oiled machine is crucial on the playing field, so is secured access to keep our digital field of battle just as protected. Be on guard, game confidently, and keep your guard up and defenses tight in this exhilarating world of professional esports gaming.

How to recover your account via the WoT Support Center

When a player forgets their password or lacks access to the bound e-mail, a verified phone number, or a two-factor authentication application, you can regain lost access through the WoT Support Center.

The user will need to make a request via the Support Center to regain access to their WoT account:

  1. Go to the 'Support Center' section on the developer's website.
  2. Click the 'Contact Support' button.
  3. Select the category 'Cannot Login' and the reason for the issue as 'Incorrect Email / Password, Two-Factor Issues'.
  4. Select the type of problem- incorrect login or password, phone, or two-factor authentication.
  5. Click on 'Create a Request'.
  6. Fill out the form, enter your e-mail address and nickname, city where you registered the account, Internet provider, and gaming platform.
  7. Describe the situation and click 'Submit Request'.

The World of Tanks Support Service response will be sent to the e-mail you provided in the request.

In order to increase the chances of regaining access to your profile, it's crucial to provide as much information about your circumstances as possible and clearly and thoroughly describe the situation.

How to link social networks to your World of Tanks game profile

In the personal account of World of Tanks, players can link their social media profile to their in-game account, following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your personal account.
  2. Go to your dashboard.
  3. Select the social media platform of your choice.
  4. Log in to your selected network's profile and confirm the linking to your in-game account.
Linking a social media profile provides the player with the advantage of accessing the World of Tanks account without the necessity for a password.


In the hyper-competitive world of World of Tanks, reclaiming lost access to one's cabinet is a mission possible via several routes. You can employ your e-mail or phone number, utilize the double-edged sword of two-factor authentication, or report to the User Support Center for valuable assistance. Each method casts a lifeline to your gaming experience, allowing you to jump right back into the high-octane battlefield.

Additionally, your WoT personal cabinet is equipped with all-terrain features, and hitching your account to your social media profile stands as yet another reliable entrance route. It streamlines access, linking your gaming triumphs with your digital realm seamlessly.

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