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How to purchase vehicles in GTA 5

Fans of Grand Theft Auto know the drill when it comes to securing transportation to navigate the state's terrain. One can either hijack or purchase many car models within the game.

Before procuring a vehicle in GTA 5, it's crucial to choose a suitable dealership, the desired model, and the method of payment.

Where and how to find car dealerships in GTA 5

Car trading in GTA 5 is a lucrative business.

A search function assists players in spotting car dealerships:

  1. Press the "Esc" keyboard button.
  2. Choose "Map" from the in-game menu.
  3. Enter the dealership name in the search bar.

Car dealerships are marked on the map with a car icon

Car dealerships are spread throughout the state; players can view the exact location on the interactive map at The map marker appears as a car icon.

Finding the nearest car dealership

Skilled players strategize purchases at the nearest dealership and choose popular sellers:

  • Legendary Motorsport is an elite concern in the southern district of Vinewood, renowned for selling the most expensive cars;
  • Premium Deluxe Motorsport, a prestigious and frequented dealership located in the city centre on Covell Avenue, is known for its high price range and vast car selection;
  • Los Santos Customs, located on Capitol Street on the western coast of Los Santos, is a spot where you can purchase transport and enhance your vehicle's configuration;
  • Benny’s Original Motor Works, a service in the city centre that sells exclusive models and provides tuning services;
  • Southern San Andreas Super Auto, a shop in the northeastern district of Paleto Bay, is frequented for buying good cars at a reasonable price with options to upgrade in place;
  • Warstock Cache & Carry, a dealership center that sells ground, air, and marine military equipment in Paleto Bay, near the seaport.
Players utilize the GPS navigation option to reach their desired location – activating the GPS in the game settings. The map will highlight the route reaching the specified point.

Types of car dealerships in the game

Main criteria for choosing a car dealership for car purchases in GTA 5 include:

  • car variety;
  • price level;
  • location;
  • additional services – repair and modification.

How to Pick and Preview Available Vehicles in GTA 5

Your GTA 5 character can procure a car from an auto showroom or arrange for vehicle delivery online through a car dealer's website.

Scouting The Assortment

In order to explore the range of cars in the store, the player inspects the showroom demos, or approaches a manager who can provide data on the available models.

To execute an online vehicle purchase in GTA 5, the character's phone must have internet access:

  1. Press the 'up arrow' button on the keyboard.
  2. Select 'Internet' from the menu.
In the 'Travel and Leisure' section, the user will find a list of car dealership websites and can enter any resource to browse the showroom assortment, look at the technical specs of the vehicles and check current prices.

Southern San Andreas Super Auto offers good cars at acceptable prices

Payment Methods for Cars in GTA 5

Execute your purchase on the auto dealer's website or car center using the 'Buy' button next to the vehicle image. Your account balance will take a hit, your virtual garage will get a new addition, or the seller will deliver the vehicle to your game character's location.

Here are the strategies to accumulate sufficient funds in your virtual account:

  • Refuel your game balance using a bank card or e-wallet;
  • Reap rewards for completing tasks and achieving game missions;
  • Compete in high-stake races with monetary prizes;
  • Invest in in-game businesses, either independently or in partnership with fellow players;
  • Lay siege to warehouses or factories, conduct solo heists or band along with your crew.

Rules and limitations when purchasing vehicles in GTA 5

In the world of GTA 5, when one embarks on a journey of purchasing vehicles there are certain restrictions to keep track of:

  • Some dealerships and models are only accessible at certain levels of the game or after completing specific missions;
  • Certain automobiles can only be bought in the online mode of GTA, while others are limited to the single-player game;
  • In the multiplayer mode, it's imperative for the player character to secure a driver's license.

Grotti X80 Proto - one of the most luxurious hyper-cars in the online version of GTA 5

Before inking the deal for a new vehicle, a strategic choice of storage location is made - be it a garage or a separate building. GTA 5 notches up the ability of offering garages of variable sizes where one can park up to 10 vehicles at a time.

When ordering through the internet, a delivery location with a minimal presence of other players or gangs is often the chosen one.

When choosing your ride in GTA, it's advisable to check your virtual balance and top up your gaming account if necessary. Studying the vehicle specifications and assessing the financial viability is always a prudent move.

Seasoned players often suggest buying a car only when there is an actual need, choosing a model aligned with the mission on hand, not just personal preferences.

The highlight of purchasing in GTA V is the ability to modify your auto afterwards.


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