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How to play on LT in WoT

In World of Tanks, light tanks are a complicated class of combat vehicles due to the management features and tactical and technical characteristics dictated by the reconnaissance role.

When playing on LT in WoT, the task is to detect enemy equipment and transmit the obtained data to allies.

Light tanks often engage in close combat with the enemy, deal damage to slow combat vehicles with weak armor, and immobilize equipment within the view radius with a precise hit on the tracks.

Game dynamics on light tanks (LT) in World of Tanks

The advantage of light tanks (LTs) is their speed. Their relatively small mass allows them to quickly maneuver across the battlefield. For instance, before the Great Patriotic War, the weight of a light tank did not exceed 5 tons. However, after the war, LTs became heavier; for example, the M41 weighs 23 tons, while heavy tanks start at a weight of 40 tons.

Understanding how to effectively use light tanks is crucial for minimizing losses and achieving success on the battlefield. Primarily used for reconnaissance, these combat vehicles boast high speeds, making it difficult for enemies to land a hit. Typically, LTs are not equipped with powerful guns, as inflicting damage is not their main purpose.

A key strategy when playing with a light tank is to relocate after attacking. The role of LTs extends beyond just scouting enemy positions and transmitting data; maintaining them for as long as possible and avoiding return fire soon after engaging is vital. Experienced players often share tips on how to effectively play with LTs in World of Tanks (WoT) Blitz.

This game, designed for mobile devices, features 7v7 battles on smaller maps, as opposed to the 15x15 format in the standard WoT game. Blitz battles are more dynamic, with a higher action density. Coordination with the team is crucial in WoT Blitz, as group efforts typically yield better results. The key to success lies in the adept tactical deployment.

The main purpose of "fireflies"

"Fireflies" in WoT are referred to as LT for reconnaissance. The equipment is used for illumination, detection of enemy combat vehicles. The main purpose of "fireflies" is to scout and transmit the collected data to allies.

The WoT developers' types of terrain - vegetation, cliffs, rocks - assist the LT in scouting. Ambushes allow for revealing the location of the opponent's equipment without being noticed by the enemy and transmitting the information to allies.

Data from the reconnaissance combat vehicle are employed by tanks and SPGs - self-propelled artillery units. In WoT, LTs detect the enemy and relay coordinates to allies to destroy the opponent.

Types of intelligence

In the LT guide, players include an analysis of types of reconnaissance in WoT. Learning to play World of Tanks effectively is aided by using one of three tactics depending on the situation on the battlefield.

WoT distinguishes between active reconnaissance, passive illumination, and experienced users play under heavy tanks.

Active reconnaissance

Conducting active reconnaissance is an option on how to play properly on an LT. A light tank in WoT gets to the enemy base and tries to get as much information as possible about the location of enemy combat vehicles.

T-50-2 is a good light tank for conducting active reconnaissance

The success of active reconnaissance is speed. Play by the strategy is only worth very fast light tanks in WoT. The task is to show the enemy to allies earlier than the light tank will detect opponent's "scouts".

With active reconnaissance, it is necessary for the light tank to stay in position as long as possible to allow allies to navigate by the light emitted by combat vehicles.

Passive illumination

Passive illumination is an alternative option on how to play "scouts" in WoT. With correct use of combat vehicles, the tactic can yield results.

"Scouts" up to the eighth level rarely adopt passive illumination.

The American tank XM551 Sheridan is often used for passive attacks

The goal of the "scout" is to take a position in the bushes in the center of the map. The light tank quickly exposes itself to the enemy. The task is to notice the enemy earlier through communication with allies and a better view and transmit information to start an attack.

After the operation, the light tank returns to base or switches to active reconnaissance strategy.

Play under heavy tanks

Playing under heavy tanks is a tactic on how to play a "scout" in WoT. By strategy, instead of high speed, a light tank uses the ability to illuminate and highlight enemy combat vehicles. Experienced gamers play under heavy tanks with MT – medium tanks.


  1. Estimate the route of movement of a column of medium and heavy tanks of allies.
  2. Follow behind the MT and HT.
  3. Overtake the enemy technique at the moment when the tanks appear on the horizon. Give light and direct artillery to work on the opponent.
  4. Quickly return to the column and try to take part in inflicting damage on the opponent.

BT's ammo rack is not the most powerful, experienced players shoot at the enemy's technique tracks and immobilize the opponent. Even if the enemy is destroyed by more powerful combat vehicles of other players, the tanker will get experience for hitting the tracks and inflicting damage on the enemy.

The tactic of playing on a light tank under heavy tanks leads to a gradual and inexorable weakening of the enemy's column. An additional task of the player on a light tank is to reach the enemy's base and detect foreign SPGs and TDs – tank destroyers.

Crew perks

In the list of recommendations on how to play LT in WoT, experienced users pay attention to crew perks - the skills and abilities of team members.

Crew perks for light tanks:

  • "Sixth sense" helps to be aware of the combat vehicle's appearance in enemy illumination;
  • "Camouflage" – is a key skill for the LT crew;
  • "Eagle Eye" and "Radio Interception" allow to increase the viewing radius and accomplish more tasks set before the crew;
  • "Bonds of Battle" – is an indispensable skill for all members of the LT crew in WoT, the skill improves by 5% the level of mastering the main specialty.
A light tank requires concealment. Without the camouflage skill, the combat vehicle will not be able to successfully complete missions.

Equipment selection

The set of LT equipment in WoT for performing a mission depends on the selected battle tactics.

Passive lighting strategy equipment:

  • The "Camouflage Net" is used effectively in bushes, to activate the camouflage the tank freezes in place for at least 5 seconds - the camouflage net does not work in motion;
  • The "Binocular Telescope" increases the view range, it only works when the vehicle is stopped;
  • "Improved Ventilation" decreases reload time, increases rate of fire.

Equipment for vehicles, if playing according to active reconnaissance tactics:

  • "Improved Ventilation".
  • "Coated Optics" does not increase view range as much as a binocular telescope, but works in motion and in a static position.
  • "Vertical Stabilizer" reduces the spread of the projectile's action radius, increases the accuracy of unprepared shots.

LT in WoT

LT in WoT play an important role. Properly using combat vehicles' functionality gives the team an advantage over the enemy due to the presence of maneuverable scouts and increases the chances of victory.

An example of a good LT is the Soviet tank T-100. With full equipment, the combat vehicle can reach up to 72 km/h.

Soviet tank T-100 LT

There are many good light tanks in Britain and France. For example, the British Manticore has small dimensions, dynamics, view and camouflage. The scout can reach speeds of up to 68 km/h.

Manticore tank

From French tanks, enthusiasts highlight AMX 13 105.

AMX 13 105 tank

The AMX 13 105 is equally effective in scouting and shooting opponents. The model has small dimensions, balanced view, mobility, and camouflage level.

The main advantage is that the gun allows you to play aggressively, highlight opponents and participate in the elimination of enemy machinery itself.


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