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How to perform in a platoon in World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a popular tank-based online shooter where user skills take center stage. Teamwork amongst allies during a battle can significantly bolster the chances of a team's victory.

World of Tanks Game

A successful strategy to amplify teamwork in World of Tanks is forming a platoon. Enthusiasts often wonder what a platoon in World of Tanks is, how to establish it, and how to maneuver effectively within this alliance.

How to form a platoon in WoT

In World of Tanks, a platoon represents a formidable battle formation, a trio of tank operators entering the fray together to accomplish their mission objectives. With such a battle unit, players often achieve superior performance during battles, gaining more experience and silver, fulfilling their Personal Battle Assignments, and boosting their gameplay statistics.

Team play offers some strategic advantages in World of Tanks, amplifying victory rates in battles.

Platooning beforehand comes with added perks:

  • A 15% experience boost;
  • 15% increase in silver if your companion has a premium account;
  • A silver increment of 10% if one member has a premium account.
There are several ways to form a platoon in World of Tanks; automatically through pre-battle player matching, manually via invitations, and during the heat of battle itself.

Creating a platoon through the player search feature

Creating a platoon in World of Tanks is straightforward via the in-game player search feature:

  1. Open the game and click the 'Create Platoon' button.
  2. Specify your search parameters - the level of your tank and whether you desire voice communication capabilities.

The search feature operates under the following factors:

  • The average rating of the potential platoon members;
  • The number of battles on various tiers;
  • User server compatibility;
  • The presence or absence of vocal communication.
Membership in a specific clan speeds up the player matching process significantly.

The automated search system enables efficient platoon formation amongst tank operators of similar calibre, ensuring an equal distribution of power.

Creating your personalised platoon

You also have the alternative to create a World of Tanks platoon by selectively inviting the participants:

  1. Start the application and choose the 'Create Platoon' button.
  2. Select the 'New Platoon' option to establish your formation.
  3. Click the 'Invite Players' button and invite partners from your contact list or through the search feature.
  4. Confirm the dispatch of your invitations.
Once the platoon is formed, players can send messages via the platoon chat to familiarise themselves with one another and discuss battle strategies.

How to accept an invitation to a platoon in WoT

One can accept an invitation to a platoon in WoT (World of Tanks) when the tank is in the hangar. A simple press on the "Accept" button is all it takes to make this happen.

If a player isn't keen on joining a combat unit, they need to hit the "Decline" button as a necessary move.

How to remove a player from the squad

The team leader has the power to exclude members if an individual is behaving inappropriately, insulting other users, or unwilling to follow the majority-selected tactics.

To exclude a player, you need to hover your mouse over the participant's image in the squad menu and select the 'Exclude from Formation' option.

If a player wishes to leave the formation, they can use the 'Leave Squad' option.

How to activate voice chat in a platoon in World of Tanks

Voice communication is one of the pivotal elements in establishing cohesive teams in World of Tanks. Leveraging the power of voice chat is key to coordinating maneuvers and achieving marquee performances.

To engage the voice chat feature during armoured warfare, you'll need to fire up certain settings in WoT:

  1. Boot up World of Tanks.
  2. Navigate your way to "Settings" - "Audio" - "Voice Chat".
  3. Click into action the "Enable Voice Chat" option.
The default keyboard button for activating voice chat is "Q". Within the WoT interface, players have the freedom to assign any preferred key to unlock the chat functionality.

What is a dynamic platoon in Tanks?

An alternate strategy for enhancing team coordination without pre-established team composition is to assemble a dynamic platoon during the heat of the battle. Unlike a prearranged battle unit, a dynamic platoon offers no privileges such as bonus experience and silver. Here's the play-by-play on teaming up with allies during a clash:

1. Hold down the 'Tab' key on your keyboard.
2. With your mouse, navigate to the space on the left of the player of your choice in the grid menu.
3. Click on the '+' sign to send an invitation.

Sending an invitation to a dynamic platoon in World of Tanks

Upon acceptance of the invitation, the system initiates a battle formation designating access to platoon chat and voice communication. Players can toggle between team chat and platoon chat using 'Tab'. However, bear in mind that you can't recruit players who are already part of another formation or those who've disabled the 'Accept Platoon Invitations' option in their WoT settings.

Choosing the right equipment in a platoon

Teammates in a World of Tanks platoon strategically premeditate their choice of machinery, ensuring that their selections amplify combat effectiveness during head-to-head battles.

As per the World of Tanks rulebook, the equipment selected during a team's assembly must align with the team commander's tank tier. Each battle formation team is limited to one SPG selection.

When it comes to machinery selection, it's crucial to choose vehicles that mutually complement, bolstering the team's overall battle strategy, such as:

  • TD-SPG – TD-SPG – LT;
  • SPG – Heavy Tank – MT;
  • Medium Tank – Medium Tank – Medium Tank.

For platoon gaming in World of Tanks, gamers likewise opt for LT, MT, HT or MT, MT, HT combinations.

Effective Tactics for Playing in a Squad

Battle strategies are all about maximizing teamwork and complementing each other's strengths.

Effective World of Tanks tactics include:

  • Two tank destroyers and one light tank that pushes ahead to provide reconnaissance data for the artillery to fire effectively. With careful support from allies, the light tank delivers crucial intelligence for the artillery teams.
  • Self-propelled artillery, a heavy tank, and a medium tank. The heavy tank pushes forward with the cover of the self-propelled artillery and medium tank, which fire from the second line of the battle drawing out opponents into the fire zone.
  • A trio of medium tanks with differing strengths such as T-62A, Obj. 140, and Obj. 430, effectively complementing each other. For instance, one vehicle targets heavily armored opponents, another excels in firing speed, while the third absorbs damage.

3 medium tanks with varied strengths — a great example of an effective WoT platoon strategy



Tank enthusiasts need to understand the concept of a platoon in World of Tanks, and learn the correct strategies for effective team gameplay within a unit.

With consistent gameplay in formations, a tank player successfully finishes no less than 60–70% of team battles.


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