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How to master playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO is a popular team-based shooter that millions of enthusiasts and thousands of professionals around the globe partake in.

A common question many newcomers ask is, how can one learn to play CS: GO in order to achieve positive outcomes?

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Advice from experienced CS: GO players can aid beginners of these computerised face-offs to improve their gameplay results.

Training Fundamental Skills

Mastering essential skills is pivotal in delivering a successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) gameplay - accurate shooting, strategic movement, and adept grenade utilization.


Shooting is a crucial skill in CS:GO. The vast majority of kills are made with firearms.

It's essential to train your shooting skills in CS:GO during traditional matches against real opponents and in training maps with targets and bots.

There are 3 types of shooting in CS:GO for specific game situations:

  • One Tap - single fire from sniper rifles, pistols, and other weapons when ammunition is low;
  • Burst Fire - short bursts from automatic rifles and submachine guns, suitable for beginners who can't shoot with a long burst, useful in situations when a smoke screen covers the enemy;
  • Spray - long burst shooting, which professionals consider an essential skill in the game, is possible at long and short range from any weapon that supports this firing method.

For single fire, the player clicks the left mouse button, for burst fire - holds the left button for a few seconds. For spray fire, you need to hold down the mouse button for several seconds. The longer the press, the stronger the recoil and the lower the accuracy of shooting.

YPRAC Bot Arena

YPRAC Bot Arena is a training map that provides several game modes with bots and targets.

To play on the map, the shooting enthusiast adds the location to the workshop and activates it through the console with the command "map yprac_arena".

Aim Botz

Aim Botz is a favorite CS:GO map for shooting at bots located in a circular space.

Users can set the speed of bot movement or make virtual opponents stationary.

The activation of the training map takes place through the console by entering the command "map aim_botz".

Recoil Master

Recoil Master is a training map for honing recoil control skills. On this map, players aim to hit targets precisely, not speed.

To activate the map, you need to add the location to the workshop and apply the command "map recoil_master".

Fast Aim/Reflex

Fast Aim/Reflex is a popular map for training the player's reflexes, which are crucial for quickly reacting to running enemies. The map helps to improve reaction time and peripheral vision - essential skills for enthusiasts who are learning how to play in CS:GO.

The Fast Aim/Reflex map can be loaded through the console with the command "map fast aim/reflex".


Proper movement is key to a successful game in CS:GO. Skillful map navigation makes the player less vulnerable to enemy fire.

In Counter Strike: Global Offensive, players use 3 main movement skills – strafing, bunny hopping, and surfing.


Strafe is a popular way to move in CS:GO. While walking, the player alternately presses the "left" and "right" keys. The duration of the keypress doesn't matter - only the act of switching matters.

A unique characteristic of strafing is that once the player releases either "left" or "right" key, the character will continue to move a certain distance. Prolonged stops can further complicate enemies' aim to take down the player.

Bunny Hop

Bunny hop or bhop is a movement mechanic where the player gains speed through timely jumps while strafing.

During each jump, you need to steer the mouse toward the strafe. For example, if a player strafes by pressing the "right" key, the mouse should be directed to the right side.

You should hold down the mouse button when the character touches the ground after the last jump.

While using bhop, the character moves faster, making it harder for opponents to hit the target. Bunny hopping is almost noiseless, preventing opponents from determining the character's location through footsteps.


Surfing is a movement method in CS:GO involving jumps and subsequent gliding. To surf, simply run, release the forward run key + W, jump, and press the left movement key + A or right + D.

While surfing, it's important to look straight ahead, to slide you need to smoothly move the mouse in the direction of movement. It's better to surf on a sloping surface.

Surfing in CSGO is a skilful way to evade enemy fire when gunfight is not an option.

Use of Grenades

Grenades are an essential element in CS:GO, and their correct usage can improve performance on maps.

In CS:GO, players use 5 types of grenades:

  • Smoke Grenade, or "smoke," creates a smoke screen for 18 seconds, allowing players to cover a retreat or advance along a corridor with enemies;
  • Flashbang, or "flash," blinds players for up to 5 seconds, who look at the grenade for at least 2 seconds. The closer the player is to the flashbang, the longer the blinding time;
  • Molotov Cocktail - a bottle with flammable contents burns a section of the map. Players within the radius of the grenade take damage from the fire mix; the maximum burning time of a Molotov cocktail is 7 seconds;
  • Classic fragmentation grenade explodes and damage enemies within the radius. The closer the player is to the exploded grenade, the greater the damage;
  • Decoy Grenade mimics shooting sounds; many players find the decoy grenade useless and don't use it in matches.

Game situations in CS:GO, where the use of grenades is necessary:

  • Smoke Screen - to block vision for the attacking or defending side;
  • Flashbang - entry into a dangerous zone, forcing an enemy out of cover, or assisting a teammate in a firefight;
  • Molotov Cocktail - burning dangerous and inaccessible positions where the enemy has settled or may settle;
  • Fragmentation grenade - dealing additional damage to the opponent;
  • Decoy grenade - simulating gunfire on a certain part of the map to deceive the enemy.

The skills of using types of grenades can be honed in battles against live opponents and on training maps.

CS:GO beginners watch professional players during streams to effectively play with grenades.


In the realm of professional esports gaming, consistent practice and training are paramount.

The best way to master CS GO is to hone your gaming skills.

Given the time, experienced players engage in Counter Strike: Global Offensive for no less than an hour a day.

CS GO offers numerous training maps for self-education, and the acquired skills could be put to the test in matches against live opponents.

Watching professional games and demos

Viewing pro-team matchups can significantly boost a player's team coordination skills. Enthusiasts tend to take note of professional esports players' behavior in diverse game scenarios, breaking down their manoeuvres and grasping the intricacies of in-game engagements.

Newcomers typically resort to watching demos—archived match records—to gain diversified perspectives on each player's response to different on-screen predicaments.

Rookies should ideally start their training by studying pro-player demos.

"Map Awareness"

An intimate understanding of the map is the key to a successful gameplay in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. A gamer has to memorize the layout of all elements on the map, popular terrorist and counter-terrorist spots, common timing habits of the participants.

Maps can be studied in practice matches with AI bots and in duels with real opponents.

Communication and team play

Mastering cohesive team play is a vital pathway to triumph in CS: GO. Sharpening the skills of team play can start within the comfort of your friend group and progressively evolve to collaborating with other teammates.

The regime's fundamental principles include at least elementary English proficiency, delivering concise and precise information, mutual respect, and practicing non-aggression towards both opponents and allies.


How to master the gameplay of CS: GO?

The critical skills one must master for effective play in CS GO include precise shooting, proper movement, and tactical grenade usage.

It's essential for players to hone these skills in practice matches against real opponents as well as on training maps with bots and targets.

To enhance results in CS GO, one should watch streams of professional esports athletes, know the maps, maintain communication with teammates, and always remember the importance of teamwork.

What are the various types of shooting in CS GO?

In CS GO, players employ three methods of firing: single shot, short bursts, and long sprays. The long spray, an efficient yet challenging firing technique, stands as one of the most intricate aspects of the game.

Which maps should be utilized for enhancing one's gaming skills in CS GO?

Popular maps for honing shooting skills and reaction: YPRAC Bot Arena, Aim Botz, Fast Aim/Reflex, and Recoil Master.

To load a map, it's required to add the location in the workshop and enter the title in the console, for example, "map yprac_arena".

What movement strategies do seasoned players use in CS GO?

Movement techniques that allow faster traversal and deft evasion from enemy fire - strafe, bunny hop, and surf.

You can hone your movement skills in Counter Strike: Global Offensive on training maps.

Where to place bets on CS GO?
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