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How to Make Infinite Grenades in CS:GO

Grenade throwing is an important skill in CS:GO. Players may find it beneficial to know how to make unlimited grenades in CS:GO, in order to improve their weapon-handling skills during practice sessions.

Why infinite grenades are needed in CS GO

The number of grenades available for purchase and the time during which a user can purchase ammunition are limited.

If the cheat for infinite grenades in CS GO is not entered, the player must restart the round each time after using all grenades.

Teams and cheats for infinite grenades in CS: GO

All cheats in CS: GO need to be activated in the console. By default, the console in the game is disabled.

Enabling the CS GO console:

  1. Open the game settings.
  2. Go to the category 'Game'.
  3. Enable developer console.
During the round, you can open the console with the '~' key when the keyboard layout is in English.

Users enable cheats only during a training game with bots. Console commands do not work in competitive matches.

Activating infinite grenades in the CS GO console:

  • 'sv_cheats 1' - allows using cheats;
  • 'sv_infinite_ammo 1' - makes ammo supply infinite.
If you specify '0' instead of '1' after the command, the system will disable the cheat previously entered.

Commands for grenade issuance

Grenades can be purchased in the store at the start of the round or added to the inventory using console commands.

To add grenades in CS GO, you need to enter the command "give weapon_name of the weapon". The designation of grenades in CS GO:

  • hegrenade - fragmentation grenade;
  • smokegrenade – smoke;
  • flashbang – flashbang;
  • molotov – Molotov cocktail;
  • incgrenade – incendiary grenade CT;
  • decoy – fake grenade.
The name must be specified without quotes; for example, the command "give weapon_molotov" will add the Molotov cocktail to the inventory.

Training Tips for Grenade Throws

Before starting the training, professionals recommend activating 2 commands in the console:

  • «mp_roundtime 60» – increase the duration of the round to 60 minutes;
  • «bot_kick» – disable bots.
Experienced players recommend conducting training sessions with friends to understand how successful the grenade hits are, for example, what area is affected by the flash from a flash grenade.

Best Maps for Training

In the CS: GO community, one can find 2 opposing views on which maps are better for grenade throw training.

Some players believe that training should be conducted on special maps created in the community. On these maps, players can understand the physics of grenade flight, which makes it easier to use weapons in competitive play.

Launching a training map from the workshop:

  1. Click "Play".
  2. Select "Workshop Maps".
  3. Open the workshop and select a map.

The second part of the community recommends conducting training immediately on competitive maps in order to form an understanding of how to use grenades in a real game.

How to enable grenade trajectory

To enable the grenade flight display, you need to enter the command 'sv_grenade_trajectory 1' in the console. The command 'sv_grenade_trajectory time' will set the display time of the trajectory. For example, 'sv_grenade_trajectory time 10' - will turn on the display of the flight trajectory for 10 seconds.

Combat enthusiasts expect that after the release of CS 2, training grenade racks will become easier. Developers will include in the game an automatic demonstration of the grenade flight trajectory and the area of damage. The result of the grenade throw the user will see in a separate window.


Endless grenades commands in CS GO allow players to practice schema. To activate cheats for endless grenades, users turn on the console and write commands for endless ammunition and getting grenades.


Why are infinite grenades needed in CS:GO?

Infinite grenades help players to continuously practice their throws without the constraints of the game's grenade limit. Without the cheat, players would have to restart rounds after using all grenades.

How can I enable the console in CS:GO?

To enable the console:

  1. Open the game settings.
  2. Navigate to the 'Game' category.
  3. Enable the developer console.
  4. During gameplay, press the '~' key (when the keyboard layout is in English) to open the console.
Can I use the infinite grenades cheat in competitive matches?

No, you can only activate cheats in training games with bots. Console commands do not work in competitive matches.

How do I activate the infinite grenades cheat?

In the console, input the following commands:

  1. sv_cheats 1 to enable cheats.
  2. sv_infinite_ammo 1 to get an infinite ammo supply.
How can I add specific grenades to my inventory?

Use the command give weapon_<name of the grenade>. For example, to get a Molotov cocktail, type give weapon_molotov.

What are some recommended settings for grenade throw training?

Before training, use the commands:

  • mp_roundtime 60 to set the round duration to 60 minutes.
  • bot_kick to remove bots.
  • Training with friends can also be beneficial to assess the impact of your grenade throws.
How can I see the trajectory of my grenade throws?

Use the command sv_grenade_trajectory 1 in the console to visualize the path of your grenade. To set how long the trajectory is displayed, use sv_grenade_trajectory time <number of seconds>.


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