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How to Boost FPS in CS:GO: Causes of FPS Drop in CS: GO

Stalling in the game is a severe issue for Counter-Strike fans. Glitches hinder high performance and success.

CS:GO is a team game; due to one gamer's glitches the entire team suffers. A common bug is a sudden FPS drop for no apparent reason.

CSGO enthusiasts study in advance how to increase FPS in CS:GO for quick problem resolution and return to the game.

What is FPS

Behind the English acronym FPS hides the phrase "Frames Per Second" – "Frames Per Second". The indicator counts the frame rate per second. For example, if the FPS is 50, a Counter-Strike user will see 50 frames per second.

The game begins to lag When the indicator drops to minimal values. The gamer loses the ability to continue the battle at FPS 30 and below – it is urgently necessary to increase FPS in CS GO.

With an FPS of 60, the gamer plays without freezes and lags.

Optimal FPS value in CS GO

A good FPS indicator is 50–60.

The frame rate could be several times higher, for example, 100–200.

Most users would not notice the difference between FPS 50 and 200 - Counter-Strike works just as well without lags and freezes. The difference is only noticeable when running CS GO on a professional monitor with a large number of hertz.

Players highlight 4 types of FPS values when frame rate issues become immediately noticeable and affect a player's abilities.

FPS Level Indicator Details
Less than 30 Low value The picture freezes, the gamer may not notice an approaching enemy and lose the character from a knife blow. If the value is less than 30, it's pointless to run CS GO.
30–40 Minimally acceptable level In competitive mode, serious problems arise, 1 freeze can give the enemy a significant advantage.
41–55 Normal level Possible to participate in amateur tournaments. There is a risk of FPS dropping to 20–30 at some locations, for instance, if the enemy uses grenades.
From 56 Excellent level Smooth picture without freezes and lags. If the FPS value is not above 60, the player should activate additional settings to prevent freezes, for example, during Molotov cocktail explosions.

What affects FPS in CS GO

The computer's performance and the shooter Counter-Strike settings are the main factors that determine FPS in CS GO. A high frame rate per second is possible with the most efficient functioning of the processor.

Players will experience problems if the system disk is overloaded.

2 types of settings affect the speed of changing frames:

  • In-game settings - parameters in Counter-Strike, primarily graphics settings;
  • Out-of-game settings - PC parameters, Windows, video card settings.

Reasons for FPS drop in CS GO

The main reason for the FPS drop in Counter-Strike is running the shooter on a computer with low technical specifications. Valve developer regularly releases updates and improvements to CS GO, constantly increasing the minimum system requirements for the game to work correctly on a PC. If the specifications are too low, the computer cannot process the image.

FPS regularly drops even on PCs with medium characteristics after improved texture quality or map expansion updates.

FPS drops with low video card settings decreased PC performance due to the simultaneous launch of several programs.

Sudden FPS drop from 100 to 20

If the FPS in CS GO has suddenly dropped, the problem may be caused by outdated drivers for the graphics adapter. A sharp drop in the number of frames per second needs to be eliminated promptly; otherwise, the participant and the team face an inevitable defeat in the current battle.

How to increase FPS in CS GO on a laptop

Most of the tips for increasing FPS in CS GO apply to laptops.

Another tip is to enter the command "mat_queue_mode -1" into the console. Instead of "1", you can use the values "2" or "3" - the number depends on the model and parameters of the laptop. The command allows you to increase the number of frames per second to 200–220.

Increasing the number of frames per second is helped by editing the video.txt file with the graphics settings of Counter-Strike. Some game settings can only be reduced to a minimum in the file. The document is located on disk C or D:

  1. Go to the "Steam" folder.
  2. Find the "Userdata" folder and path: "730" → "local" → "cfg".
  3. In the video.txt document, set the value "0" in the lines:
  • setting.cpu_level;
  • setting.gpu_level;
  • setting.mat_antialias.
Portable computer owners will not be able to clean the video card and other components from dust on their own.


What does FPS stand for and why is it important in CS GO?

FPS stands for "Frames Per Second," which indicates the frame rate per second. A higher FPS provides a smoother gaming experience. If the FPS is too low (e.g., below 30), the game begins to lag, which affects the player's performance.

What is the optimal FPS value for CS GO?

Ideally, an FPS value of 50-60 is recommended. While the game can operate at higher FPS (like 100-200), most users wouldn't notice the difference unless they use a professional monitor with a higher refresh rate.

How is FPS categorized in CS GO?
  • Less than 30 FPS: Picture freezes; hard to notice enemies. It's almost pointless to play.
  • 30-40 FPS: Minimally acceptable; issues in competitive mode can give the enemy an advantage.
  • 41-55 FPS: Suitable for amateur tournaments; occasional FPS drops might occur.
  • From 56 FPS: Smooth gameplay without any lags.
What factors determine FPS in CS GO?

FPS is mainly influenced by computer performance and in-game settings. A computer's processor, system disk load, in-game graphics settings, and other out-of-game PC parameters play a role.

Why might FPS drop in CS GO?
  • Running the game on a computer with low technical specifications.
  • Regular game updates that increase system requirements.
  • Low settings on the video card.
  • Decreased PC performance due to multiple programs running.
  • Outdated drivers for the graphics adapter.
How can FPS be increased in CS GO on a laptop?

Most general tips for increasing FPS apply to laptops. However, laptop users can also:

  • Enter the command "mat_queue_mode -1" into the console (with values "1", "2", or "3" depending on the laptop).
  • Edit the video.txt file with CS GO's graphics settings to set values to "0" for certain settings.
Where can I find the video.txt file to edit graphics settings?
  • The video.txt file can be located in either the C or D drive:
  • Navigate to the "Steam" folder.
  • Go to the "Userdata" folder.
  • Follow the path: "730" → "local" → "cfg".
  • Here, you'll find the video.txt document to make edits.


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