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How to fix high ping in League of Legends

League of Legends players occasionally report problems with increased ping, especially users of devices running on Windows 10.

Ping – is the time required to transfer data from the user to the server and back. High ping means that data arrives with a delay. A pending response causes lags in LoL, which affects the user and the team.

Reasons for high ping in League of Legends

Often, the cause of ping issues is an unstable network connection, poor internet connection quality, network card software conflicts, traffic overload, or the presence of malware.

Do not launch League of Legends when encountering ping issues. If the connection drops, the player automatically leaves the battle—the allied team is left in the minority.

Unstable Internet connection

In 90% of cases, ping fluctuations are caused by an unstable internet connection. To check the quality of the network, use a free speed test: Ookla, RegRu, NLS, 2IPUA, or Speedcheck.

The developer's site specifies that the game's minimum speed is 512 kb/s, and the optimal is 1 mb/s.

If the speed test shows a result less than required - the problem is with the internet connection.

Checking the quality of the internet connection

A wireless connection to Wi-Fi is often the cause of malfunctions. Routers cannot guarantee a stable connection, regardless of quality and cost. Internet providers do not bear responsibility for the quality of coverage when using Wi-Fi equipment.

Experienced players recommend using a wired network connection.

Network drivers are outdated

If the user has not set Windows settings to automatically update driver software, the network card software may be outdated. To solve the problem, download the new software on the network card developer's official website.

To check the status of drivers in Windows 10, the player sequentially presses "Start" - "Settings" - "Control Panel" - "Network and Internet" - "Management Center" - "Change adapter settings".

Through the "Control Panel", players can go to the "Network Connections" section to find out the model and manufacturer of the installed card.

Outdated version of the game

On the Internet, you can find recommendations for updating the version of LoL in case of ping problems.

Riot Games automatically updates the game after a new version appears. There is no need to re-download League of Legends or manually update it.

Apps reduce ping

Load on the device causes ping problems. If the user simultaneously launches LoL, enables video, or downloads files, applications, or other games from the Internet, the load on the PC increases.

Before opening the game, professionals recommend closing background programs and applications that consume internet traffic and disabling downloads in torrent protocols, browsers, and messengers.

You can disable processes in Task Manager.

Game file damage

If there are corrupted files in the root folder or in the absence of individual files, the user will not be able to start League of Legends, will see an error. The software will offer to download or replace files automatically.

After the update, LoL works in normal mode.

The integrity of the root folder does not affect the ping value.

DNS servers

Connection to the network takes place through DNS servers organized by internet providers.

In rare cases, server settings are done incorrectly, stability of the connection and network speed suffer due to errors. The situation can be corrected with public DNS servers that are free provided by Google, Cloudflare and other companies.

Some internet providers block access to the network when connected through third-party DNS servers.


Viruses are a possible but rare cause of network problems. Viruses overload internet traffic or slow down the operation of the OS in the background. Separate viruses are difficult to detect, ordinary malicious programs will automatically be blocked by the built-in operating system antivirus.

Antivirus software, especially products of dubious developers, may perceive the game application LoL as a virus and interfere with the launch.


How to enable ping display in LoL

To check the ping, it's enough to use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + F". The system will display the FPS and ping in the top right corner.

Ping display

  • The recommended ping value is up to 100. With indicators of 100-120, the user will be able to play comfortably, with a ping of 130, the elements of LoL start to lag.

How to increase ping in LoL

Players have several methods to improve ping, including changing system settings and using third-party applications.

  • Update League of Legends: If automatic updates are not enabled, the game should be updated manually by starting the application and clicking the "Update" button.
  • Update Network Drivers: If a speed test shows low network performance and the service provider reports no issues, it's advisable to check and update network card drivers. Uninstalling old drivers and installing new ones can resolve issues, as remnants of old drivers may malfunction. Remember to download new drivers before removing the old ones, as removing them will disable internet access.
  • Install Hextech Repair Tool: Hextech is a specialized tool designed to identify and fix common issues with League of Legends, including firewall configurations, server-specific problems, and error scanning with automatic fixes. It can be downloaded from the official Riot Games and League of Legends websites, and is compatible with Windows 7 and newer versions.
  • Check the PC for Viruses: While most antivirus software runs in the background, it's not necessary to download third-party antivirus programs if no malware is detected. However, if the antivirus is disabled, it should be activated and a system scan initiated. For Windows 10 users, it's recommended to disable the built-in antivirus before launching League of Legends, as it may block game access without affecting ping.
  • Disable Unnecessary Processes: Closing unnecessary processes can improve ping by reducing CPU and RAM usage. Background applications, such as browsers and messengers, can strain resources and consume internet bandwidth.
  • DNS Address Settings: Network stability can be enhanced by configuring DNS settings. Access "Network and Internet Settings" through the Task Manager (Alt + Ctrl + Del), navigate to "Network and Sharing Center", click "Properties", select "Use the following DNS server addresses", and enter a preferred free DNS server address, such as Google or OpenDNS (
  • Router Reboot: Restarting the router can improve wireless connectivity by automatically selecting an unoccupied frequency channel. For a full reboot, power off the router for at least 30 seconds. A wired connection is recommended for gaming.
  • Firewall Settings: The Windows firewall filters incoming data. If the default settings are unchanged, the firewall should function properly. However, if settings have been modified or specific software like Traffic Inspector Next Generation is used, it may block access to League of Legends.
  • Delete Game Configuration Files: Altering game configuration files is unnecessary, as League of Legends automatically verifies file integrity at launch. Modifications, including cheats, mods, or scripts, can cause performance issues or high ping and are discouraged by the developers.
  • Check the LoL Server Status: If experiencing ping issues, check the official League of Legends website for server status. If technical maintenance is underway, wait until it is completed.
  • Remove the Xbox Application: The Xbox Game Bar can affect ping by running in the background and loading data. It's not necessary to uninstall the app; clearing the cache and forcibly stopping it may suffice.


Ping issues in League of Legends are rare. More often, users of Windows 10 face high ping due to a conflict between the basic antivirus software and LoL. If difficulties arise, it's possible to restore the correct functioning of League of Legends yourself.


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