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How to farm free experience in Tanks

The World of Tanks developers have included a system for upgrading vehicles, equipment, and crew. An integral part of upgrading in-game resources is exp or experience in Tanks.

What types of experience are there in WoT?

In the game World of Tanks, experience is essential for researching technology, additional equipment, and crew training. Types of experience in World of Tanks include:

  • Combat Experience: This is accumulated individually for each tank, constituting 95% of the total in-game experience. It is utilized to research new vehicles and upgrade the current tank.
  • Free Experience: This can be earned and utilized on any combat vehicle, making up 5% of the total World of Tanks experience. It can be allocated towards purchasing or upgrading any vehicle.
  • Crew Experience: Earned as a combination of combat and standard experience, it benefits the crew's training.
  • Conversion of Combat Experience: Combat experience earned on premium equipment can be converted to free experience at 25 gold units per 1 unit of game resource.

Each type of experience is obtained by players through participation in battles.

How is experience awarded in Tanks?

In World of Tanks, players can earn experience through various actions in battles. The amount of in-game resources gained is influenced by the player's activity on the battlefield. Actions that contribute to experience farming include:

  • Inflicting damage on enemy vehicles.
  • Damaging enemy vehicle modules and crew.
  • Hitting enemy vehicles that were spotted by the player.
  • Allies damage an enemy vehicle after the player has immobilized it by breaking its tracks.
  • Spotting enemy vehicles.
  • Destroying enemy vehicles.
  • Capturing the enemy base.
  • Defending the player's base.
  • Benefitting from allies firing close to the player's tank.
  • Ensuring the player's tank survives until the end of the battle.

Additionally, players can receive a 50% bonus to the experience earned for achieving a victory or for being awarded the "Hero of the Battle," as well as for epic or platoon achievements in the event of a defeat. Premium Account holders are entitled to an additional 50% experience in each battle. Premium tanks, which can further enhance experience gains, are available for free through promotions or can be purchased in the in-game store.

Best ways to earn experience in World of Tanks

There is no universal way to quickly farm XP in World of Tanks. To expedite XP earning, you need to be beneficial to your team.

If you use a Premium Account, you can farm XP faster in World of Tanks. Additionally, you can activate and use temporary XP boosters to earn more experience for each battle.

Every day, players have access to an increased experience multiplier from x2 to x5 within separate promotions for the first victory on each tank.

What is the best way to spend experience in World of Tanks?

The combat experience gained is used by tankers to improve their equipment and unlock war machines in the research tree.

Users spend free experience on purchasing and improving tanks in WoT.

Crew experience needs to be spent on training team members in primary and secondary specialties.

Combat experience earned on premium equipment can be exchanged for free experience at the WoT rate.

How to quickly level up crews in World of Tanks

Tank battle enthusiasts use the crew experience in Tanks obtained on the map during the battle to boost team members.

On elite and premium equipment, there is a possibility of accelerated training when all the experience received by the tank goes to the training of team members.

Elite technology in World of Tanks is a tank with activated equipment and additional modules.

How and where to buy experience in WoT?

In World of Tanks game, free experience, combat or crew experience can't be purchased. You can farm or convert experience from combat experience on premium tanks to free form. You can convert combat experience to free form in the hangar:

  1. Launch the game application.
  2. Click the "Convert" button.
  3. Select the transfer amount and click the "Convert" button.



Experience in World of Tanks is a gaming resource for researching and upgrading battle machines and training the crew. The better the tanker plays, the more experience they farm in battles.


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