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How to exit a guild in World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, a guild is an internal community. Guilds are formed and managed by players with objectives of increasing the game's efficiency and mutual support.

A player can establish their teams or opt to join or exit a guild.

Several Ways to Exit a Guild in WoW

Being in the WOW community offers perks: free items, new opportunities, quest access, and extra experience.

Sometimes a predicament arises when a user decides to leave a guild, switch to another team, or start a new community.

Ways to leave a guild in WOW:

  • leave via the society member list;
  • use a chat command;
  • ask the guild master to remove the character.

Guild membership brings in-game advantages

A special case in WOW – expelling the guild master. The leader cannot leave the community independently. Options for the founder to leave the guild:

  • transfer leadership rights to another participant and leave the team as a regular player;
  • dissolve the guild by activating the "/gdisband" command in the chat.
With the chat command in WOW, you can dismantle a community with a level no higher than 3.

Conditions for dissolving a guild of the 4th level and above:

  • be the leader and the only community member;
  • request the WOW game-master.

Sending a message to GM:

  1. Press the "O" key on the keyboard.
  2. In the "Customer Support" section, find the "Open an Application" feature.
  3. In the "Message to the GM" tab, describe the problem in English.
A game-master, GM - an internal support staff in WOW, help with game-related issues.

Through the guild members list

To leave the community through the team members list:

  1. Display the WOW guild information window by pressing "J" on the keyboard.
  2. Open the "Roster" tab.
  3. Find the character's name in the list and open the action menu with the right mouse button.
  4. Select the "Leave Guild" action.
  5. Click on the "Accept" button in the confirmation window.

Using a chat command

The fastest way to leave the community in WOW is to type "/gquit" or "/guildquit" in an active game chat. After sending the command, the user will see a message about the character leaving the ranch in the chat window.

The system will not ask for additional confirmation of the decision made and will immediately execute the request.

With the help of the guild master

The WOW guild master can exclude any player from the community.

Reasons for excluding a player from the guild:

  • the user has not logged into the game for a long time;
  • the participant conflicts with other players;
  • the player ignores the rules;
  • the user can't work as a team;
  • the participant wishes to leave the guild voluntarily.
A decision to leave the community independently made by a player does not require prior notification or voting.

The WOW guild master can use two quick ways to exclude a player:

  • Type the "/gremove character name" command in the active chat, press "Enter" - the participant will be instantly removed;
  • Find the player in the community members list, right-click select the "Remove Member" option, and confirm the decision made.


World of Warcraft enthusiasts utilize three swift and simplistic tactics to depart from a guild. Regardless of the motive or method of disbanding from WoW's in-game fellowship, the player loses earned ranks and bonuses, reputation level declines. To join another guild or re-enter the previous team, an invitation from an officer or a leader is imperative.

Veteran players often advise novices to thoroughly ponder their decision to disengage from a WoW guild.


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