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How to enable the console in CS GO

Counter Strike gameplay involves personal settings that can be configured exclusively through the console.

Many players wonder how to access the console in CS GO and utilize these options to modify their game parameters.

What is the console in CS GO?

The console in CS 2 allows for a wide range of game settings adjustment. The game process is configured through commands that users input into the console. What is the console in CS GO and CS 2 used for Players use the console in CS2 to set up required game parameters.

Examples of settings that can be adjusted via the console include: Server parameters and commands, Mouse settings, Graphics and interface settings, Commands for managing bots, FPS commands, and Training commands. There are two ways to open the console in CS GO - within the game and through the launch options in Steam.

Examples of console commands in CS GO and CS2 Players used console commands in CS GO to set various parameters, for example: "mp_restartgame 1" - restart the server; "bot_kick" - remove bots from the server; "sensitivity 5.5" - set mouse sensitivity; "mat_wireframe 1" - set view through walls; "cl_righthand 0" - set weapon to the left; "cl_righthand 1" - set weapon to the right. With the release of the CS2 update, players use different commands.

How to activate the console in CS:GO during the match

To activate the console in CS:GO, you can use the "~" key on your keyboard:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Head over to the category "Settings" - "Game Parameters".
  3. Turn on the function "Enable Developer's Console" by clicking "Yes".
  4. Head over to the category "Settings" - "Mouse".
  5. Select "~" as the key to open the console.

How to open the console in CS: GO while playing

After configuring the settings, you just need to press "~" to run the console.

The console launch option is, by default, turned off in the game settings.

Initiating the console via CS:GO game launch parameters.

An alternative method to enable the console in CS: GO is through the game's launch options in Steam:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Find CS:GO in your game library and right-click.
  3. From the menu, select "Properties".
  4. Open the "General" – "Set Launch Options" tab.
  5. Enter "-console" in the text field and confirm your action.

After configuration, the system will automatically open the console when launching the game.


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