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How to enable global chat in WoT

In the popular online tank shooter, World of Tanks, there's a team game underway, where the key to success lies in effective communication among players.

Tankers utilize team chat, platoon chat, and quick chat in World of Tanks to facilitate in-game communication.

Budding players are often keen to learn how to enable and disable the chat in World of Tanks, as well as how to configure and make the most out of this communication tool.

How to enable and disable chat in WoT

The primary chat in World of Tanks is team-based. By default, to open the team chat in World of Tanks, all you need to do is press the "Enter" key during a battle. Your messages can only be read by team members.

Remember folks, a player cannot simultaneously engage in tank combat and write messages in chat. To disengage from the team chat in WoT, and get back to the heat of the battle, just hit the "Esc" button.

Using team chat in World of Tanks

If, for any reason, a tankman does not wish to see or use the chat during the game, the feature can be disabled in settings. Simply go to the "Game" section and select the option "Disable chat with allies".


Understanding how to use the chat in World of Tanks

In WoT, every participant of the match can utilize the chat. It's crucial to respect your fellow tankers by following these principles:

  • Do not insult other players;
  • Avoid using profanity;
  • Refrain from flooding allies with non-informative or rapid commands;
  • Do not post spam messages;
  • Avoid discussions on sensitive religious and political issues.

If the in-game systems detect a violation of these chat rules, the player could face penalties, including temporary or permanent suspension of the World of Tanks account.

How to switch between chats in World of Tanks

When a tank operator competes as part of a platoon, the player has access to a dedicated platoon chat, a channel exclusive to the members of the combat formation.

Switching back and forth between the team and platoon chats is as easy as hitting "Enter" and toggling using the "Tab" key.

Choosing to engage with the platoon chat highlights the shared messages in a distinct gold hue,"

encompassing the thrilling essence of the digital battleground.

The Quick Command System in World of Tanks

In World of Tanks, a rapid command system in chat is designed, which the players use without typing messages.

To access the quick commands menu:

  1. Press the 'T' key on the English keyboard layout.
  2. Select the desired command with the cursor.
  3. Press the left mouse button.

Quick chat commands menu in World of Tanks

The composition of the quick commands list in WoT depends on the player triggering the menu when hovering the reticle over the landscape, allied, or enemy tank.

Examples of quick commands:

  • on the landscape - "Attention here," "Help!" ;
  • when hovering over an allied tank - "Support needed," "I'll assist you";
  • when hovering over an enemy tank - "Support with fire," "Attacking target."

Even if you disable team chat, a participant will still be able to see and send quick messages during a battle.

How to set up voice chat in WoT

While engaging in platoon-based gameplay and practice battles in WoT, players utilize voice communication to interact with their team members rapidly.

The user holds down the "Q" button to initiate the voice chat. The key can be released when the player has finished speaking.

Sometimes the voice chat in World of Tanks is by default turned off; you can enable this feature in the game settings:

  1. Go to "Settings" - "Sound" - "Voice communication".
  2. Select the option "Enable voice communication".
When using voice communication, it's important to follow the rules and standards of decency, speak clearly and to the point, and refrain from offending teammates.

Everything about the Mobile Chat for Tankers

The developers of the game have launched a mobile application, World of Tanks Assistant, which offers players the ability to keep tabs on their game stats and accomplishments, compare their personal indicators with the results of other tankers, delve into and utilize new gaming techniques.

Another feature of the WoT Assistant app is the 'Chat' section for communicating with other players. Here, participants can discuss the minute details of an upcoming battle on the Global map and convey crucial information about battles to friends. A notable highlight is that the mobile chat in World of Tanks can be run without launching the gaming application. 


In the realm of World of Tanks, the chat is the paramount tool of communication among players. The apt utilization of this tool can significantly amplify a team's odds to clinch victory.


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